Musandam Khasab

Musandam Khasab Tour Includes

Khasab Port Reach the Khasab Port and transfer to our Dhow.
Musandam Leave the Khasab Port for the fjords of Musandam on an Omani Dhow.
Khor Shem Dhow cruise is on Khor Shem, the 17km long fjord with crystal clear water.
Scenic Beauty The scenic beauty of the mountain range of Hajr is simply gorgeous.
Dolphins There would be a chance encounter with frolicking dolphins during the dhow cruise on Khor Shem.
Nadafi There are many villages located on the islands of Khasab. It is the first such village with only 50 inhabitants.
Qanaha Visit the small fishing village where stone houses blend with the cliff on which they are located, thus providing them with the first line of defense in the olden days.
Maqlab The smallest village with only 10 houses where the inhabitants earn their livelihood by cattle herding and fishing.
Telegraph Island Jazirat al Maqlab – Here, the British laid the first telegraph cable. Best for diving and watching butterflyfish here.
Snorkeling The Dhow is anchored at Telegraph Island for 1-1/2 hours for Snorkelling and diving.
Corals Musandam Khasab fjords sea bed is lined with corals inhabited by groupers, butterflyfish, and wide other colorful varieties of fish.
Lunch A buffet lunch shall be served aboard the Dhow during the cruise.
Sham Visit another  village with around 50 inhabitants
Seebi Island This village’s last anchoring spot is remote and famous for bird nesting. Dive in the water and snorkel to watch the beautiful marine life.
Drop back The trip includes returning to the port for the journey back to your destination.

The Oman Khasab Governorate is a remote coastal outpost of Oman famous for its fjords, sandy beach, and much more. Khasab is also the capital of Musandam and has significant trade importance due to the deep fjords that facilitate the trade ships. The entire Khasab region is full of remote villages that are sparsely inhabited, islands that have more bird nesting areas than houses for humans, and fjords with deep sea beds full of coral that house many different species of fish.

Musandam Khasab Experience

The Musandam Khasab trip for you starts with the arrival of the luxury bus that comes to pick you up early in the morning by 7.30 am. Our driver will onboard you, show you to your seat, and start the trip. Very soon, the tall skyscrapers give way to the wilderness of the desert. It is still early morning, and traffic is very light; hence, it races past small villages, deserts, and rocky terrain and enters Fujairah’s Friday Market.

The Friday Market

Friday market of Fujairah is about how the old world in the Middle East would come out on Friday and make all the purchases from small shops on Fridays. This market still exists; instead, it runs all through the week, and more tourists come to shop here than the local residents. You will get a lot of locally grown fruits and vegetables apart from carpets. Our word on it is, please bargain a lot before buying anything you find interesting. You may also get down, walk, and have a fresh cup of tea.

After a brief stopover, your bus reaches the Oman border, where the authorities check your bus in for the onward journey.

Hajr Mountains – Nature’s Wonderful Creation

Your bus enters the Hajr mountain range soon after passing the Oman border. This mountain range is almost white and has deep caves, as if someone has drilled holes in the mountain to create an exquisite design. The road almost hugs the mountain range. While you are still in awe of this mountain range, the Persian sea appears on the other side. There are very few places in the Middle East where mountains and sea are juxtaposed and separated by only a road. Our helpful driver would stop in a few places on this roundtrip for you to get down, step out, and enjoy the scenery, take selfies, and marvel at the unique creations of mother nature.

The Dhow Cruise – A daylong Funtainment

The road trip ends when you reach our Dhow cruise pick-up point, a local hotel. After refreshing yourself, you step into a massive and luxurious dhow. The show is well stocked with everything you would need for your comfort. It has an upper deck and lower deck and is fully airconditioned. It has pillows and rugs thrown around for your comfortable seating. You are welcomed with cool soft drinks or local coffee to quench your thirst and liven you up. The show has hosts to serve you fruits and kahwa throughout the trip. While on the dhow cruise, you would pass through tall mountains on either side. It would stop at a beach for you to get down, dive into the sea, and snorkel. All the gears for diving and snorkeling are available onboard. The diving will acquaint you with the colorful marine life. The dhow cruise shall also pass through the oldest telegraph tower in the middle east that was erected and used by the British Army to communicate with the Indian subcontinent during its occupation of India.

Cruising around little Villages

The dhow cruise will take you to fantastic, thinly populated villages with as few as ten houses in one town. The first such village is Nadafi, which has only 50 inhabitants. You would sail further across Qanaha, a fishing village on a cliff. The houses are also made from the stones of the cliff, making the houses almost merge with the cliff. Then you would come across Maqlab, the most miniature village with only ten houses, and their livelihood comes from cattle herding and fishing. The village of Sham has around 50 villages. Then the dhow shall anchor in Seebi island village, famous for bird nesting. This village is the remotest and has clear and calm water, ideal for diving and snorkeling. In between, you will also anchor at the Telegraph village, where the British laid the telegraph pole for the connection between India and Basra, Iraq. This island is also an excellent place for snorkeling and diving.

The Sumptuous Lunch – for Complete Satisfaction

The lunch on the cruise in s a great fair in itself. There would be finger-licking starters massive spread of the main course for vegetarians and meat-eaters. It would be a combination of Omani, Asian, and continental dishes. To end it all, there would be an unlimited supply of fruits and an Arabic sweet dish. The show ends after almost 5 hours out in the fjords of Hormuz.

The return to your destination would be to recap a great trip and savor every moment. Share your trip experience with others or sleep off the entire return journey to relax your tired body.

Nuts & Bolts

  • Cruising on a traditional Omani Dhow
  • Handline fishing
  • Swimming, snorkeling, and diving
  • Banana boat rides
  • Buffet lunch aboard dhow during the cruise
  • Complimentary refreshments of juices, tea, and Arabic coffee
  • Complimentary snorkeling, diving, and fishing gear onboard
  • Pickup and drop-off in Dubai or Sharjah

Vital Information

  • Days of Operation Daily
  • Duration Full day
  • Age Limit No age limit
  • Location Musandam Dibba
  • Timing Pickup: 7:30 to 8 AM | Drop-off: 6 to 7:00 PM
  • Dress code Smart casual clothes in summer, light jacket during winter

You Need to Know

  • You will receive confirmation of your trip at the time of the booking.
  • An original passport is required when going on a Musandam Dibba tour.
  • Our vehicles are insured and well-equipped with safety features, with certified and highly experienced drivers at the wheel.
  • Our Dhows are fully insured, equipped with safety features, and properly maintained with only the best and most amiable captain and service crew onboard.
  • Littering is punishable.

Dress Code

Smart casual. Warmer clothes during winter.


We reserve the right to cancel or postpone your tour for reasons beyond our control, such as severe weather conditions, equipment malfunction, government policies, or force majeure. We will offer you a refund or work with you to reschedule your tour later. If you cancel within 24 hours of your scheduled trip, or if you and your guests do not arrive at the designated time, you will be charged the total cost of the activity.

Musandam Khasab

  • Duration: Approximately 13 Hour
  • Availability Daily
  • Timing: Pickup: 6 AM | Drop-off: 7 to 7:30 PM
  • Location: Musandam Khasab
  • Adult 350 AED
  • Child 380 AED
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