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Yacht Charter Dubai

Yacht Rental Dubai
There are a lot of reasons to charter a yacht in Dubai. One of the reasons is that yachts are the best way to enjoy the sea. From Marina to Palm Jumeirah, and Burj Al Arab, numerous attractions in Dubai are along the beaches. There are so many things to do and see in Dubai from the sea. The list is long. But, when it comes to yacht charter in Dubai, Al Wasl is the best company to choose from. With outstanding services and best in class yachts, we can provide you any kind of boat you will ever need. Check out all the yacht rental packages now. And don’t forget to pick the best one for you.


Choose The Yacht That Suits You Best To Your Needs From The Below Fleet

  • Sunset Cruise View Dubai
    AED: 280/ Person

    Sunset Cruise

    Up to 40 Guests

  • Catamaran Cruise in Dubai
    AED: 4000 / Hour

    Catamaran Cruise

    Up to 50 Guests

  • 85 Feet Luxury Yacht Dubai
    AED: 1500 / Hour

    85 Feet Luxury Yacht

    Up to 41 Guests, 3 Master 1 Twin Bedroom, Rest Rooms, 1 Big Kitchen, Fly Bridge Mini Pool, Big Lounge, Dining Area, Frond end Sun Deck, Sitting Area

  • 70 Feet Luxury Yacht
    AED: 1300/ Hour

    70 Feet Luxury Yacht

    Up to 28 Guests, 4 Cabins with Rest Room, Kitchen, Lounge, Big Dining Area, Front end Sun deck, Sitting Area, Fly Bridge

  • 55 Feet Luxury Yacht
    AED: 850 / Hour

    55 Feet Luxury Yacht

    Up to 22 Guests, 3 Cabins with Rest Room, Kitchen, Lounge, Front end Sun deck, Sitting Area, Fly Bridge

  • 50 Feet Luxury Yacht
    AED : 750 / Hour

    50 Feet Luxury Yacht

    Up to 17 Guests, 3 Cabins with Rest Room, Kitchen, Lounge, Sun deck, Sitting Area

  • 45 Feet Luxury Yacht
    AED : 750 / Hour

    45 Feet Luxury Yacht

    Up to 18 Guests, 1 Master Bedroom, 1 Double, 1 Twin, Saloon, Kitchen, Toilet & Fly Bridge

  • 42 Feet Yacht
    AED : 700/ Hour

    42 Feet Yacht

    Up to 14 Guests, 1 Master & 1 Twin Bedroom, Saloon, Kitchen, Toilet, Sun Deck and Fly Bridge.

  • 37 FEET Sport Boat
    AED : 450 / Hour

    37 FEET Sport Boat

    Up to 10 Guests, 1 Bed Room, 1 Saloon, Kitchen & Tiolet

Yacht Charter Dubai

Dubai has had a long relationship with the sea. Arabian Gulf has witnessed the rise and growth of Dubai. Now that it has become a place of modernity, it still has that warm connection with the sea. People from all over the world come to Dubai to experience sailing in Dubai. It gives them unlimited possibilities. You can bask in the sun, throw parties, go fishing, or do all of them at once. There are suitable yacht rental options for any of these. With a wide and extensive fleet of boats, Al Wasl rules the Yacht Charter Dubai services. Even if you are alone, or with a small or large group of people, you can find a suitable boat. There is a boat for everyone. There are Small fishing boats that can fit eight people onboard to luxury boats that can carry up to 200 guests. So decide your style and choose your yacht rental Dubai package.

Luxury Yacht Rental

If you want to throw a party, hold a business meeting in the sea, or simply enjoy sailing in the sea, a luxury yacht is the best option. They are large and spacious. Huge lounges in these boats make it perfect for parties. You can also rest and take a nap in the comfy beds. Luxury yacht rentals have well-trained and professional crew that will attend to your needs and make you feel comfortable. These boats take you into the sea away from the busy city life. You can relish your moments in peace and privacy.

Sunset Yacht Cruise

These are special packages to let you experience the sunset. Sunsets witnessed from the sea are amazing. You go into the deep sea one hour before sunset. The actual timing depends on the season, though. From the flyboard, you will see the sun drowning down into the sea and the various colors that it paints in the sky. The sunset cruise is for two hours. After that, you sail back to the land. By this time, the sky will be dark. Dubai’s cityscape will be shining with lights coming from the tall buildings and street lights.

Fishing Cruise

Dubai is one of the best places to go on a fishing adventure. The waters of Dubai are rich with lots of varieties of fish and marine life. The best choice for fishing trips is to choose a yacht rental company. With a yacht rental, you can skip the process of getting a fishing license from the authorities. There are many other benefits to hiring a yacht. You get complimentary fishing gear and a crew of fishing experts. They will teach you find the fish. Even to hook one. Because you get to use the complimentary fishing equipment, you can save a lot of money and also the effort of carrying them.

You can charter a fishing boat for however long you want. Mornings are the best. In the mornings, it will be easier to find the fish and the weather will be cooler. You can also cook the fish onboard after catching them. There is an electric grill and light refreshments onboard. In larger fishing boats, you also have cabins to take rest.

Catamaran Cruise

Catamarans provide real sailing fun. A large number of guests can be accommodated on these twin-hulled sailboats. Ours can carry up to 60 people. A catamaran adds a bit of adventure to your sea experience. It is about the adventure and thrill of cruising with the wind on a sailboat. So sail around and witness the Dubai coast.

Where does the yacht cruise

The actual cruise path depends on the duration. If you hire for a longer time, you can cover more area and also do more activities. The cruise starts from the Dubai Marina. Then you will go to the sea, witnessing the attractions in Dubai, one by one. There you will see the amazing architecture of Marina and JBR and Bluewaters Island, where Ain Dubai is located. The yacht will go around Palm Island and also to the lagoons inside the island. After that, you can see the iconic sail-shaped luxury hotel Burj Al Arab.
Again, depending on the time, you will be able to go swimming and snorkeling. There is also a water sports area near the beaches.

How to Charter a Yacht

Al Wasl has made the Yacht charter process easy for you. Select the one you want from the website. You can send your reservation request using the ‘Book Now’ button or chat with our representatives through the chat feature on the website. Our representative will provide you all the details. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them. We are happy to answer your queries.

If you have sent the reservation request using the Book Now button, our representative will get to you in a short while. They will help you through the booking process. You can also visit the boat and see inside before booking. After that, you can confirm your reservation by paying an initial amount through online transfer or cash.

Tips to enjoy the Yacht Charter

Boat shoes or barefoot are the best options while on a boat. This is to avoid scratching the boat surface.
Listen carefully to the safety briefing before you begin the cruise.
There is no specific dress code. You can dress for the occasion. If it’s a casual event, wear anything relaxed and comfortable. If it’s more of a formal party, dress in smart formals. Anyway, you might need to take your hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen with you.

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