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Desert Safari Dubai

The safari trip is the charm of Dubai, the combination of fun and thrill, admiring the beauty of nature of this part of the world. Try out all the stomach-churning adventures and experience some fun-filled, thrilling dune bashing action. And most importantly, feast on a sumptuous intercontinental barbecue dinner in a traditional Arabic Bedouin camp along with fantastic folk-dance performances. The desert safari Dubai trip will let you escape from the city's hustle and bustle and discover the forgotten lifestyle of the past century Arabs..

Choose The Desert Safari Packages That Suit Every Schedule and Budget

Premium Desert Safari

AED99 Per Person

Premium Safari

Pick Up:

In a 4x4 Land Cruiser from anywhere in Dubai & Sharjah.

Dune Bashing:

30 Minutes Adventurous Ride

Welcome Drinks - Dates - Tea & Arabic Coffee
Camel Riding - Sandboarding
Tanoura Dance - Fire Show - Belly Dance
Henna Tattoo - Arabic Dress Up
BBQ Buffet Dinner (Veg & Non-Veg)
Sheesha - Soft Drinks & Bottled Water
Quad Biking* - VIP Seating*

Budget Desert Safari

AED70 Per Person

Budget Safari

Pick Up:

In a tourist van from selected locations in Dubai & Sharjah.

Dune Bashing:

20 Minutes Adventurous Ride

Welcome Drinks - Dates - Tea & Arabic Coffee
Camel Riding - Sandboarding
Tanoura Dance - Fire Show - Belly Dance
Henna Tattoo - Arabic Dress Up
BBQ Buffet Dinner (Veg & Non-Veg)
Sheesha - Soft Drinks & Bottled Water
Quad Biking* - VIP Seating*

Self Drive Desert Safari

AED40 Per Person

Self Drive Safari

Pick Up:

Drive yourself to the meeting point close to the desert campsite.

Dune Bashing:

10 Minutes Adventurous Ride

Welcome Drinks - Dates - Tea & Arabic Coffee
Camel Riding - Sandboarding
Tanoura Dance - Fire Show - Belly Dance
Henna Tattoo - Arabic Dress Up
BBQ Buffet Dinner (Veg & Non-Veg)
Sheesha - Soft Drinks & Bottled Water
Quad Biking* - VIP Seating*

24 Hour Booking

24 Hour Assitance

Always Online

What Does Desert Safari Dubai Include?

  • Pick-up & drop-off in Dubai & Sharjah in a 4x4 Land Cruiser
  • Pick up timing: between 3:30 PM to 4:00 PM
  • Dune bashing in the Lehbab desert on the red dunes
  • Camel ride and Sandboarding
  • Photo-stops to capture the sunset
  • Desert Campsite modeled after Bedouin traditions
  • Henna Painting
  • Traditional Arabic dress-up
  • Hubble Bubble Sheesha at the Sheesha corner
  • Unlimited Arabic coffee and soft drinks
  • Fire Show, Tanoura Show & Belly Dance Show
  • BBQ buffet dinner with vegetarian and non-veg menus
  • Drop-off to your location at around 9:00 PM
  • Pictures with Falcon

What is Desert Safari Dubai?

Desert is the heart of Dubai. Even after the rise of soaring skyscrapers and magnificent downtowns, the whimsical sands of Dubai lure curious minds to it. The vast and mostly unexplored portion of Dubai presents numerous surprises to visitors. No visit to Dubai is complete without experiencing the charm of the desert. The contrast of the mysterious and silent desert against the sprawling cityscape is something worth witnessing. There is something for everyone on a fantastic desert safari trip. The brave souls will enjoy the dune bashing over the red dunes of the Lehbab. Explorers will find the desert camp entertaining and nostalgic, and the foodies can relish the luscious BBQ dinner with the option of Veg and Non-Veg dishes..

The Premium Desert Safari Dubai Experience

For premium safari, the trip begins with the driver picking you up from your location. The pickup will be on a well-maintained and 4x4 Land Cruiser with all the safety features. Even though the pickup timing depends on your site, it will be between 3:30 and 4:00 in the evening. The professional and polite English-speaking safari driver will also double as your tour guide. He will explain to you about the humble beginnings of Dubai from a small fishing village alongside Creek and life in the desert.

Lehbab is a 40-minute drive away from the Dubai city. There will be a 15-minute break in between for refreshments. During this break, the driver prepares the vehicle to deal with the loose sand. The car tires are nearly flattened by letting most of the air out. On deserts, flat tires are good. We stop for pictures once we enter the desert. You can capture the beauty of the desert against the golden hues of the setting sun. In the meantime, other cars join in.

All the SUVs form a convoy and move forward to the most thrilling part of the adventurous dune bashing. Dune bashing is, in fact, a roller coaster ride over the dunes. The Land Cruisers climb up and drop down over the red dunes sending chills down your spine. The red dunes of Lehbab desert are the best when it comes to dune bashing. It lasts for 30 minutes, with another 15 minutes break for pictures near the quaint desert rocks towering towards the sky.

Have you tried Sandboarding ever? It is the desert version of snow skiing. But this time, instead of snow slopes, there are dunes. We stop near the tallest of the dunes to try out Sandboarding. Everyone can try it because sand is the most forgiving to falls. Strap your feet onto the board and slide down to the bottom.

Next comes the desert camp. You modeled like a traditional desert settlement of olden day Bedouins. The campsite brings back the vibes of their nomadic lifestyles in your minds. You will receive a warm greeting with welcome drinks and Arabic coffee as you arrive. Near the camp, you can also ride on top of the camel. Think about the Arabs who crossed the vast and impossible desert with only their feet and these magnificent creatures to aid. No wonder why the camel is called the ship of the desert. Then you can pose for a picture with a falcon, the national bird, and symbol of the United Arab Emirates. It is fantastic to see these beautiful birds up close.

Get out there and have fun. Dress up in traditional Emirati attire and pose for some Instagram-worthy shots. Get your hands adorned with beautiful henna tattoos. Try out the various flavors of Hubble Bubble Sheesha at the Sheesha corner.

The inside of the camp comes to life after the sun goes below the horizon. As the night falls, the campsite lights up, and the starters are served. Then the mouth-watering BBQ gourmet buffet dinner follows. The dinner buffet has more than enough variety to satiate the taste buds of both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. To make the dinner even more eventful, live performances of traditional folk dances like a belly dance show, Tanura show, and fire show add energy to the whole venue. Then the Dubai desert safari experience comes to an end on a happy note. After you finish your dinner and enjoy the desert air, the drivers will prepare the car for your return journey.

Budget Desert Safari

Sometimes your budget does not allow a premium safari. In that case, you can opt for this affordable safari package. In this, the pickup will be on a bus shared by other guests from a specific location. From the shuttle point near Al Awir desert, the driver will take you to the desert camp on a 4x4. Along the way, there will be a small dune bashing ride, and sunset photo stops. Once you reach the desert camp, you can go for the camel ride, shoot a picture with the falcon, and enjoy the camp's offerings, including the BBQ dinner and live entertainment.

Self-Drive Desert Safari

Eating out at restaurants often gets too dull. Why go for a usual restaurant dinner when you can enjoy outdoor dining against the desert backdrop. You can make dinner more exciting, and there are live folk performances. Self-drive safari gives you the freedom to come to the shuttle point in the Al Awir desert. From there, the experienced safari driver will take you on 4x4 Land Cruiser for a dune bashing. Then you go to experience the camp, dance shows and savor the delicious dinner.

Dubai Desert Safari Rules

  • Do not litter. Throw your trash only in the receptacles
  • Children shouldn't be left unassisted.
  • Avoid public display of affection during the trip.
  • Smoking is not allowed inside the tour vehicle.

Safety Precautions

  • Always follow the instructions of the Guide
  • We only use vehicles with proper insurance.
  • All drivers are certified in Off-Road Driving.
  • Seat belts, airbags, and roll bars are fitted in all the cars.
  • Cars are fitted with government-mandated GPS trackers.
  • No luggage or large bags are allowed inside the car during the trip.
  • Standard first-aid kits are available in every vehicle.

Things To Keep in Mind Before Booking a Safari Trip

  • Do not go to unauthorized agents promising similar Safari packages at lower prices to avoid landing up on a trip with poor service. They always fall short of their promises. We recommend that you book with the best desert safari company in Dubai.
  • Do not fall prey to Illegal freelance agents who are not licensed to take you for the safari. They might compromise your safety by using uninsured vehicles and unqualified drivers.
  • Always choose an authorized tour provider to ensure that your trip is free of risks.
  • Only go for a DTCM approved tour company.
  • If you are looking for more affordable vacation options than our best Desert Safari Dubai offers, we also have many other exciting tour packages listed on our website.

Essential Tips for Dubai Desert Safari Tour

  • The dune bashing can be pretty bumpy.Therefore, we recommend you not to have a heavy meal before the trip.
  • Pack light. There is no space for large luggage inside the tour vehicle.
  • Avoid carrying valuables with you.
  • If you are someone with back problems or motion sickness, choose a safari with short dune bashing rides.
  • Check out all the various desert safari deals to select the perfect one for you.

Covid-19 Desert Safari Dubai Restrictions 2021

  • We are committed to our gust’s safety, and we have set all requirements to implement by DTCM (Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing).
  • Limited capacity in vehicles according to the guidelines and social distancing.
  • All facilities are fully sterilized, our staff wear masks and gloves.
  • Guests must always wear masks and follow social distancing.
  • Live Entertainment is subject to change without prior notice due to Covid 19  regulations of Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Frequently Asked Questions for Desert Safari Dubai Tour

What to wear for a desert safari?

There is no specific dress code for the tour. You can wear anything you prefer. But here are some recommendations. It is better to wear loose, comfortable clothes, especially if you take a summer trip.

When it comes to footwear, high-top boots are the best. Even open-toed shoes will be better than low-top tennis shoes. When you walk the dunes with those low-top shoes, you will frequently find yourself removing the boots to get rid of the sand. Be sure to bring your shades, sunscreen, and hat with you. Keep jewelry to a minimum and keep a jacket handy during winters as the temperature falls rapidly after sunset.

Is dune bashing suitable for all?

Dune bashing is not recommended for:

  • Senior citizens
  • Pregnant women & infants (below 3 years old)
  • People with back problems
  • People with heart conditions
  • Wheelchair users
Are there dishes for vegetarians on the dinner menu?

Yes, there is enough variety of dishes for both vegetarian and non-vegetarians.

Can we go without dune bashing to the camp?

There are safari packages that offer short dune bashing rides that will only last for 5-10 minutes. You can choose them if you are OK with that. Dune bashing can be completely avoided if all the guests in your vehicle agree to it or if you book an exclusive safari.

How to book a desert safari Tour?

You can book the safari using the live chat feature on the website or by simply calling us. We will provide you with all the necessary information. You can confirm your booking by paying the amount by cash or online payment.

How to book a desert safari?

You can easily book a desert safari by giving us a call or chatting with us on our live chat. All we require is our name, a local number, an email, and your pickup location.

Where is desert safari located?

Our camp is in an area of Dubai which is known as Al Avir.

What is the cost of Desert Safari Dubai?

The cost of Desert safari in the summer season varies between which package you choose, self-drive would be AED40, Budget Safari is AED70, and the Premium Package is 99.

What is recommended to bring for Safari Trip?

You can carry your phone for pictures and a little extra cash to shop for some sand art and souvenirs.

What is the duration of the desert safari Dubai trip?

The duration of the safari depends on the tour package.

  • Premium Safari: 6-7 Hours
  • Morning Safari: 4-5 Hours
  • Budget Safari: 6-7 Hours
  • Self-drive Safari: 3-4 Hours

How many shows are performed during the Safari Tour?

There are a total of three shows performed, Tanoura Dance Show, Belly Dance Show, and Fire Show.

What is the most recommended season to go for a desert safari?

The most recommended season would be Winter to go for Desert Safari.

Is Alcohol there?

Yes, Alcohol can be purchased at the bar at the camp.

What vehicle does the pickup and drop off?

The pickup and drop-off happen in a 4x4 Land Cruiser.

What is the payment method?

After your booking is confirmed with our agent, you will be sent a payment link to your email id or WhatsApp, and you need to make the payment on it.

Do you guys serve vegetarians?

Yes, there is veg and non-veg food served on the dhow cruise.

Do you provide discounts for bigger groups?

Yes, you can get more flexible rates depending on the size of the group.


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