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Musandam Tour- A Getaway to the Fjords

Oman is the favorite destination for everyone who wants to experience a different landscape than the usual deserts of the UAE. Terrains of Oman are mostly formed by vast expanses of Rocky Mountains. This gives it some fantastic natural features. Although there are many unique places in Oman, two of them are the most frequented by tourists- Dibba and Khasab. They are are well-known for their breathtaking views and ease of access by roads. Though both of these places have some similarities, they have their differences as well. They are both located in Musandam Governorate of Oman, which lies separate from Oman mainland surrounded by the UAE.


Musandam Khasab Dhow Cruise

Khasab is a dramatic place with an aura similar to that of a dystopian novel. Up until the construction of the coastal road, traveling to Musandam Khasab was a bit of a challenge. Though isolated from neighboring towns by tall Hajar Mountains, Khasab is a fully functional city and a popular vacation spot for tourists and local Omanis alike. The natural vista of Khasab is really unique. It has a history that goes back to centuries ago. On the mountain tops of Khasab, there are fossil remains of prehistoric marine creatures. It's these mountains that forms the fjords in Khasab. Fjords are called Khors in the local language and the largest of these fjords is Khor As-Sham. Dive deep into the secrets of Khasab on a dhow cruise through fjords and with a day full of fun in the aquamarine waters.

Khasab is the capital of Musandam Governorate. It is a two and a half-hour drive from Dubai through the coastal road of Ras Al Khaima. The ride through this road is never mundane. The road is lined by sea on one side and mountains on the other. At the border, you will need to get a tourist visa and get your passport stamped to enter Oman. As soon as you cross the border, you step onto the mysterious land of Khasab. Khasab is surrounded by the western ranges of Hajar Mountain. This mountain range lends many magnificent landscapes to Khasab.

The spectacular fjords of Khasab are formed by the seawater from Straits of Hormuz trapped in the deep valleys of Hajar Mountains. You are sure to see the 'bottle nosed' and 'spinner' dolphins chasing your Dhow. And if you want to spot the sleeping dolphins, look for the ones that go around in repeated circles.

Telegraph Island in Khasab was used as a linking station for the telegraph line that connected Bombay to London by the British. Battered remains of the telegraph station are still there. Swim and snorkel near the beach on this Island.

Musandam Dibba Dhow Cruise

Moving past the lush greenery of Ras Al Khaima and climbing the oases of Masafi mountains, you reach Musandam Dibba. Dibba is situated in the south of Musandam Governorate. It is more of a coastal town than Khasab. There aren't many attractions in the town itself and in fact, it is a sparsely populated port city.

But the sea of Dibba is just whimsical. You can see coral reefs at the bottom of the sea and schools of fishes moving synchronously through the clear water. With its rich and dense marine lives, these waters are ideal to try your hands at fishing from onboard the Dhow. At a distance, there are always playful dolphins leaping above the water in the open sea. You must not miss swimming in Dibba. Hafa beach in Musandam Dibba is also famous for its sea turtles.

You don't need a visa or get your passport stamped to cross the border to Dibba. But it requires some procedures which we will take care of for you. You have to carry your passport with you though.

You will board the Dhow from Dibba port. On the traditional Omani Dhow, handmade pillows and carpets emulate classical Arabic style. Sea of Dibba is a beautiful place filled with coral reefs and exotic wildlife; a living aquarium in every aspect. From the sea, the enormous white limestone mountains juts out vertically. These mountains also form fjords, yet not like the ones in Khasab. It is interesting that the fjords are flowing with fresh emerald green water but the land right next to it is dry and desiccated. Water flowing against rocks for millions of years has carved large caves into the mountain. Go inside these caves on small boats if the tide is low.

Hafa beach in Musandam Dibba is an exciting place to swim. We will provide you snorkels and life jackets. Explore wildlife and coral reefs as much as you want and then come back and have your buffet lunch. Hafa beach is also a haven for some large sea turtles.

Musandam Dibba Trip Inclusions
  • 5-hour cruise on a traditional Omani Dhow
  • Separate onboard washrooms for men and women
  • Changing rooms & small boats
  • A visit to Hajar mountains
  • Banana Boating
  • Trip to Hafa beach
  • Swimming and snorkeling near Hafa beach (snorkels and life-jackets will be provided)
  • Onboard buffet lunch
  • Unlimited refreshments and soft drinks
  • Handline fishing (Subject to weather conditions)
  • Speed boat safari (additional)
  • A visit to the limestone mountains
  • Mountain  Cave Visit (Subject to Tide)

Musandam Khasab Trip Inclusions
  • 7-hour cruise on a traditional Omani Dhows
  • Separate onboard washrooms for men and women
  • Changing rooms & small boats
  • Unlimited refreshments and soft drinks
  • A visit to secluded fishing villages
  • Dolphin Sighting
  • Banana Boating
  • A visit to Telegraph Island
  • Onboard buffet lunch
  • Swimming and snorkeling near Telegraph island (snorkels and life-jackets will be provided)
  • Pick-up and drop-off from anywhere in Dubai or Sharjah


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