Best Desert Safari Dubai

Welcome to the exciting world of one of Dubai's most unique and popular adventure activities. The Desert Safari trip is an unforgettable, fun, and adventurous experience. We have the best safari fleet for your heart-in-your-mouth desert dune bashing. Added to these many more exciting activities, you have a perfect day out with your family and friends. Not a moment to pause, we line up a day of fun, food, and entertainment one after another. This day of your life will remain memorable for a long time. As the Best Desert Safari Dubai operator, we assure you that from our fleet to our campsite and activities around it would provide a mesmerizing and scintillating experience.

Choose The Best Desert Safari Package That gives you the best experience

  • Self-Drive Evening Desert Safari
    Self-Drive Evening Desert Safari

    Pick Up: By 4×4 Land Cruiser from our Desert Meeting Point.

    Dune Bashing:

    5 to 10 Minutes Short Dune Bashing Ride

  • Evening Desert Safari
    AED 150 / PER PERSON
    Evening Desert Safari

    Pick Up: By 4×4 Land Cruiser from anywhere in Dubai & Sharjah.

    Dune Bashing:

    30 Minutes Adventurous Dune Bashing Ride

  • Private Evening Safari
    Private Evening Safari

    Pick Up:: By 4×4 Land Cruiser from anywhere in Dubai & Sharjah. No other guest will share..

    Dune Bashing:

    30 Minutes Adventurous Dune Bashing Ride

  • Safari + Quad Bike
    AED 250 / PER PERSON
    Safari + Quad Bike

    Pick Up:: By 4×4 Land Cruiser from anywhere in Dubai & Sharjah, plus 30 Minutes Quad Bike experience.

    Dune Bashing:

    30 Minutes Adventurous Dune Bashing Ride, 30 Minutes Thrilling Quad Biking.

  • Morning Desert Safari
    Morning Desert Safari

    Pick Up::By 4×4 Land Cruiser from anywhere in Dubai & Sharjah.

    Dune Bashing:

    30 Minutes Adventurous Dune Bashing Ride

  • Overnight Safari
    AED 225 / PER PERSON
    Overnight Safari

    Pick Up::By 4×4 Land Cruiser from anywhere in Dubai & Sharjah.

    Dune Bashing & Overnight Stay:

    30 Minutes Adventurous Dune Bashing Ride, Overnight Stay, Exclusive Tent, Morning Breakfast.

Safari Tour Package Includes:
  • Pick up and drop off to Dubai and Sharjah locations only on our 4 X 4 Land Cruisers
  • Dune Bashing on the Red Desert Dunes of Dubai
  • Sandboarding on the slopes of Red Dunes & Camel ride in our desert campsite
  • Plenty of selfie stops
  • Welcome Drinks with local dates, Tea & Arabic Coffee (Gawah)
  • 3-course BBQ dinner Buffet (Veg & Non-Veg)
  • Hubbly-bubbly (Sheesha corner)
  • Selfie in traditional Arabic dress
  • Henna tattooing in ethnic style
  • Live entertainment that includes a Fire show, Tanura & Belly Dance
  • Selfie with falcon*
  • Quadbike*
  • Dune Buggies*

The Desert Safari Experience

Dubai, known for its modern marvels and sky-piercing architecture, also hides an equally enchanting natural wonder and its vast and captivating desert landscape. The Best desert safari Dubai experience is an unforgettable journey into the heart of the Arabian desert, where modernity meets tradition and adventure melds with tranquility. If you're seeking an experience that's a perfect blend of thrill, culture, and natural beauty, a desert safari tour should be at the top of your bucket list. Your safari tour will take you through a ride of the fantastic Dubai roads, Dune Bashing, and the Campsite entertainment. It will have some desert-based activities like a stroll in the desert at the meeting point and sandboarding. Onwards, at the campsite, you will have camel riding, henna tattooing, a 3-course barbeque dinner, belly dance, Tanura dance, a fire show, and a sheesha experience in the wild!

The Start-up:

Your experience starts with our 4 X 4 coming to your doorstep to pick you up and take you to the dune bashing, our first activity. While coming to the "meeting point," you would pass through modern Dubai and its incredible architecture. Our driver would provide you with nuggets of information for a keepsake! The Meeting Point is where all our 4 X 4 assemble and prepare their vehicles for the dune onslaught. This is when you can get out of the vehicle, stroll around the desert, take selfies, etc. Once the vehicles are ready, you will be ushered back into it for the RIDE.

The Thrill of Dune Bashing:

The adventure begins when you step into the 4x4 vehicle that will take you on a thrilling ride across the desert dunes. Dune bashing is an exhilarating activity that provides an adrenaline rush like no other. Skilled drivers expertly navigate the undulating sands, sending the vehicle soaring up and down the dunes, creating a heart-pounding yet safe experience. The breathtaking views atop the dunes are nothing short of mesmerizing, offering a unique perspective of the desert's ever-changing landscape.

Sunset Magic:

As the sun starts its descent, casting hues of orange and pink across the desert sky, you'll have the opportunity to witness one of the most magical sunsets you've ever seen. The desert seems to come alive with the changing light, painting an ethereal backdrop for the rest of your safari. This is the perfect time to capture those Instagram-worthy photos, with the sweeping dunes and setting sun creating a truly surreal ambiance.

Cultural Immersion:

Desert safari tour isn't just about adventure; it's also a journey into the region's rich heritage. After the exhilarating dune bashing, you'll be welcomed into a traditional Bedouin-style camp, where you'll have the chance to experience the local culture up close. From donning local traditional attire to intricate henna tattoos, you'll be transported back in time while enjoying the comforts of the modern world.

Culinary Delights:

The desert safari experience is also a treat for your taste buds. The camp offers a sumptuous buffet of both international and local cuisine, allowing you to savor the flavors of Arabia. Indulge in kebabs, falafel, hummus, and aromatic rice while serenading traditional music and dance performances under the starlit sky. It's a feast for all your senses.

Starry Night and Serenity:

One of the most awe-inspiring aspects of a Dubai desert safari is the chance to witness the star-studded night sky away from the city's bright lights. The vast expanse of the desert provides the perfect canvas for the stars to shine brilliantly, creating a scene of unparalleled serenity. After the lively cultural performances, find a quiet spot in the desert to lay back and gaze at the heavens, contemplating the beauty and vastness of the universe.

Camel Trekking and Quad Biking:

Completing your desert adventure is an opportunity to experience the traditional mode of transportation – a camel ride. Embark on a gentle journey atop these majestic creatures and imagine what life must have been like for the nomads who once traversed these sands. If you are thrusting for some more gut-churning experience, hop on a quad ride and take it for a spin on our quad dirt track.

The safari tour is a symphony of experiences that cater to every type of traveler – the thrill-seeker, the culture enthusiast, the nature lover, and the one seeking tranquility. It's a chance to step out of the bustling cityscape and into a world of natural beauty and ancient traditions. Whether with family friends or on a solo expedition, the memories forged during a desert safari will linger in your heart long after the sands have settled.

In the heart of the desert, modernity and tradition converge, resulting in an experience that's as diverse and captivating as Dubai itself. So, suppose you're ready to embark on an adventure encompassing excitement, culture, and natural splendor. In that case, it's time to set out on a Dubai desert safari and create memories that will stay with you forever.

Types of Desert Safari

We offer a variety of desert safari packages to suit time, budget, and personal choices. We have a private safari where we provide guests with no sharing of 4 X 4 vehicles. For those in a hurry, we offer the Morning Safari. However, our most popular offer is the Evening Safari, which has all the elements of fun-food-entertainment. For more adventurous tourists, we provide an Overnight Safari, which affords them a night's stay in our campsite tent, after the evening safari.

Private Safari

For tourists with discerning tastes who like to keep everything undisturbed, our Private Safari best suits you. It starts with a dedicated 4 X 4 safari vehicle that picks you up with only you and your guests in the vehicle. You would choose the activities that you want to do or not do on a safari trip. We chose one of the best drivers to accompany you and give you a guided safari experience. Your exclusive vehicle will drop you at our campsite to continue with the rest of the evening's entertainment programs. As the best desert safari company, we have mastered the art of providing you with the most satisfying experience.

Evening Desert Safari

Evening Desert safari, being the most popular choice of all tourists, includes dune bashing, a sprinkling of desert activities like camel dies, sandboarding, etc. After dune bashing, your safari vehicle will take you to our campsite for a memorable night of dance, food, and a fire show. Of course, at the camp, we have some optional adventure sports such as Quad biking. The evening safari gives you a scintillating view of the setting sun, rising moon, and desert life led by local Bedouins. Choose this package for the best desert safari experience for you and your family. The Evening Safari is a complete and the most budget friendly option as it includes a shared 4 X 4 dune ride, food, and entertainment, all in one price.

Morning Desert Safari

We have designed a special desert safari that starts early in the morning and ends in the afternoon. In this package, you would only do dune bashing, the main attraction of desert safari. You do not need to worry about food as the safari begins after you have your breakfast and ends well before your lunch. This is the slimmer version of our evening safari package. If you have time constraints and your evening is fully booked, you should opt out of this package. When you go to the desert early in the morning, the dunes are at their mighty best, and bashing them on a 4 X 4 is worth a duel that you MUST enjoy once in a lifetime.

Self-Drive Safari – Dinner in Desert

When you and your guests want to get together and enjoy a get together in a desert campsite and watch different kinds of entertainment, then we recommend you this package. All you have to do is bring your family and friends to the Meeting point as per the map sent by our hospitality desk, and our driver will come and pick you up and bring you to our campsite for the full course of foodtainment. In this package, the dune bashing is limited to driving through the desert to the camp. However, there is no let up on the entertainment. As the budget for this package is just a shoestring, you would love what we offer you!

VIP Seating in Desert Campsite

If you want to give yourself and your guest a more exclusive experience of the campsite, we have just the right package for you. Our VIP enclosure ensures that you and your guests get a full view of what is going on at the entertainment stage. Our VIP hospitality includes specially enclosed cushioned seating, silver service, and a vantage view of the stage for you to enjoy the ongoing entertainment programs. You and your guests will not have to walk to the buffet as everything will be served at your table.

Overnight Safari

The overnight safari we offer includes an overnight stay in our campsite tent. This tent is entirely secluded as our security guards always manned and secured our campsite. The overnight experience in the desert starts after your campsite entertainment is over. You will be ushered to your tent once the other tourists leave the camp. Our team would also set a bonfire where you and your guests can lounge under the open sky and twinkling stars. We would serve you the best local coffee, tea, sheesha, and snacks. While lounging, you would hear occasional night calls of desert animals like desert foxes. After a relaxing sleep, you would wake up in the morning with refreshing and aromatic coffee. Once you are ready for breakfast, our camp steward shall serve you an Egg Omelette, sandwich, and tea/coffee. You will be back on our 4 x 4 to your hotel.

Dune Bashing

Dune bashing offers an exhilarating desert adventure that combines the thrill of off-road driving with the breathtaking beauty of desert landscapes. This adrenaline-pumping activity, popular in regions like the Arabian Desert, involves navigating towering dunes in specialized 4x4 vehicles. The experience is characterized by heart-pounding climbs, rapid descents, and adrenaline-fueled twists and turns across the shifting sands. As you buckle up and venture into the vast expanse of sand, skilled drivers expertly maneuver through the undulating dunes, creating an intense yet controlled rollercoaster-like sensation. Dune bashing satisfies thrill-seekers and provides a deeper connection to the desert environment. The serenity of the desert, punctuated by the ride's excitement, offers a unique juxtaposition. Dune bashing is a thrilling escapade that merges high-speed excitement with the natural beauty of desert landscapes. It's an experience that leaves participants with lasting memories of adventure, awe, and an intimate encounter with the raw power of nature.

Sand Boarding

Imagine snowboarding's wild cousin, but you're shredding down epic dunes instead of icy slopes! It's like surfing the Sahara. Grab a sandboard provided by us during a brief halt at a slopping dune, catch some rays as you hike up those colossal dunes, and then unleash your inner thrill-seeker as you slide down. There is no need for snow gear, just a sense of adventure and a penchant for sandy selfies. Whether you're a sandboarding superstar or a dune novice, Dubai's dunes cater to all levels of sandy shenanigans. Sandboarding in Dubai is where the desert becomes your playground, and sand becomes your canvas for unforgettable adventures!

Camel Riding

Camel riding in Dubai's desert is like entering the "Hump Olympics" – where you and your furry, four-legged teammate vie for the title of the ultimate desert duo! Meet your dromedary partner, the one with the cool single hump, and embark on a hilariously regal journey. Just before you hit the sweet spot of the campsite, you will be given the experience of this topsy-turvy ride on the back of local camels led by its handler. This is a fun activity for kids and young ones; however, everyone is welcome to join in the laughs.

Quad Biking Experience in the Desert

Rev up your desert dreams with Dubai's quad biking safari! Grip the handlebars, feel the engine's roar, and let loose on the sprawling dunes. It's an off-road ecstasy that blends speed and scenery. Imagine zooming over golden slopes, wind in your face, and the desert sun setting the scene for your adventure. Quad biking isn't just about acceleration – it's about embracing the sand beneath your wheels and conquering every rise and fall. Quad biking is an optional adventure that is not included in your package. There are different sizes of bikes suiting different age groups. They are safe, and you do not need any license to seek your speed thrills.

Campsite BBQ Buffet Menu – Veg & Nonveg

The dinner offered an elaborate fare that suited multiple pallets, including Arabic, Continental, and Indian. It appeals to you no matter what nationality you are. The campsite BBQ dinner is an irresistible feast that transforms a day of adventure into a night of relaxation and indulgence. After a thrilling rendezvous with the desert's wonders, the campsite emerges as an oasis of delight. Upon arrival at the camp, you will be served welcome drinks of Coffee and sweetened Arabic Dumplings. Next, follow finger snacks like various fritters that are hot, spicy, and served with tangy catchup. The main course is a rich fare of vegetarian and non-vegetarian BBQ spread. The dinner is rounded off with a local sweet dish and cut fruit slices. Each bite is a celebration of local cuisine and a fusion of taste and tradition. The campsite BBQ dinner is more than just a culinary experience; it's a sensory journey that captures the essence of Dubai's desert spirit, creating memories that linger long after the last bite. We are so particular that even if you are a Jain, you would still have plenty to choose from.

Desert Camp Entertainments

Once the sun downs on the desert, the campsite transforms into a mystic Arabian night. It transforms into a stage for captivating performances that celebrate Arabian culture. The first to start is the world-famous belly dancing by a beautiful dancer whose grace and movements have a spellbinding effect on you. Following this is the Tanura dance performed by our deft dancer, who adds a lot of fun movements in his wake. The Fire Show follows the Tanura dance, which illuminates the night with its mesmerizing dance of flames, adding an element of mystique to the desert ambiance. The cultural immersion continues with the Traditional Khaleeji Dance, offering a rhythmic insight into the region's heritage. As the night deepens, the Belly Dance Show enchants with its fusion of traditional and contemporary dance elements, accompanied by fascinating music. All of this unfolds under the star-studded desert sky, creating an atmosphere of magic and camaraderie. In essence, the campsite.

Belly Dance Show

Belly dancing is an enchanting dance from the Middle East. It is accompanied by mesmerizing music, and the dance is very sensual. As one of the best providers of campsite entertainment, we have beautiful and expert dancers who will keep you glued to their gyrations. Our dancers will get you in the groove on your seats to her movements and music. You can take Instagram-friendly selfies and videos of this entertaining show.

Fire Show

Our fire show is unique and is performed by experts at our campsite. He is well-trained to spew fire, presenting striking imagery in the vast expanse of the desert. The fire show is our campsite entertainment for all our desert safari tour visitors. It starts when the sun is fully set, and stars come out, lighting up the sky. The fire show complements the Tanoura dance, which is also a part of our entertainment show. Kids especially love the fire show; this is their WOW moment!

Tanura Dance

The Tanura dance is a unique dance from Egypt. Only male artists perform it. The dance is very energetic and multilayered. This dance is performed by an expert Egyptian dancer who keeps changing his colorful jackets throughout the show. This show is unique to only Dubai, and a lot of tourists love to take the memories of the Tanura dance by capturing it on their mobile phones.

Traditional Khaleeji Dance

Both men and women perform the traditional Khaleej dance. The men would hold sticks, lock each other's arms, and perform a unique dance. Though the dance looks like free form dancing, it is well-rehearsed and well-liked by all. The Khaleej dance is performed locally during weddings and important functions. Enjoy this unique dance at our campsite while savoring our buffet dinner.

Desert Safari Tour Dos and Don'ts

  • Always wear the seat belt and hold the railing provided during the dune bashing.
  • Do not throw litter carelessly; littering is a punishable offense in Dubai.
  • Follow all health & safety-related protocols that our safari guide will inform you of before the start of the trip.
  • Inform our company representative and safari guide if you are pregnant, have a heart condition, or have motion sickness so that he can reach you directly to the campsite, avoiding dune bashing.
  • We value punctuality, and you may be left out for being late, as per our terms and conditions.
  • Do not leave your safari vehicle and wander without supervision, as the desert can be unforgiving if lost.
  • Always keep sun cream and suitable eyewear handy.
  • Wear light clothes and use caps/ scarf/hats to avoid direct sun.
Why Choose Us – The Pioneer Desert Safari Company in Dubai

Choose us because we are the best desert safari tour operator. We have the best price for the desert safari Dubai tour. We have our campsite and our fleet of safari vehicles. We have been in this business for the last 20 years and have experience and expertise. Our safari drivers are well trained not only in safe driving but also in customer handling. Our processes are under constant monitoring and audits to ensure they are fully oriented towards customer satisfaction.

Q&A Frequently Asked Questions

It is a full day of fun in the vast expanse of the Dubai Desert, including many activities. Expect the unexpected dune bashing, sandboarding down the slope of desert dunes, and a great night of entertainment, dance, dinner, and merriment. The desert safari tour is for your entire family, and there is no boring time. We have lined up the complete activities one after the other to keep you happy and fulfilled.

Although they say the best time for the safari tour is the winter month, from October to March, we say it is a year-round adventure activity. In winter, you don't get as tired.

You can call us at the phone number on our website's top. We also have a live chat going on through which you can book your safari tour. You may even book your desert safari tour by contacting us on WhatsApp, as mentioned on our website,

We recommend that you do not get enticed by freelancer's low-cost trap. Since it involves your safety and your family, you should buy your safari tour only from a reputed operator. Before you buy the package, you should know the following:
a) Ask if the operator owns the desert campsite.
b) Demand a menu that is served as dinner.
c) What is included in the safari package?
d) Does the package include pick up and drop off?
e) Have you checked the campsite entertainment available in the package?
f) Does the operator have liability insurance that covers all the visitors?

It depends upon the time of your tour. For summer trips to the desert, wear something light and bring sunscreen and eye protection. However, during winter, you should always carry warm woolen clothing.

The standard pickup time for the evening safari is around 3 pm. The timings could differ as per sunset time (as it could vary from summer to winter). Please check with our hospitality desk for your exact pickup time.

You are recommended to wear light footwear. Do not wear high boots or expensive leather shoes or footwear. Ideally, wear flip-flops or joggers.

If you want to come directly to our campsite, then please request the location map from our hospitality desk. Our campsite is located around 45 km from central Dubai city. When you reach the meeting point, our friendly tour guide will take you to the camp, which is only a 5-minute drive from there.

Desert Safari Dubai's price depends upon the season you are buying the package; in summer, the prices are lower, whereas in winter, the costs are higher. For standardized prices, you may scroll up to this page and get to know the pricing. However, to get the best safari deals, up to 50% off, call our hospitality desk and avail yourself of the best price and the best deal for a safari tour.

Dubai is the only place in the world that offers Desert Safari, which includes various activities like Dune Bashing, Camel rides, campsite entertainment activities, and food. All these are well-orchestrated to give the best value for time and money. The uniqueness is in the entire service delivery. Nowhere else will you get a 4 x 4 Landcruiser for the safari. The entertainment at the campsite includes belly dancing, Tanura dance, and fireworks. The 3-course dinner is also a unique feature of Desert Safari Dubai.

The evening safari duration is approximately 6 hours. It starts when our vehicle comes to pick you up at 3 pm and ends at around 9 pm when curtains come down on the camp.

The dune bashing is safe as the safari drivers are trained well. The vehicles are well maintained. The cars are adequately prepared for the trip every day.

There is no age limit. Like adults, the young ones need to be harnessed well with the seat.

Quad biking is fun because it is a unique riding experience. The track for the quad biking is well laid out. Riding does not require a driving license. The quad bike is also safe because it is a 4-wheel bike that provides stability and ease of handling.

Sandboarding in the Dubai desert is not very difficult. It is good fun. The sandboard is provided to everyone on the safari. A steep dune is chosen, and each visitor tries it out.

The camel ride at the Desert safari is free of cost as we offer it to every tourist for fun and entertainment.

A morning safari is a quick trip to the desert and the dune bashing, whereas an evening safari is more extensive. The evening safari includes food, entertainment, camel rides, and henna tattooing.

Our Bedouin campsite has many different entertainments, including Belly dancing, Tanura Dance, Fire shows, and Khaleeji dance.

The cancellation fee depends upon when you notified us of the cancellation. Usually, our cancellation policy is published on our website, and you are advised to go through it before confirming your booking.

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