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City Tours

The UAE is an amalgamation of all a traveler could wish for. Bringing together the High-life of Dubai and Abu Dhabi, the culture-bound Sharjah, the peculiarity of Ajman & Umm Al Quain, UAE offers nothing less than a memorable vacation. Day Out Dubai commits itself to be an excellent host for your ultimate city tour to the astonishing Arabian Emirates with a pleasant mixture of great traditions, picturesque desert beauty, and modernity. Whether you wish to explore the region’s iconic places or are willing to go on an off-beat discovery of hidden jewels, our selected city tour packages are thoughtfully crafted. These sightseeing tours allow you to get the most out of your UAE vacation. From fun, Abu Dhabi and Dubai city tours to shopping tours, limo rides, and combo packages with desert safari tours and dhow cruise trips, each of our packages is engaging & intriguing enough to fulfill your wanderlust.

  • Helicopter Tour
    AED : 900/ Person

    Helicopter Tour

    Thrilling flight over amazing Dubai on a groovy helicopter.

  • Seaplane Tour
    AED : 1095/ Person

    Seaplane Tour

    Comfortable ride over breathtaking Dubai on a luxurious seaplane.

  • Hot-Air-Balloon-Dubai
    AED : 1195 / Person

    Hot Air Balloon

    Magical ride over the sprawling deserts of Dubai on a hot air balloon.

  • Burj Khalifa Tour Dubai
    AED : 1195 / Person

    Burj Khalifa Tour

    Awe-inspiring tour of the tallest building in the world, a Guinness World Record

  • Women Shopping Tour Dubai
    AED : 100/ Person

    Shopping Tour

    Shop till you drop at the world’s largest and biggest shopping destination.

  • Sharjah City Tour Dubai
    AED : 100 / Person

    Sharjah City Tour

    Day tour of the remarkable emirate of Sharjah, the Islamic Culture Capital of the world

    AED : 220/ Person


    Breathtaking tour of the richest city in the world, Abu Dhabi. Visit to Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

  • City Tour Dubai
    AED : 80 / Person

    Dubai City Tour

    Museum exhibits depicts the history

  • East Coast Tour Dubai
    AED : 300/ Person

    East Coast Tour

    Day tour of natural environment and Exhilarating trip through the winding roads.

    AED : 450/ Person


    Day tour of the beautiful Garden City of Al Ain. Hot springs of Jebel Hafeet.

Hand-Picked Dubai Sightseeing Tours and Activities

Being the global hub for travelers worldwide, Dubai is one of the most futuristic cities in the UAE. Dubai rightfully claims the world’s many bests, firsts, and kinds, like Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building; Burj Al Arab, the only seven-star hotel; and the world’s first man-made island, the Palm Island. A city tour of Dubai will allow you to explore the region’s extraordinary development within 4 hours as a global tourist spot. However, in a Full Day trip, you can Explore Dubai City Tour with its usual glitzy sights and lesser-known heritage sites.

Our City Tour packages are crafted considering our guests’ comfort. From a pick up from your hotel or home to a drop off back, we take care of all transport facilities when you experience the UAE’s diverse sights with us. Our excursion experts carefully put up all our city tour packages, including the Dubai city tour, ensuring you cover the region’s major highlights in the stipulated time.

Get The Best Deals With Our City Tour Packages

Dubai city tour

One of the world’s top destinations to visit, take a Dubai city tour and experience the breathtaking sights and sounds of Dubai, making it one of the world’s most sought-after tourist destinations. Hub of both the new and the old, see the awe-inspiring modern metropolis and its Bedouin past. Breathe the air of Dubai with us with the one-day Dubai city tour.

Abu Dhabi city tour

Visit the wealthiest city and the capital of UAE and bask in the awe-inspiring magnificence of the city with a one-day Abu Dhabi city tour with us. Witness the grandeur of the majestic cityscapes, opulent architecture, natural desert, and calming waterfront properties, which exude a serene elegance like no other.

Sharjah city tour

As part of the Dubai-Sharjai-Ajman area, Sharjah is known for its long-standing cultural uniqueness. Known as the Islamic Culture Capital of the world, the city lets you experience the traditional Islamic value, the rich cultural heritage, and the unique artistic character of Arab living.

Al Ain city tour

Al Ain radiates the timeless beauty of an enchanting Arabian desert oasis. Enjoy the sites of the flame-colored desert and the views of the Hili Archaeological garden. Travel to the heart of the oasis at Buraimi and visit the last souk of its kind, The Camel Market. Experience unique city tours with us on the one-day trip to these sites in Al Ain.

East coast tour

Get away from the hustle and bustle of the cityscape and enjoy the winding mountain roads of the Hajar Mountains and the sprawling farmlands of Fujairah. Shop at the Friday market and enjoy a refreshing swim at the beach in Khor Fakkan. Take the East Coast tour with us and get dazzled by its beauty.

Other tours

Other tours around the different sites of Dubai are also available. See the tallest building, Burj Khalifa, in Dubai, and enjoy watching the landscape from the highest observation deck. Dine at one of the world’s most luxurious hotels, the Burj Al Arab, and shop till you drop in Dubai with our sensational Shopping tour. Let the adventure seeker in you be free with our Desert Safari and Seaplane tour, Helicopter tour, and hot air balloon offerings, which will let you see the city from the skies. Take in the beauty and elegance of the Arabian paradise with the best tour company in Dubai. Let us make your stay here a memorable experience!

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