Places to Visit in Dubai in 2023


Dubai is a city full of surprises and wonders; it has something new and exciting to offer every time you visit it. Dubai is known for its perfect balance of old and new architecture. Both parts are equally fascinating and loved by the visitors. There are several places to visit in Dubai, and the list keeps growing. There is fun, excursions, and entertainment for everyone, regardless of age. If you are looking for an iconic city for your following location, you can choose Dubai without thinking twice, and you will not be disappointed.

Dubai is known as the shopaholic’s heaven, and the world’s largest shopping hub, people from around the globe love to shop when they visit Dubai. If you are not into shopping, there are many options for you and multiple Places to visit in Dubai. Dubai is also known for its astounding architecture and skyscrapers. Apart from bewildering buildings, old Dubai is known for its charm and heritage sites. You can either take a peaceful stroll around the creek canal or enjoy a short abra ride. From visiting souqs to touring Dubai Museum and Bastakiya, there are diverse options for you to add to your Places to visit in the Dubai list.

About Dubai:

Dubai is known for its grandeur and awe-inspiring projects, high-rise buildings, the world’s largest mall, and luxury hotels. Everything you see, from the world’s tallest building Burj Khalifa to ManmadeMan-Made islands, will leave you amazed. There are countless tours and excursions for you to decide on, including pristine beaches, theme parks, waterparks, and much more. Everything you can think of on your vacation is available in Dubai but in super-size or holding a world record. The city of Dubai is a fantastic blend of culture, heritage, modernity, and unlimited amusement.

Dubai Culture:

Dubai holds a solid bond with the culture of the UAE. You will see many locals wearing traditional outfits and going by their day. It is open to people from all over the world, yet the city is preserving its culture and history in the best way possible. To experience the culture and know about its tradition is an honor for many visitors.

Dubai Tour:

There are uncountable places to visit in Dubai, and many tours and trips happen all the time. It is on the visitor to decide what they want on vacation. There are guided city tours carried out on a bus or private basis. In such city tours, your tour guide will explain the city’s history and take you to a few landmarks of old and new Dubai. You will see many landmarks in three to four hours of a Dubai city tour.

Apart from the city tour, let us see the most exciting tours and find the best places in Dubai.

The Mighty Burj Khalifa:

attractions in dubai

Burj Khalifa is one of the most iconic buildings ever to exist. It has gained more and more popularity ever since. It is also a significant tourist attraction in the city. People from different areas of the UAE come and visit the iconic building. It is the tallest building in the world, towering at 828m, making it unique and unique.

Observation Decks

There are two observation decks on levels 124 and 148 of the Mighty Burj. From the observation deck, you can have a bird’s eyes view of the whole city. To visit Burj Khalifa, you need a specific ticket with the date and time details for each observation deck, and you can spend almost thirty to forty-five minutes once you are up on the deck.

For your pleasant experience, it is advised to book your tickets before your visit. It will make your entire visit process smooth and enjoyable. The ticket price is subject to change as per management. While choosing places to visit in Dubai, add the Burj khalifa visit your list.

Light Show

Apart from visiting the observation deck of Burj Khalifa, you can watch a light show projected on Burj khalifa from the Burj Park anywhere around the Burj Khalifa, utterly free of charge. The Burj Khalifa pays tribute to light shows, depending on the occasion, which is also very popular and pleasant to the eyes.

Theatre of Digital Art

This new space recently opened in Dubai and is gaining a lot of attention due to its unique digital art exhibitions. It is unlike any other art gallery you might have visited. It is a collection of absolute dreamy and whimsical art with soothing music being projected while you are sitting in a theater.

Art from the past

The exhibition shows art from artists of the 19th and 20th centuries, including the work of well-known artists like Vincent Van Gogh, Juan Gris, Paul Klee, Claude Monet, and many more.

The theatre of digital arts also has a virtual reality space where you can experience artwork up close and sometimes float in it. If you are looking for an outstanding art experience, make sure to add a Theatre of digital art in your places to visit in the Dubai plan.

World Famous Pristine Jumeirah Beach

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Jumeirah Beach Dubai is one of the country’s most famous beaches. The best part of visiting this beach is the panoramic blue water sight and Burj al Arab views. Residents and tourists love Jumeirah Beach. Everyone on the beach loves to relax and get some tan. Besides relaxing on the beach, people like to indulge in water sports.

Visitors bring their picnic to enjoy the sunset and cool breeze at the beach while children play around making sand castles to enjoy the day.

There is no entry fee or charge at Jumeriah beach. The shower and washroom facility is available for everyone. You must bring your towels and swimwear to the beach to fully enjoy the experience.

Dubai Mall – World’s Biggest Shopping Mall:

As we all know, Dubai is the world’s largest shopping hub. It is heaven for anyone who loves shopping because the great variety and multiple brands under one roof make it very appealing. It is a treat to the eyes for shopping lovers to enjoy and shop as per their heart’s desire. Dubai Mall is at the top of everyone’s list of places to visit in Dubai.

Even if you are not fond of shopping, there are numerous activities for everyone to do and enjoy in Dubai mall.

Dubai Aquarium

Dubai Mall has multiple entertainment options for people of all ages. Everything is present inside the mall on different floors. The most famous attraction is Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, which offers many. It consists of an aquarium tunnel that leads to an underwater zoo and penguin cove. Each part requires a specific entry ticket which guests can book online to ensure a hassle-free experience. The Dubai aquarium always stands out as one of the best places to visit in Dubai.

The Ice Rink

is also a trendy sport in the Dubai Mall. It is a vast indoor skating rink where you can enjoy skating if you are tired of shopping. It is an excellent attraction for children and adults and a fascinating experience for everyone visiting the mall. They also offer membership to use the facility every time you visit the mall without waiting in queue. You can also buy tickets online to avoid long lines at the counter. You can select your preferred date and time slot while making the booking.

Kid Zania

If you are visiting the mall with your little ones, this is the best place for you, as Dubai mall is enormous and complex for children to walk around. Kid Zania is an indoor play area with several activities for children of all ages. The activities in Kidzania keep a child engaged, and he gets to learn something new on his day out. You can plan your shopping day without worrying about your children and book their tickets online for a hassle-free experience.

Retail stores

Apart from many activities, the mall has up to 1200 retail stores, where one can shop as per their liking, from luxury brands to most major clothing stores. You name it, and it is there in Dubai Mall. Dubai mall has several restaurants and popular food chain outlets open at each level; some restaurants offer scenic views of the iconic Burj Khalifa and dancing fountains.

You can enjoy a light and fountain show outside the mall without paying an extra dime. It is outdoor and accessible, which makes it even more enjoyable. Dubai Mall is a mall like no other around the globe, and you can never get bored in the mall as it has unlimited fun options for everyone. You can easily reach the Dubai mall using the Dubai Metro, which is an efficient and pocket-friendly option.

Al Shindagha Museum

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Al Shindagha Museum is a fascinating place located in the Dubai creek area, which offers you to learn more about the history and rich culture of Dubai City and the UAE.

Features of Al Shindagha Museum

The Museum depicts the evolution of Dubai city, along with the lifestyle of the people of UAE and information about marine and land culture. You can learn about the fragrance industry in the Museum and how it plays an essential role in the history of the UAE.

The best thing about the Museum is that it is very interactive. You can also make your perfume there and learn about its fragrances and notes.

Hatta Mountains

Hatta is known for its mountains and turquoise waters and is a trendy place for a relaxed day away from the city. Hatta lake is vast, so the crowd is always dispersed, and you can have your privacy and quiet time away from the city noise. It is about a two-hour drive from Dubai, and some activities are for you. One of the most loved activities among visitors is boating and Hatta Kayaking. You can rent your kayak on a single and double basis and enjoy your ride in a peaceful environment. It is an early morning activity, you are advised to reach around 7:30 am, and you can park at the parking lot as the base. Life jackets are provided at the spot, but it is recommended to carry your swimwear and towels.

Dubai Miracle Garden – A floral Wonderland

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It wouldn’t be wrong to say Dubai Miracle garden is the most loved place in the city and is the most extensive fresh garden with over 100 million blooming flowers. The flowers are set up in different designs and patterns to attract visitors. As flower collections and designs are enhanced, and patterns are updated every year, every time you visit the miracle garden, it is a different sight to enjoy.

A miracle garden is a refreshing experience for its visitors, as blooming flowers have a remarkable impact on our minds. It is the top-rated place for many tourists in their Places to Visit in Dubai list. People from all fields of life and any age group can enjoy this floral wonderland. Different food and beverage options are available throughout the garden, as outlet food is not allowed inside the garden.

Dubai Miracle Garden Tickets

Miracle garden is only open from October to April, as the garden is closed for maintenance during summer. Make sure you check the calendar before planning your visit. You can book tickets online to avoid long queues. Make sure to check Miracle Garden timing before leaving your residence. You can access the Miracle garden by Bus or Metro or drive yourself as it is accessible to everyone.

Old Dubai – Visit Bastakiya

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Dubai creek is a very different and subtle part of the city, and it doesn’t have sky scrappers like Downtown or Dubai Marina. Dubai Creek consists of two parts, Deira and Burj Dubai. Once in Dubai creek, you can roam in old markets known as Souq. Dubai’s Gold souq and Spice souq are trendy places for visitors. Gold souq is known for all sorts of gold jewelry, while spice souq has middle-east unique spices and numerous other shops for better-priced souvenirs, clothing, and much more.


Once you are on the Burdubai side of the creek, you can find the historic district known as Bastakiya. It is an old architectural wonder which goes back to the 1800s. It draws attention because of its tiny wind houses and narrow passageways. It has small souvenir shops, heritage shops, and a collection of arts and galleries, which is desirable for everyone visiting.


You can use the metro service to visit Dubai Creek. There is a water taxi known as Abra, which people widely use to reach the other end of the canal. Like Dubai Marina, Dubai creek is also built around canals and water taxis. Ferry and Dhow cruises can be seen at the dock or cruising.

Sharjah Desert Park

It is a relatively new and popular recreational spot open to everyone, including residents, tourists, and families. It receives about 300 000 visitors every year. In the desert park, you can check out the impressive botanical garden. In this park, animals are kept in their natural habitats, and all the facilities are provided for their growth and management. It includes educational information about the biological processes of plants and animals.

Park Zones

The park has three zones: The Natural History Museum, Arabian Wildlife Centre, and the Children’s Farm. It helps its visitors to get a better understanding of flora and fauna of the UAE. This fantastic Museum is a place you shouldn’t miss on your Places to visit in Dubai plan.

Love Lake

best view location in dubai

Love Lake is getting popular for all the right reasons. Make sure to visit this place once you are in Dubai. As we all know, Dubai is known for its architectural wonders and out-of-the-box designs. Love Lake tops the list of Places to Visit in Dubai for many tourists because of its unique and mesmerizing look. It is a new addition to the list of artificial wonders in Dubai, and it is made in a pattern of interlocked heart-shaped lakes.

Love Lake Area and layout

Spreading over 550 000 square meters, love lake is the newest attraction for visitors. It is indeed one of the most romantic places one can visit. It is the perfect spot for love birds, partners, or anyone looking to spend quality time together, as it lives up to its hype. Beside the lake, trees are ideally planted in a pattern that says the word, Love.

Love Lake Amenities

The love lake is built to perfection. There is a seating place, jogging, and walking track. You might see people cycling around and enjoying their evening. A specific area with some fish species is kept in a very relaxed environment. It is a perfect spot for all your photos, as love lake doesn’t disappoint its visitors. It is a very peaceful and ethereal place that visitors should not miss. There is no entry fee for visiting love lake, and it is free for everyone.

The Desert – Nature’s True Magnificent Beast:

Not long ago, when there was no such thing as the skyscrapers we now see wherever we look around in the city, this place was nothing but dust and dunes and a massive dragging desert that was as relentless as it was magnificent. Just about a few decades ago, things started to change with the concept of an idea, a marvel now called Dubai. But just because the city was made doesn’t necessarily mean that the desert no longer exists. In truth, it does live in all its undying and infinite glory and yet, to this day, serves as a beacon for tourism and anyone who wants to experience a surreal night in the wilderness under the actual skies. Not to mention the humbling feeling that accompanies you when you take a trip to the desert.

Adventure in the Desert

The serene deserts in Dubai are the perfect place to spend time with your loved ones and try some enthralling adventurous activities. Visitors can experience the most refreshing adventures in the desert safari, including dune bashing, sandboarding, quad biking, and camel riding.

While you can drive to the deserts on your own, it is advisable to go on a 4×4 since it can move brilliantly through the desert terrain. Else you may have to park your vehicle a long way from your destination, which would mean a long, tedious walk to the desert.

Desert safari

Desert Safari is a captivating way to explore the desert. Whether it is the sense of adventure, eating traditional food, or the beautiful dances, you will experience the true spirit of the Middle East. All you have to do is let your hair down, sit back and relax and let us take care of everything the best way possible. Make sure it is one of your places excursions to visit in the Dubai plan.

Sharjah Aquarium

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Sharjah Aquarium was made open to the public in 2008. It is known for its unique species of deep-sea creatures. It is one of the biggest educational sites where you can learn about the Sharjah shoreline, ports, local fishing, and fisheries. You get to see marine life before your eyes, and you can check out different species of fish swimming around in well-lit aquariums.

Variety of Sea Animals in Sharjah Aquarium

You can see about 150 species of sea animals in about 20 aquariums on the two floors of the attraction. Once you visit the Sharjah Aquarium, you can see many corals, reef sharks, eels, sea horses, clownfish, and many more. You can also see and learn about the sea animals’ habitats.

Goal: The main goal of the Sharjah Museum Authority is to preserve marine life and provide a safe space for sea animals to breed. Their goal is to educate visitors about marine pollution and its effects on sea life. Once you visit the aquarium, you can learn about environmental damage and natural calamities affecting sea life.

Butterfly Garden

Butterfly Garden is near Miracle Garden, where you can see different butterflies together. The butterfly garden is home to 15 000 butterflies of other species. It is a unique dome built per the requirements of butterflies. The insect house is also located in the same dome. The area consists of ten climate-controlled domes to provide the best environment for insects and butterflies.

The total area of the butterfly garden is about 6000 Square meters, and thousands of fresh flowers are adorned in the garden, as flowers and butterflies are home to each other. You can experience nature at its finest in the Butterfly garden. It will not only uplift your mood but be a total treat to your eyes as well.

Butterfly Garden Location & Tickets

Butterfly Garden is very close to Miracle garden, so Don’t miss out on seeing thousands of butterflies, which present a lovely sight. The butterfly garden ticket is separate from Miracle garden and can be purchased online.

Creek Park

dubai digital park fan zone

Creek Park is located in the heart of Dubai and is the city’s second-largest park. The park opened up to the general public in 1994; since then, it has become a visitor’s favorite leisure spot. Due to its vast area, you can always find a peaceful corner for your downtime. You can enjoy your evening stroll or rent a bicycle to ride around the park. One of the essential highlights of the park is Dolphin and Bird show.

Dubai Dolphinarium

Dubai Dolphinarium contains bottlenose dolphins, fur seals, and exotic parrots, exotic creatures whose skills to entertain know nothing. It is an air-conditioned location that stretches across a vast length of around 54,000 square feet. This facility not only serves to please the guests but also works to ensure that the people who come here understand the sanctity and importance of animals, especially those on the brink of extinction. Make sure to add it to places to visit in Dubai and plan to visit.

Entertainment Zone Creek Park

There are three main entertainments in the Dolphinarium. The dolphin and seal show is the best part when these extraordinary animals do what they do best; perform and do wonders on the stage. The regular performances include dancing, singing, playing with balls, and jumping through hoops to showcase an exciting program for the audience.

The next best part involves the Dolphin Planet, which includes swimming with dolphins. While the Dolphin show permits seeing them perform, this session allows you to interact with them in close but safe proximity.

The third one includes the bird show, performed by exotic birds, especially parrots of around 20 different species. You can enjoy seeing them fly around you or even have one of the perch at your shoulders while you pose for a click of a lifetime. Watch the Green-Winged Macaws and Sun Conures as they ride a cycle and play cup tricks to mimic human beings.

Jumeirah Mosque – The holy and divine

It is an exquisite experience to visit the landmarks of the new and old city, but it is quite another level of expertise to venture through the hallways that lead up to a holy site such as a Mosque. Jumeirah Mosque is the place to understand Dubai’s traditions and culture and learn about Islamic traditions. It is a beautiful and divine place and the only mosque in Dubai open to non-Muslims. This fact explains why it has become the most photographed mosque in Dubai and is popular among tourists, unlike any other landmark.

The architecture of the Jumeirah Mosque

Mosques in the Middle East are an existing testament to their architectural accomplishment, and Jumeirah Mosque is no exception. Entirely built with white stones by the Fatimid tradition of Muslims, it has two minarets and one huge central dome. Though it is a spectacle of a kind, its beauty reaches its peak at dusk.

Since 1998, the mosque has been open to the public of every faith and religion. The Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding (SMCCU) facilitates a guided tour of the mosque six days a week. SMCCU is a non-profit organization whose goal is to provide an understanding of the culture of the Middle East.

On the Jumeirah Mosque tour, you can acquire a lot of knowledge about Islamic history with the help of your guide, do take photographs of the beautiful mosque, and learn new things in the question-and-answer session. The tour also includes light Emirati refreshments for the guests.

‘Mosques of the world’ photography exhibition The Dubai Culture and Arts Authority and SMCCU organize this exhibition. During this exhibition, 32 brilliant photographs are shortlisted and displayed for the public to see and admire. It is generally known as The Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum International Photography Award (HIPA), held at Jumeirah Mosque Majlis.

The ticket price is AED 25 per person for the guided tour

It opens daily at 10 am and 2 pm except on Fridays

Registration opens 30 minutes before the tour

Jumeirah mosque dress code: Dress modestly; traditional dresses are available at the mosque

Dubai Heritage Village

As the name depicts a heritage village showcasing the rich culture and history of the city, it serves as a window to the past where you can see how life used to be years ago. Dubai Heritage Village showcases pottery and potters, weavers showing their weaving skills, and many more craftsman and their crafts. You can see old agricultural practices, handicraft techniques, and their process with little souvenir shops.

It is built uniquely similar to old buildings, so it takes you back in history while learning about UAE culture and traditions. You can also enjoy popular local snacks made right on-site. You can also watch cultural performances.

Dubai Garden Glow – Glowing in the dark:

dubai glow garden timing

If your child threw a tantrum and you were searching for a remedy that would bring a smile to their face, all you need is a visit to Dubai Garden Glow. The best thing about Dubai Garden Glow is that apart from concentrating on exquisiteness, it also accentuates the importance of preservation. Educating children about preserving energy and wildlife conservation is a huge deal. One visit to the Dubai glow gardens, and your children will be talking over each other passionately about saving energy resources for the planet to survive and thrive.

The theme of Dubai Garden Glow

The sad news is that Dubai Garden Glow opens only in winter, but the good news is that they come up with new ideas and themes every year. This year’s theme was called ‘Back to Nature,’ which was imitated accurately and most cleverly in the energy-saving bulbs and hand-crafted structures built out of nothing but recycled materials. With brilliant and innovative themes, the brand-new attraction of the fifth season is Magic Park, a wondrous world of optical illusions. It has 27 different sets of visual deceptions, which will sweep you off your feet and teleport you into another far-flung and faraway land of mirrors, chandeliers, and shining glitters. Here is a list of the countless attractions in the Dubai gardens. If you are traveling with children, add this place to your plan of Places to visit in Dubai.

Glow Park

The garden is usually well and intricately lit in the dark with energy-saving bulbs and incandescent drapery.

Dinosaur Park

This is a spot where children can catch a glimpse of the giant creatures, a specie now extent but which dominated the world for centuries before they were wiped out by mass extinction events such as meteors and continental drifts. It has more than 120 animatronic dinosaurs. Being there is like feeling the full impact of an actual Jurassic Park, only a lot safer and more vibrant.

Ice Park

It might come as a complete shock, but you can feel the frozen vibes in a city built in the middle of a desert because it is time to enjoy the polar climate. Here, you can gaze upon the wonders of Burj Al Arab’s ice sculptures, Pegasus, and Polar bears.

Magic Park

Now is the best time to enter the magical visual trickery world. You will stroll through a spectrum of light and tread on a thin line that blurs the difference between reality and deception. The three-dimensional artworks at Magic Park are set aglow at night, thus making it a visual treat.

o Best time to visit: It opens only in winter

o Dubai Garden Glow timing: Saturday to Thursday: 4 am – 11 pm, Friday: 4 pm – 12 am

o Garden Glow is inside Zabeel Park, and entry is at 6 and 7 gates.

Kite Beach – A kite-surfers heaven

This place is for you if you love water sports and kite surfing. It has all the activities you want to pack in one place. Windsurfing, jet skiing, and parasailing are a few activities available at the kite beach. Still, as the name suggests, this place is ideal for kite surfers, which is an enjoyable experience even for beachgoers. It is spotless and hygienic, with washroom and shower facilities; it has a play area and bungee trampolines for children.

Once you are tired from the beach activities and kite surfing, a little walk down the area can find many food trucks and cafes where you can enjoy a meal of your choice. All the beaches have specifications, but kite beach is one of the best for fun activities and entertainment. You can add this to your list of places to visit in Dubai, and it sure won’t disappoint you.

Museum of the Future

unique places in dubai

As we all know, Dubai is known for its exceptional architecture and distinctive designs, and every year there is something new for all the tourists to look forward to visiting Dubai. If you plan to visit Dubai, add this iconic place to your place to visit Dubai agenda. The Museum is already on the list of most beautiful worldwide because of its extraordinary design and attention to detail.

It is now the most enigmatic landmark while driving down Sheikh Zayed Road. The Museum is modern and technology-led in nature and is ready for a fantastic experience like never before. The elevator which brings you to the Museum is an experience of its own as it turns into a space station and visitors have to play a role in saving the future world.

Inclusions of Museum of the Future

As the name indicates, the Museum of the future is all about our future and the generations to come and to experience life on earth. Visitors can view a prototype of future technologies like weight loss pills and mind-reading technology. The visitors can also see the Tomorrow and Today Exhibition, in which the most crucial challenges faced by our planet are shown in an informative manner.

Experiences at the Museum of the Future

The Museum of the future has endless immersive experiences for you. It also shows the realistic recreation of the amazon rainforest and has several animal and plant species. It also gives its visitors knowledge about Moon’s renewable energy and how we can utilize it for our use and make our planet sustainable. Museum has a specific area for children in which there are games that a child can play, encouraging them to solve problems and advance critical thinking. It is a museum and an educational and reformative platform; there is always more to learn once you visit this place.

The Museum of the future is open every day from 10 am to 6 pm; however, timing and ticket prices are subject to change.

Ski Dubai – Step into a winter wonderland!

Ski Dubai inside the Mall of the Emirates is an experience that deserves a special place. A place where magic is woven, be it the sweltering heat out in the city or the relentless sun of June, you can always go and play with snowflakes and play amidst the snowy chaos that ensues inside Ski Dubai. Who needs to dream of the cold chilling mountains of Alaska when you can go skiing in Dubai? You can do everything that springs out of your imagination while living inside a man-made city. That is a quality only Dubai has to offer. Ski Dubai has become the eventual first and last stop for entertainment. This should be on your places to visit in Dubai list. Let us all quietly slip into a winter wonderland and play among the snow, penguins, and other magical wonders.

The following are the main attractions that visitors can find at Ski Dubai:

Snow park

It is often believed that only children of a certain age like playing in the parks, but it is not entirely true. Contrary to popular belief, there is no age for wanting to have a little fun in the park, especially if the place is glowing and gleaming with snow. We present to you an excellent snow park adventure. Let’s hop on the many cutesy rides and feel the adrenaline rush through your veins. You can also watch the penguin show, which is presented through it might require you to be punctual and if you are on time, well, get ready to enjoy all that the King and Gentoo penguins will have to offer, be it tricks or treats, you are in for a ride.

Exciting Rides at Ski Dubai

Don’t forget to hold on tightly to something as you slide down the snow on a twin-track bobsled, or don’t forget to breathe deep when you mount on a chairlift that will take you on a ride to see the snow park from a unique standpoint. Don’t miss the Zorb Ball, one of the most popular attractions in Ski Dubai. Once you enter and roll down like a languid fluff panda, it is a gigantic round ball that will make you scream out of utter thrill, bewilderment, and pure raw fun. It is just one of the many mind-blowing and enthralling activities available on the menu for you to explore and choose from, don’t worry. We got you covered, friends, family, or just you. There is so much to do.

Snow penguins at Ski Dubai

Snow and penguins are next to nothing regarding aesthetical appeal and good light-hearted fun. While these extraordinarily brilliant and mesmerizing creatures usually tend to live in much colder climates, making it almost impossible to get one short glimpse of them, with the wonder that is Ski Dubai, you can do more than steal a slight glance. Still, you can spend time playing and having fun with these magical animals. You will be surprised to encounter the most agreeable and tender-hearted, well-mannered penguins in this vicinity. King and Gentoo are the two notable and note-worthy species living at Ski Dubai.

King penguins happen to be the second-largest penguins after the mighty emperor penguins. They have a peculiar blackhead, small chin, and throat, with tear-shaped patches on each side of their head. These patches are lined with hues of fresh orange. Gentoo penguins are the third largest penguins in the world. They tend to have a white “cap” that stretches from their eye to the top of their heads.

Likely, you might not be able to let go of the penguins so quickly and so early, which, to be fair, is completely and entirely understandable and most welcomed as well because it is quite another sort of fun when you get to know these majestic animals and to be able to learn some intricate facts about them, especially for an animal lover, it might be an overwhelming experience. Who would in his right mind pass up on such an opportunity? No one for sure.

Ski Slope at ski Dubai

Slopes in Ski Dubai are meant for the folks who want to have some ‘serious fun in the snow. Ski Dubai slope is devoted to skiers or snowboarders who want to hone their skills in a beautiful setting. However, you would have to be at intermediate level 2 to be able to try this exciting activity. Those who may not find themselves well-equipped with the right skills to enjoy slope activities can still have a fun experience with the help of a Discovery Lesson.

Ski school

Now here comes the fun. While Slop activities require a certain level of professionalism, no one needs to miss the joy of ski-boarding because there is always a place and time for you to learn to ski and do incredible things. Ski school is such a place where you can learn the exciting skill of snowboarding. The great news is it doesn’t have an age limit, you can be a kid or an older adult, and there is no stopping. Given a short period and a bit of effort on your behalf, you will be able to master the art of ski-boarding before you know it at the hands of the world’s top ski professionals.

Wild Wadi Waterpark – Time To Have Some Wild Fun

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When it comes to water theme parks, nothing beats the majestic experience of Wild Wadi Waterpark. The park happens to stand at an eccentric location in Jumeirah, surrounded by the views of the Burj Al Arab and the Jumeirah Beach Hotel. Like most water parks, this one is also based on a fictional fantasy character called JUHA, the most popular character in Arabian folklore. The park offers a diversity of pulsating rides, slides, and activities for people of all ages and makes sure to blow your mind.

Rides at Wild Wadi

While all age groups are welcome here, Juha’s Dhow and Lagoon is ideal for the kids as it provides a massive playground with numerous slides. The fearless ones can have their plates full of countless ventures, and the ones who don’t throw up so easily can go for rides like Flood River Flyer or Jumeirah Sceirah. You get to try some of the world’s scariest rides here. It might frighten the faint-hearted souls among you, but the truth is, it is precisely what adrenaline junkies want and look for in a spot like that.

The most popular rides are Tantrum Alley, Burj Surj, Wipeout, and Riptide Flow riders. Those not high on thrill and adventure can drift and glide like a dolphin on the river waters or relax in a cabana. To experience one serene fulfilling laid-back kind of day, you can enjoy the high bouncing waves of Flood River and the long, lazy river that encompasses Juha’s Journey. Well, now is the perfect moment to put your courage to the test. Are you ready to fly through a free fall from a height that might just put mount Everest to shame? If you are, get ready to be soaked through your outfit and have the wildest adventure at Wild Wadi. Make sure it is one of your places excursions to visit in the Dubai plan.

Bollywood Parks Dubai

Bollywood Park Dubai is the first theme park in the world solely dedicated to Bollywood, a well-established and continually thriving Indian film industry in Mumbai. Whether it is the cricket enthusiast in you who wants to hop on the cricket-themed simulator dedicated to the Bollywood movie ‘Lagaan’ or the infamous hidden retaliating figure in your who would rather fight with Gabbar Singh, the most notorious villain in the evergreen movie ‘Sholay,’ this place has it all. The entertainment here knows no bounds or limits at Bollywood Parks. There are many things to do and venture through, and you only need plenty of time to go through all the activities.

Shows & Entertainment

In this place, you will get flavors loaded with the spics of India and Bollywood — action, adventure, romance, comedy, music, and dance. The park makes a show of recreating the spectacular feels, superheroes, supervillains, and singular iconic characters in Bollywood. This theme park is a massive part of Dubai Parks and Resorts.

Zones of Bollywood Parks Dubai

Bollywood Boulevard

This zone will make you feel a deep sentimental vibe by showcasing the golden era of Bollywood, which surrounds the time the 60s, 70s, and 80s. The most action-packed attraction is ‘Crossroads,’ where passionate live performances are laced with thumping Bollywood music.

Mumbai Chowk

As any movie maniac would know that Bollywood blossomed in the city of Mumbai, so if you are a film enthusiast, especially someone who originates from India, you can genuinely remember the spirit of Mumbai here. The fans of Sharukh Khan, the biggest megastar who starred in ‘Don,’ will love the 3D ride inspired by its hero.

Rustic Ravine

here, you will witness the renaissance of India’s countryside as presented in iconic Bollywood movies like ‘Sholay,’ ‘Dabangg,’ and ‘Lagaan.’ On the motion simulator ride, you can play the cricket match in ‘Lagaan.’

Royal Plaza

This is the place for all music and dance enthusiasts. Here, you can watch live performances by artists performing evergreen Bollywood songs.

Bollywood Film Studios

For parents, this is the place to introduce your kids to some culture, as the most popular kids’ activity awaits.

Motion-gate – Hollywood in all its glory

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This is your ticket to heaven for anyone who is a big fan of super-action-packed science fiction and romantic period dramas. All your favorite Hollywood characters come to life here in this very spot. The attractions and rides at Motion-gate are inspired by Big names in Hollywood, like Columbia Pictures, DreamWorks Animation, and Lionsgate. The numerous rides will keep you on the edge of your seat and deliver a first-class cinematic experience.

Park Zones

The attractions are characterized by four precincts— Columbia Pictures, Smurfs Village, Dreamworks, and Lionsgate. Let’s step into the most ground-breaking and artistic world of immersive storytelling. There are countless ways to have amusing fun, counting kids’ rides, family rides, motion simulators, roller coaster rides, and water rides.

Every time your children demand you to take them to an entertaining spot, all you have to do is head straight toward the Motion gate without a single thought. You can try the rollercoaster ride on Smurfs Village Express or put your courage to the test at the most dangerous and spooky Hotel Transylvania. Those not fans of the scary rides can opt to go to Kung Fu Panda to learn Kung Fu in a collaborative live show.

Studio Central

is dedicated to providing an understanding of the art of filmmaking, and here you will see the actual sets of New York City. It is a behind-the-scenes experience that aids you in learning about filmmaking, theatrical opening shows, and a movie studio’s work. This should be a solid option for your places to visit in Dubai.

Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary – Let’s dive into the wonder of nature.

Bustling crowds can get overwhelming at times to handle, and everyone needs a vacation every once in a while. It is possible in Dubai to explore nature away from the hustle and bustle of the city and find some lovely birds at the wetlands of Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary. It is one of the fewest places in Dubai where you can encounter flora and fauna of numerous kinds.

‘Ras Al Khor’ is translated as the ‘Cape of the Creek’ and offers an escape from routine life. The saltwater creek streams through Old Dubai and ends at Ras Al Khor. Abundant mangroves, salt, and mudflats furrow the creek. It is an idyllic place for wildlife enthusiasts and birdwatchers.

Birdwatchers can see the bird hides, where they can catch a glimpse of the dazzling and exclusive migratory birds. There are primarily three bird hides here— Mangrove Hide, Flamingo Hide, and Lagoon Hide. Winter is the best time to visit the preserve since migratory birds from West Asia and Africa travel massive distances to reach here.

  • The entry is entirely free.
  • Timing: Winter (Oct-March)- 7.30 am- 5.30 pm, Summer (April-Sept)- 6 am-6 pm
  • How to get to Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary: No metro stations are nearby. It is better to go by taxi.

Dubai Frame – Treading on ambitious grounds:

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For years, the skyscrapers have unquestionably given the sky of Dubai an astounding skylining, but as of now, a tall frame has turned the city into a picture-perfect spot. It ties the modest part of the city to its striving future and allows you to hint at its exciting historical journey. This magnificent structure atop the city’s heart springs out to give bird’s-eye skyline views. The frame comprises two towers with an average height of 150 meters linked with a bridge.

Location & Experience

The frame is situated in Zabeel Park, as this spot was selected to deliver glimpses of both old and new Dubai. If you choose to climb up the Skydeck, you can walk through a glass bridge, which might make you unsafe. The city will be right beneath your feet as you enjoy a lazy stroll through a transparent panel. It might feel as if you are floating in thin air or drifting without footing but be assured your fears are baseless as the glass is entirely crack-proof. Try to plan your visit early in the morning to observe its magnificence at its best. The scenic setting and the structure immersed in dazzling golden hues of sunlight can offer plenty of chances for a photoshoot.

Old Dubai Gallery

The first of the many things you will do here is to go to the mezzanine floor, where you will see a multimedia exhibition depicting Dubai’s past. It shows how a vacant barren land curved into a renowned tourist destination.

The next stop will be for the visitors to check out the iridescent cityscape of new Dubai at the Skydeck level. It’s a wild experience to look down at the old and new Dubai from great heights.

Future Dubai Gallery

After witnessing the complimentary views of the present Dubai, you will return to the Mezzanine floor. Upon leaving the elevator, you must pass through a tunnel with unique audio and visual effects. It allows you to see what Dubai will look like after 50 years from now.

  • Dubai Frame is open all year round, including weekends and public holidays.
  • Opening hours: 9 am – 9 pm.
  • Dubai Frame ticket prices are subject to change.
  • Timing may change on holidays and Ramadan.
  • Al Jafiliya is the nearby metro station.

Global Village – An amalgamation of cultures, cuisines, and traditions:

We have all spent a lot of time daydreaming about traveling all over the world someday, but while for a few rare and fortunate ones, it is possible to do so, most of us keep on dreaming until there is nothing else left to do. But what if there was a way to take a bite of every culture, every taste humanity has to offer you? What if you could see it all without going bankrupt and penniless? This alternate multiverse is made possible only in Global Village Dubai.

Variety of Options

It is the ultimate destination for experiencing different cultures, foods, traditions, shopping, and wondrous attractions. With 20 pavilions at Global Village at your service day and night, you can see and live through so many cultures in just one day. Global Village represents cultures and is a place driven by different themes. However, if you look closely, you might feel like you are in a grand bazaar, only it is ten times bigger and just as diversified and versatile as a typical ordinary market. Though it is normal not to go to the global village solely because of a shopping spree, you can go window shopping and enjoy the pleasant atmosphere. This attraction comes to life only in winter and is also an important festival in the city. It is loved by everyone and should be on top of your list of places to visit in Dubai.

Unique Pavilions

Every single pavilion at Global Village is intended to resemble the iconic structures that signify one specific country. Imagine taking photos of yourself and your family against the backdrop of the leaning tower of Pisa or the glimmering white domes of the great Taj Mahal. Apart from eye-opening views, several entertainment like concerts, fire shows, and dances. The cherry on top is numerous rides and games to keep you smiling throughout the day. Global village timings: Saturday to Wednesday, 4 pm – 12 am (entry gates close at 11:30 pm)

· Thursday, Friday, and Public Holidays 4 pm – 1 am (entry gates close at midnight)

  • Monday is dedicated to families with kids and ladies only.
  • How to go to Global Village: There are four direct buses to the global village. Bus no. (102) starts from Rashidiya Metro Station.

· Bus no. (103) starts from Ittihad Station.

· Bus no. (104) starts from Al Ghubaiba Station.

· Bus no. (106) starts from the Mall of the Emirates Metro Station.

· Ticket price: AED 15 per person, children under three can enter free.

Palm Jumeirah- An architectural marvel

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The city of Dubai has a substantial man-made archipelago in the shape of a larger-than-life date palm. It is one of the prime artificial islands in the world and a top center of attraction in Dubai. Palm Jumeirah is home to numerous posh resorts, restaurants, holiday homes, and villas. Atlantis The Palm is a renowned resort on the Island that has become the massively popular icon of Dubai.

Palm Jumeirah Monorail Design

Palm Jumeirah design comprises a 2 km long trunk, 17 fonds, and a crescent. To truly appreciate this architectural marvel, you can try skydiving or take a helicopter tour to grasp the full view of Palm Jumeirah with its meticulous majesty. The Island has been made effortlessly reachable with well-developed roads, tunnels, and public transport. Palm Jumeirah lies on the aquamarine ocean’s shore, thus providing private beach access to most residents. The place is peaceful and serene as it is far off from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Palm Jumeirah Monorail

Palm Jumeirah Monorail is the most exhilarating way to reach Palm. It provides some grand sights of the Palm which you would miss otherwise if going in a car. But it is reasonably more expensive than other modes of transport.

Fun activities

Many water activities near the Island include yacht trips, banana boat rides, and kayaking. If you wander through the Palm Jumeirah boardwalk, you can try the diverse cuisines at the food kiosks. Your visit to Dubai will be incomplete without seeing this marvel. Make sure to add it to your plan. It indeed is one of the very up Places to visit in Dubai.

How to reach Palm Jumeirah: Take a taxi to reach the Palm Gateway Monorail Station

  • A one-way ticket to Palm Jumeirah Monorail will cost AED 20, and the return ticket cost is AED 30.
  • The monorail services are available from 9 am to 10 pm every day.

Museum of Illusions – The monumental world of deceptions and trickeries

The Museum of Illusions at Al Seef is part of the global chain of museums and takes after the one in Croatia. With around 80 exhibits, Dubai has the largest Museum of Illusions in the world. The Museum’s significant attractions include Master Illusions, Grand Illusions, and Optical Illusions.

Multiple rooms are dedicated inside the Museum that will take your breath away in utter disbelief. Try sitting on the illusionary chair and taking a selfie to shock your friends. In the anti-gravity room, you will be amazed to tell the difference between reality and fiction.

The surprises are boundless, and are you ready to see the world upside down while the surface underneath your feet moves and wavers? Every discovery here will make you interrogate your logic and baffle your mind. So, prepare for wicked shenanigans at the Museum of Illusions Dubai.

· Opening time: 10 am- 10 pm (Daily)

· Prices and time are subject to change.

Burj Al Arab

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When you think of Dubai or run a random browsing search about the city, the first image that pops up is the iconic Burj al-Arab. It is a one-of-a-kind luxury hotel with a 7-star rating, making it the only 7-star hotel in the world. It is the most shining star of the city, standing tall at 312m, which can be seen from far off.

Grand Details: The Burj al-Arab sets a prestigious example of Arab hospitality with its grandeur and royalty. Once inside, you feel nothing less than a royal because of the grand aura of the place. It has 200 suites and six award-winning restaurants and bars on different levels of the hotel, with elite food and drink options. Each suite has a butler available always at your service, making the whole experience personal and customized. The hotel has a private beach and pool area for its guests.

If you are not looking to stay at this hotel, you can always include it in your Places to visit in Dubai list, and you can take photos around and outside to make your trip to Dubai memorable and unique. You can also make a reservation in any restaurant or book a cabana for your pool day to enjoy a day out at the grand Burj al Arab hotel.

Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina speaks luxury and skyscrapers all around the pristine canals. The most famous landmark of the Dubai Marina would be Pier 7, Dubai Marina Mall, and Jumeriah beach residences, posh waterfront apartments.

There are a variety of activities you can do once you are in the Marina; there are many fine dining restaurant options, food trucks, and much more. You can also enjoy the free beach and offer spellbound views of Ain Dubai.

Water Sports

You can also enjoy water sports at the Dubai Marina beach, like jet-ski, banana boat, donut ride, etc. Water sports are a massive attraction at Marina beach, attracting many tourists and locals, especially in summer. Parasailing is one of the sought-after water sports among visitors. If you are not fond of water sports, you can relax in loungers or sunbathe at the beach. Many people bring their picnic to the beach and enjoy the sunset there, and it is an enjoyable experience to unwind after a hectic day and spend your evening.

Dhow Cruise

Dubai Marina is known for its significant beauty and charming canals. In the amiable Marina Canal, you can book an unforgettable experience on the Dhow Dinner Cruise. This pleasant experience offers a delicious buffet dinner and scenic views of the city and blue water islands, a new establishment for tourists.

The Marina Dhow Cruise Dinner is one of the most admired tours; residents and locals like it because of its scenic night views and fantastic weather. You are advised to book your Dhow Marina dinner cruise a day or two before enjoying a hassle-free experience and avoid the last moment plans. Your Dubai tour is incomplete without a Dhow Marina dinner cruise, so it should be your place to visit Dubai.

JBR, the walk, is also a very known spot. It stretches up to 1.7 km offering several cafes, bars, cinemas, and restaurants. You can enjoy your evening walk there as it offers splendid views.

Blue Water Islands

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Bluewater island is the latest addition to Dubai’s man-made Island world; most giant Ferris wheel also stands at 210m in the middle of this new Island. The Island has a residential complex, markets, and many eateries.

Bluewater island is just 300 meters from the JBR (Jumeriah beach residences). It is connected to the JBR shore by bridges. It has luxury residential options, townhouses, and upscale dining options.


Ain Dubai is the biggest attraction for visitors on blue water island. It has opened for visitors. You can buy your tickets and enjoy the panoramic views of the city. Apart from Ain Dubai, Madame Tussauds Dubai has also opened on the blue water island. It is one of its kind in the GCC and houses wax figures of over sixty celebrities from different entertainment fields. It is a great new attraction for everyone visiting blue water island.

Many renowned hotels are also set to open at Bluewater islands, like Vegas branded hotel Caesars would be opening in Dubai. Apart from hotels and resorts, many luxury residential units are listed on Airbnb for tourists and visitors looking for a fun staycation.

Future Plans

The Bluewater islands are set to have The Wharf, a lifestyle area with 130 retail stores and dining options. Safe to say, it is an island full of entertainment, fun activities, and mesmerizing views. You can access blue water Island by using the Metro or walking on the pedestrian bridge from the JBR. It is free for everyone; however, if you require an entry ticket for an activity, you can plan and book tickets accordingly. Make sure to visit this new man-made Island and add it to your Places to visit in Dubai.

Atlantis The Palm – Experience the Giant romantic vibe:

Those who have yet to visit the Atlantis often ask this question; what makes the Atlantis the Palm the top choice of celebrities and wealthy folks? But those who have been there once wouldn’t need to justify the hype around this magical place as it can speak volumes for itself. The graphic splendor of the resort itself attracts all eyes at first sight. Atlantis The Palm is a resort with chic restaurants, the finest accommodation, and many entertainment options.

As the name designates, the resort was inspired by the romantic city shown in the recent movie Aquaman in Hollywood. There are many things to discover at this spectacular resort, and once you step inside, you will be astonished at the precision of this landmark.

Unfortunately, you need to book a room or restaurant reservation to enter. It is possible to enter the avenues leading to the Aqua-venture Waterpark and Lost Chambers Aquarium.

Dolphin Bay

As the name implies, this is a cute little world for the dolphins. Those who want to spend time with these lively creatures can enter. The kids can do so much, like swimming alongside them or playing with them, and even going for a swift ride with these good-natured beings: You can swim, dance, snorkel, and capture these beautiful moments with your camera.

Lost Chambers Aquarium

The nautical-themed resort has everything you can imagine associated with the sea. With 65000 marine aquatic animals in its waters, it is an actual ocean replica. You get to swim along with the sharks and ask questions about them. You can opt for a behind-the-scenes tour, snorkeling, diving, or quatre session.

Aquaventure Waterpark

Aquaventure is one of Dubai’s most beloved water theme parks. With 30 pulsating rides and attractions, imagine the fun you can have with your loved ones.

· Access to theme parks is free for the guests staying at the hotel.

· There is no charge for entering the common areas of Atlantis.

Dubai Museum – A glimpse of the past

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Dubai Museum is the most admired landmark in the city that honors the humble beginnings of Dubai. Here you can inspect Old Dubai’s riches at the Al Fahidi Fort museum. Fahidi Fort is the oldest standing structure in the city.

The fort was constructed in 1787 and worked as an arsenal of the Arabian empire. Far along the road, Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum repaired and refurbished the fort. In 1971, it was converted into Dubai Museum, the same year the UAE came into being. Another underground museum was built in 1995, becoming part of the old fort.

The visitors tread through the past of Dubai and understand to distinguish between its urban and rural life. The Museum is separated into sections that provide comprehension regarding the monuments, weapons, manufacturing shipping equipment, and pearl diving profession. With the help of the exhibits reflecting the market atmosphere, vendors, shops, and goods of the past, you can travel back in time to see the glory of the old city.

· Open from Saturday to Thursday, from 8:30 am until 8.30 pm, and Fridays, from 2.30 pm to 8.30 pm.

· The ticket price is AED 3 for adults and AED 1 for children (under the age of 6)

· You can reach the location through the Ghubaiba or Fahidi Metro Stations.

Etihad Museum- An attempt to Touch modern history:

It is a spectacular novel building that stands at Jumeirah and delivers a massive contemporary experience to visitors. The photos, interactive maps, and movies provided in the gallery give insights into the country’s development, especially between the period of 1968 to 1974.

At Etihad Museum, you can trace the UAE’s history even before the treaty integrated the seven emirates into one. The building is discrete, with its winding white roof inspired by the silhouette of the constitution. It also has seven columns, which signify the pens used to sign the document, and the manuscript representing the Unification Agreement adorns the artwork in the Museum.

The walls are carved with famous quotes from the founding fathers. It is a graphic indulgence and an aide-memoire of the importance of that historic event. The Museum also displays a gorgeous portrait made by a talented Emirati artist Abdul Qader Al Rais.

· Museum opening hours: 10 am- 8 pm (daily)

· Guided tours: 12 pm and 5 pm (daily)

· Ticket prices and timings are subject to change.

La Mer Dubai – The ultimate beachfront destination:

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Eclectic beachfront destinations are not novel t Dubai, but La Mer by Meraas has become a top priority for people and visitors when they want a calm, relaxing, laid-back weekend. There are numerous spots for photography lovers, and the pictures in the setting of La Mer are as dreamy as possible.

This place is eye candy for art lovers who can observe that every feature is designed in a minimalistic shape with a dash of modern art. The scenic background, deep blue sea, and palm trees form an idyllic holiday spot. You can effortlessly devote an entire day to La Mer as it contains some of the best entertainment spots, retail outlets, and restaurants. La Mer beach Dubai is especially apt for adrenaline junkies who enjoy water sports. You can try donut riding, flyboarding, surfing, water biking, and standup paddle boarding. La Mer also hosts many events that make the place even more appealing at night. As you sunbathe alongside a beech, your kids can play at the water theme park or a giant inflatable playground.

Laguna Waterpark

Laguna Waterpark is the newest addition to La Mer. The thumping slides, the Lazy River, the infinity pool, and play areas for kids are all you need to party.

Sea Breeze

If spending some me-time on the coast is your cup of tea, Sea Breeze is your go-to spot. From jet skiing to kayaking, sunbeds, and day rooms, it is the ultimate heaven for those who want to wind down in a serene space. Visitors can rent a sunbed at AED 60 or a sunbed bundle at AED 100.

  • There is no entry fee at La Mer Dubai.
  • Opening hours: 10 am- 12 midnight
  • RTA buses 9 and 88 go to La Mer
  • Changing rooms, washrooms, and prayer rooms are available.

City Walk – A blend of urban culture and artistic imagination

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It is a busy but artistic place in Dubai where you can live, feast, shop, and have fun. City Walk has everything you are looking for, and the choices are too many, so you will need ample time to go through them.

The outdoor shopping complex has footways furrowed with several teashops. Whether it is worldwide fashion accessories, gifts, or homeware, you can have it all as you roam through the City Walk. Being set against the background of the striking Downtown Dubai, you can catch glimpses of Burj Khalifa, a wonder.

City Walk Layout

City Walk has top-notch trade outlets, restaurants, hotels, residential properties, and health centers. It is a lovely area that will give you a European vibe. The walls are decorated with portraits made by world-renowned artists. Green Planet is another delightful attraction for kids where they can get close to nature. Cinema enthusiasts can watch their favorite movies at Roxy cinemas. Coca-Cola arena is an additional high spot that hosts intercontinental events and entertainment shows in a gigantic enclosed great hall. City Walk Dubai location is near Al Wasl and Al Safa road junction.

Though it is virtually impossible to take all the places to visit in Dubai on one final list, the city keeps evolving and morphing into one wonder after the other. It is, however, entirely in your reach to experience at least some of these brilliant architectural and cultural wonders.