Places to Visit in Dubai


It looked the same from several angles that fifty years ago in Dubai; it looked like a flurry of rolling desert aircraft broken only by a couple of low houses. Five decades later, though, Dubai is a city with neighborhoods that are old and young, a melting pot of history, which has turned Dubai into one of the city’s most photogenic sites. It has recently been ranked third largest in the world in Instagrammable.

This high-rise city, shopping centers, is now a desert outpost for visitors to explore for enterprise, sunlight, and fun with the family. Dubai is well-known for its locations like the Burj Khalifa and malls that have large aquariums and indoor ski runs. But this city has many cultural attractions, things to do and glamorous urban complements to it. Take a stroll through the Al Fahidí district and you will explore the old Dubai, then you will cruise in the traditional dhow along Dubai Creek, and then you will know that the city is more than its flashy veneer.

About Dubai

In the absence of casinos, Dubai is also called Las Vegas and surely the city wants to do stuff on a large scale. Many of these are typical hotels of super-sized dimensions, buffets, malls, fun parks, aquarium buildings, designer and luxury yachts. Wait to crane your neck to the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa, before scoring dizzying Instagram likes a photograph of five million blooms in the form of an Airbus A380 plane shot in the front of the world’s largest floral system from the Dubai Miracle Garden.

Dubai has the highest building on Earth, dance fountains, mammoth fun parks, heritage museums, state-of-the-art galleries, traditional souks, and a ground-breaking exhibition for those you might have seen in Las Vegas. You will pull Dubai away and sit on your toes with record-breaking attractions and blowing feelings. During your visit to this town, walk around the world’s largest indoor theme park, among the millions of flowers in the Dubai Miracle Garden one minute. The edges of history and future have been combined between leaping 3,962 meters from a plane over Palm Jumeirah. You can see Dubai from there, like from the 154th story of the highest building on the planet.

Dubai Tours and Visits

Enjoy the best of Dubai with an experienced guide for a half-day of sightseeing in Dubai. Take Dubai’s top attractions as you absorb the cosmopolitan environment by a luxurious coach or a minivan. Burj Al-Arab is a sailing hotel on his artificial Island. You should come and discover the dazzling gold sow with a visit to the Spice Souk and have free time.

In Dubai, there is a fragile balance between old to modern, which leads to a smorgasbord. You will spend the morning on Jumeirah Public Beach and can shred snow at Ski Dubai in the afternoons. Or, before you exercise your credit card in the contemporary Dubai Mall, you can begin your day at the traditional Gold and Spice Souks. The first thing, however: get to know the town. Go straight up to the Burj Khalifa palace, where you can find amazing views of the Gulf of Persia.

Dubai Culture

One of the most amazing spots in the world is Dubai. If you take a quick outdoor walk, you will see a world that looks like a path with abundant designer accessories and fashionwear. Many tourists to Dubai choose to purchase fast-fashion threads for themselves or buy a hand-made adornment for your arm. The national dress of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, etc is characteristic of Dubai and UAE. The UAE’s traditional costume is intended to uphold religious beliefs at high temperatures. Because of its rich history, the Emirate of Dubai is a hot tourist destination. The mix of the traditional and modern is an intriguing one. The glances of an earlier age often look at the soaring skyscrapers. If you know where to look, you can discover Dubai culture for free.

Things to do In Dubai

The city of Dubai is never ceasing to expand and is growing exponentially by constructing the largest towers and exploring interesting attractions. You will be led a tour around the best areas in Dubai to visit if you continue to read this list of tourist spots that I am preparing. It is a holiday trip brought to another stage in which the biggest parks and markets in the world exist; an exciting environment full of cultural events; an indoor underwater world and many more. So, start reading and bookmark the places you want to see on your Dubai trip.

We have protected you if you are hunting for the Best places to visit in Dubai. Dubai has so many to do and has so many wonderful locations, from amazing beaches to superb rooftop bars, large nightclubs of the world to desert escapes. We have collected the places to visit in Dubai for free and the best spots to visit in Dubai right here to ensure you won’t miss one person.

Places to Visit in Dubai

For family holidays and grand outdoor tours, Dubai is an excellent option. It’s a world-class city that offers wonderful hospitality, incredible experiences, and a shopping experience. There are many fun places to visit with family in Dubai that provide a beautiful mix of tradition and modernity. From natural to manmade, in this city, there are wonders that no families can ever miss on holiday and we offer you the best 17 places to visit with our family in Dubai to help you find those wonders. Make sure you come with your family to all of these places to live with your loved ones on a Dubai city tour some of the best days of your life.

We are pleased to offer you the best outdoor activities in Dubai, watersports, theatre, women’s nights, brunches, happy hours, award-winner restaurants, family-friendly fun, spa days, and many more attractions in Dubai. The time has come to visit the Dubai list and start ticking all the fantastic stuff to do in Dubai.

Burj Khalifa Dubai

Khalifa has stipulated Khalīfah as the tallest building in the world, which is a mixed-use skyscraper in Dubai, U.A.E., following all 3 key requirements under which these buildings are assessed. The President of the neighboring Abu emirate Sheik Khalifah was formally named Burj Khalifa, recognized as Burj Dubai during construction. It is one of the best places to visit in Dubai at night. Even if on January 4, 2010, the tower was officially opened, the whole interior was not finished. The Tower, whose planned height was kept near secret during its building, was designed to house several industrial, residential, and hospitality projects.


At 162 floors and 2,717 feet after its construction, it achieved its completion. It has been designed by Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, a Chicago-based architecture company. As architect Adrian Smith served, and as structural engineer William F. Baker served. The structure, compact in design, is structured on a 3-lobed footprint and an abstract representation of the local flower of Hymenocallis. In reducing wind turbines, the Y-shaped plan plays a central function. A series of wings, each with its concrete center and perimeter columns underpin a hexagonal central core.

The spiral was installed inside the tower and hanged up with the hydraulic pump in its final position. At the base level, the tower is covered by a concrete mat, which is almost 13 feet high, and 5 feet in diameter is supported by concrete batteries. A three-story podium anchors the tower, with a podium of about 2,000,000 square feet and a two-story basement of their own. The exterior of the tower consists of aluminum and steel plates, vertical tubular fine tubes of stainless steel, and over 28,000 hand-cut glass panels.

Inauguration Time

Burj Khalifa quickly overcame Taipei’s 101 known as Taipei Financial Centre, which was the world’s tallest building at its opening in January 2010. At the same time, Burj Khalifa broke several other records, including the largest standing tower, the world’s top floor, and the highest outside observation deck in the world.

Theatre of Digital Art

Dubai art displays at Theater of Digital Art, using state-of-the-art technology and spectacular visual and audio effects to display traditional works of art and modern artworks. In Dubai’s Souk, Madinat Jumeirah opened its theatre in October 2020. The ToDA has been in operation since 2014, with the assistance of the Vision Multimedia Projects GmbH, a European digital development firm. In 11 major cities around the world, cinematic centers have conceived and created several immersive art shows. All over the world, it is recognized as one of the best places to visit in Dubai with Family.

About Theatre of Art

In Moscow and St. Petersburg, the Multimedia Arts Theatre opened in 2014 in two branches. They started their journey through art exhibits in multimedia, with works by celebrated artists such as Van Gogh, Renoir, and Monet. This groundbreaking idea of art exhibits was further extended in two years from 2016 to 2018 with its exhibitions in Berlin. Two exhibitions were presented by the ToDA in 2019. In 2019. These two shows featured “Revolutionary Art From Monet to Kandinsky” and “Renaissance in Italy: Leonardo, Michelangelo, Rafael,” respectively. In Saudi Arabia, Germany, and Thailand, these shows were originally shown.

Facilities At Theatre of Digital Art

Dubai’s Theater of Digital Art is 1000 m2 in size. The walls and floors of the building are covered by huge HD windows, offering a 3D view of the exhibits by the observer. The interactive room of ToDA in the capital, Dubai, offers children an exclusive immersive art experience. Space has been built to introduce children of all ages to the sphere of fantasy and painting. They will investigate modern science ideas introduced by the visual art media or scan for simulated hidden passages.

The interactive VR room in ToDA allows art lovers to watch and view an artwork not just from afar, but also more personal. This future-oriented model encourages people to tour practically the art studios that produced the masterpieces decades ago. Virtually four renowned musicians, including Munch, Goncharova, Shishkin, and Malevich, are invited to visit their studios. In a VR room, you should even try creating timeless arts on virtual screens. The room has a facility.

Palm West Beach

Palm West is the latest leisure destination on the beach in Dubai, set in a beautiful man-made wonder in the world. The ideally positioned beach provides stunning views of the skyline, miles of the azure sea, sandy stretches of 300 palm trees with sunsets, and of course, a breathtaking sunset for the residents of apartments in Palm Jumeirah. West Beach Palm Jumeirah is the biggest man-made island in the world. Besides nature, tourists of all ages will encounter much more and relax on the beach. West Beach at Palm Jumeirah offers a range of water sports and events such as cycling.

Things to do at Palm West Beach

Firstly, the bikes on the beach can be rented. Motorcycles for adults and children are available so you can even make a family day. If you want something to do at Palm West Beach Dubai, get yourself a couple of roller skates and roll up and down to your heart’s content. For a good morning or evening training, jog or stroll around the track. To keep you company, you should take your furry pets. Shopping at numerous beach shops for beach gear and wear. Atelier, Sweets and Lola, and Oasis Apparel are also shops on Palm West Beach. If you don’t have anything else you can still spend a lovely day lying down on the beach.

West Beach Grocer delivers the right menu for a great dinner, regardless of the time of the day you visit. This friendly restaurant and bar welcome you to a friendly beach evening, with its laidback Tiki vibes and Balinese cuisine. You can enjoy your favorite cocktail as you watch the sun come down with something tasty to mix. You can also go to Senor Pico for amazing nachos, burgers, guacamoles, and other delicious pieces on your menu. Aprons & Hammers is the place to be for tasty seafood and relaxed beach vibes. The restaurant provides great outdoor dining opportunities and bars. In addition to these restaurants, other restaurants in West Beach are scheduled to open shortly.

Shopping at Dubai Mall

The Dubai Mall is a world-renowned hub for shopping and entertainment that continues to amaze tourists. This mall has shifted trends in tourism operations in the city significantly after it opened its doors in 2008. There are some exciting encounters awaiting tourists in the mall from an eclectic array of international restaurants to big attractions such as Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo. Also for the most committed buyer, exploration of all the over 1200 outlets at the center can be exhausting. We have classified some of Dubai Mall’s most famous shops to make it easier to make your shopping therapy at this mall.

The shopping malls are more like cultural centers and relaxing areas in a city such as Dubai for gathering people, shopping, eating, having fun, and attending social events. This is one of the greatest reasons why every nook and corner of the emirate has a mall in Dubai. The town has approximately 65 centers and 10 more are built-in its parameters.

Fashion Outlets

The Dubai Mall is regarded as one of Dubai’s finest centers. Many visitors ask for help that where should we go in Dubai? It is the best option, as the Dubai Mall has some very famous fashion outlets from clothing for the smallest tots to the finest men’s suits, women’s mode, and a variety of accessories. After major upgrades in 2019, the Dubai Mall Fashion Avenue was a welcome addition to the mall. The department stores home to over 200 of the city’s most prestigious luxury brands. There are a variety of luxury services, including a VIP valet, personal shoppers, and more, in addition to the exclusive rooms. There are several other shops in the Dubai Mall as well as the Fashion Lane.

Brands at Dubai Mall

You can take yourself to the Adidas Originals at the Dubai Mall for the latest of chic streets and boots. Another urban brand that incorporates an eclectic range of Hip Hop and Pop music is one of a variety of multinational Dubai Mall companies. You should buy American Vintage for the best casual wear. Within both the UAE ex-pat culture and the local people, the US apparel brand has great support. HUGO BOSS, a renowned German fashion store in Dubai Mall offers everything from sportswear to fragrances. The popular British brand has a mall store. The shop specializes in ready-to-wear clothes, leather products, and more, apart from its characteristic trench coats.

This is one of many Dubai Mall shops worth visiting the next time when you need to upgrade your wardrobe. Particularly, when it comes to premium casual wear for women and men. Further information on Women’s Secret is available in lingerie, sleepwear, casual wear, and swimwear. The Spanish retailer is one of Dubai’s most famous mall stores on the first floor. Visit Zara for the most famous fashion. The Spanish clothing company is well known every few weeks for upgrading its line of chic toys to the delight of its consumers. The Urban Outfitters at The Dubai Mall has 10,000 sq. ft and sells the newest trends for men’s clothing, women’s clothing, accessories, and many more.

Al Shindaga Museum Dubai

In the classical Dubai Creek, the Al Shindagha Museum offers tourists the opportunity to learn about Dubai’s vibrant history. It was built to turn the river into the regional culture and center of tradition. The Shindagha Museum stories about the innovation, perseverance, and desire for improvement of people in Dubai today. You will explore the glorious history of Dubai Walk on the banks of Dubai Bay and meet in an architectural complex with the newly opened Sindaga Museum. Fang Fangzheng’s presence is new and chic, and friends who want to take pictures should come and see. This is recommended as one of the best places to visit in Dubai with Family.

About Museum

The Sindaga Museum is the UAE’s pride. The museum’s interior is very cutting-edge, but is located in a historic neighborhood and is very pleasant to enjoy on its own. There are two places now where the Parfum Museum and the Dubai Creek Museum open. The Dubai Creek Museum uses multimedia to see the building process of the Dubai Creek. Digital videos, touch screens, old photos, and cultural relics have been the key inventions in recent years. In the perfume museum, the value of the Dubai perfume is seen. Dubai has been a significant place for the manufacture of perfume since ancient times. The museum has the scent of essential oils and conventional products, and beautiful glass products include the personalized essential oil.


Al Shindagha Museum is located in the Dubai Historical District by Dubai Creek. The historic Al Shidagha site has three pavilions: government and education, creativity and well-being, maritime life, and the environment. It will educate you on the history of Chef Al Maktoum of Dubai and his family on how to make Dubai Bay a world-renowned fishing village. They also explore maritime society, the land culture, and the way the United Arab Emirates works. But the current museum of perfumes is more imaginative right next door. It speaks to you of the Arab people’s love for ancient spices. The lovely and expensive displays are worth mentioning for 2 hours.

Developments in the Museum

I haven’t expected to get such awesome new developments in multimedia. These new developments show Dubai a new path and impressed the richness of the findings immediately. There are also rich photographs of Dubai’s history in a film lobby today. The results of graphics and crowds are amazing and can be completely integrated. There are a variety of colorful immersive games and handcrafted souvenirs to bring around. In local traditional culture, perfumes and spices are also significant. The Al Shindagha Museum opened a separate display area for Arab perfumes. You can also smell them and learn about their essential position in UAE culture through scent products.

Hatta Kayak

Dubai regarding its tour history also has another side and Hatta offers a remarkable experience. It is an outstanding ride to the Dubai Mountains and the rich and cultural past. You can visit the weather in Hatta from typical Dubai weather. Many people who wait for permanent visas opt to cross the border and return with a tourist visa to Oman City. In the 1990s Dubai built a dam to secure the water supplies of this enclave.

The way to explore is quite extensive and also the dam is quite enormous. It can be entirely quiet and peaceful in places, where there are fewer people around you, and you can just place your oars and enjoy becoming one with nature. The sound of gentle waves is extremely relaxing and stimulating. We propose that you all at least once meet adventurous spirits and can’t forget that spirit.

How to Reach there?

On the UAE line, you just have to go to Hatta, to spend an outstanding day. For this trip, in the calm, silent mountain scenery of the water, you’ll just recharge your battery. Nice getaway from the sometimes hectic urban life and action in our sedentary lifestyle in other UAE cities. All will be advised that driving is for themselves an enjoyable trip. The road to Hatta is the best location in training for the Kayaking journey with its smooth transformation from the desert into magnificent mountains for the disengagement of the busy city life. The journey is about 1 and a half hours from Dubai, but when you reach the mountains you can enjoy stunning views. Upon arrival, the visitors are asked to park in the parking lot of the Hatta Dam at the base of the dam. You climb up the dam, but you just walk up the dam for about 5 minutes. On arrival, check-in signs and checked e-mail for details will be released at 07:30 a.m.

Hatta Kayaking

Considering the main reality, we don’t even have to take something at the Hatta Kayak life jacks, lockers, and so on. However, if you want to kayak and are worried about wet clothes, you might want to bring an extra couple with you. The road to Hatta Dam from Dubai took us about 1.5 hours and you would not lose time due to the loss, so it is very fast to get there. Be aware that some places are not lit by road lights and maybe you want to check the headlights before driving.

Kayaking starts at 8 a.m. and lasts 60 minutes before 9 a.m.,however, the yoga starts at 9 a.m. Thus, you have plenty of time to get some beautiful images and videos. It is also anticipated that participants will bring their yoga mat, sweatshirt, and drink following the government’s COVID-19 safety policies. However, Yoga Mats and blocks were sanitized, they dreamed of all of it in this covid time. A special space ship for carrying extra sacks or bags is also available. However, a small store where supplementary food for the kayak can be purchased.

Dubai Miracle Garden

The Miracle Garden is also known as Wonder Garden, was opened in February 2013 on Valentine’s Day, has been built as an oasis for the desert, and is still considered to be a city with magnificent skyscrapers and sparkling attractions. You will soon find that no other name could be so appropriate as “Miracle” for this botanical tour de force when you go to this mental-blown leisure place. You should learn about Dubai Miracle Garden before visiting here, which will enhance your experience.

The garden spread over an area of around 72,000 m2 and covered with a beautiful range of flowers. However, most of them are uncommon and first found in the Middle East, including petunias and geranium. Thus, the Miracle Garden is the world’s largest natural florist garden. This is a natural splendor located next to Arabian Ranches in Dubai, established and developed by Al-Ain-based Akar Landscaping and Agriculture Company.

Flowers At Miracle Garden

The gardens are a sight of a sore look amid the city hustles and bustles with over 45 million flowers. The flowers are cultivated and bloomed in a variety of colors, designs, and forms resembling triangles, hearts, squares, sculptures, and antique automobiles. However, an indefinite list of floral species has been used for the construction in the center of the desert town of around 120 species, including seasonal specialties. It is the most commonly used flora of Petunia, which can be enhanced by the hardest climatic conditions in Dubai. Plateaux, roses, calendulas, and tulips are also common flora.

It is thought that people with mental depressions and boredom will certainly feel refreshed and clinically confirmed after visiting here. Therefore the authorities spend massive amounts on creating beautiful gardens in all psychiatric health facilities. So that the surroundings and the inhabitants will be comfortable and can enjoy a friendly environment.

Attractions in Garden

An excellent 1-kilometer floral wall that has made the garden a listed contender for a Guinness record. The world record is due to the world’s lengthiest flower wall and is one of several attractions. The 4 km-long trail, also decorated with a vibrant variety of flower choices, is an excellent area of the garden. The extraordinary aspect of the Dubai Miracle Garden is to visit it again, and while you’re here, a new style, a new sculpture, and a new feeling will overtake you. It shifts to the previous edition, breaking the existing benchmark. Love Avenue and Butterfly Park are some of the highlights which receive a great show of appreciation.

If you love to take more images, make magic on your camera, and gain crazy on Instagram, just stop here. This is the perfect spot for you. Hundreds of pictures can be shot at various points of view, turns, effects, and views – and you don’t get over the hawk. Only licenses are granted for professional cameras and drones. The garden is perfect which will take a few hours or more for the full walk. You should walk and sit down or rent a cart for the ride. There are plenty of services, a prayer space, emergency departments, and other associated centers for the use of travelers.

Al Bastakiya Dubai

Al Bastakiya was designed primarily for the preservation of memories of an age that took us back to its formation. It was built by a British architect, namely Rayner Otter around the 1890s, in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. When it was decided to demolish the whole district, it pitched in and carried out a massive reconstruction process. Curiously enough, the city was made by refugees who had come to this great place from Bastak, part of earlier Persia, and helped to revive the district. It consists of almost 60 housing units, divided by slender and extended roads.

This rare landscape is surrounded by ancient attractions such as Dar Al Nadwa, the Majlis Gallery, the XVA Hotel, and the Make Art cafeteria which have to be visited because of their magnificent techniques. Al Fahidi’s historic neighborhood, other names for Al Bastakia are similarly prominent for traditional lifestyles and cultures, as well as buildings and their different architectural forms. Dubai’s commitment to upholding the traditional way of life was carried out by the residents of this city from the middle of the 19th century to the early 1970s.

Why Attractive by Visitors?

Al Bastakia is renowned for the fact that it has houses built up of traditional materials, valuable art & culture, and museums. However, tourism spots like the tea house Arabian Café, the coffee museum, the famous cultural understanding Center Shaikh Muhammad and more are also fascinating. Among these, the Shaikh Muhammad Center for Cultural Comprehension is an NGO that seeks to restore culture between the Dubai people and others. Many international travelers enjoy immersive activities and discover Dubai’s rich culture and heritage.

How to Reach There?

Al Bastakiya is just 8.2 kilometers from the International Airport in Dubai, with public transit of all sorts. But the fastest way to get to the destination is by subway. Al Fahidi is the closest metro station and walking distance from there. A taxi/cab can be rented from the cab service in the airport. You should inform the driver where it is and he can lead you right away. Owing to traffic conditions, the transition time can differ slightly. From November to March in a year, is the perfect time to visit Al Bastakiya. This is the moment when the cool breeze blows in and rejuvenates everything it affects. This is also the best time for exploring Old Dubai, without much distress, at the beach.

Restaurants at Al- Bastakiya Dubai

As we know that coffee was the Arab world’s most popular leisure drink but tea also grabbed its place. The Arabian Tea House has 50 teas and traditional Emirates cuisine. This restaurant is open and conveniently accessible on Al Fahidi lane. Restaurant Bastakiya Nights are located in Bastakiya’s most ancient house. When you smell the scent of hot kebabs, you may know that you are somewhere in this restaurant. Kebabs are the signature products here, unlike the café in XVA which specializes in vegetarian dishes.

Sharjah Desert Park Dubai

The desert park in Sharjah is ideal for tourists, families, and lovers of the natural surroundings. With over 300,000 visitors per year, Sharjah Desert Park is a new and recreational hub for people and young people. The Desert Park of Sharjah, which was set up in the Seih Al-Masmout Reserve as a conservation center for endangered fauna and flora of the area in 1995, was created. It has become a vibrant retreat with an amazing botanical garden, a remarkable petter farm, and reproductive services for rare desert animals that are rescued from their at-risk habitats. However, the breeding center is therefore not available to the general public.

Desert Park of Dubai Sharjah is an enormous country that was a park of pleasure. It can even be a pilgrimage, not just a pleasant experience. The park contains three primary museums, including the Natural History Museum, the Kindergarten Farm, and the Arab Fauna Museum. A lot of stuff needs to be done here spread over 1 km2 of land. It is ideal for people of any generation. The legendary place is situated approximately 28 km from Sharjah and should surely be a must-visit list.


The history of the Museum is divided into five areas and provides visitors the opportunity to explore the flora and fauna in the Arab Desert. The first section ‘Ride through Sharjah’ speaks of world life by presenting audiovisual information on earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. The Desert Life’s second chapter brings in various desert animals and habitats. Another hall of Sharjah Natural History Museum is the theme of ‘Time journey.’ The theme is the subject of geological displays. This graph shows the timeline and includes a fossilized thigh, a big petrified copper ear plate, and the first true space meteor.

In Sharjah Desert park the Children’s Farm was opened in 1997 for the Environment and Protected Areas Authority to promote cultural literacy and environmental awareness among children. It’s a great way for young girls to get to know their feathered and four-legged cousins. Children prefer pigs, sheep, Arabic ponies, cats, and camels to feed their favorites. Fodder for these birds can also include poultry, such as mallards, grey gans, ducks, Indian peafowl, and chickens. An enclosed section of the farm contains a small library with child-reading material.

Features at Sharjah Museum Dubai

Regarding the features, the Arabic Wildlife Center in the United Arab Emirates is the only ‘zoo’ in the United Arab region, where all Arab wildlife is in its natural surroundings. The zoo is also called Sharjah, which is split into five sections. The first section includes snakes and contains the extraordinary reptiles and insects that include various desert reptiles. Arab snakes, vipers, camels, lizards, and scorpions are also included. The indoor aviary was designed in a desert environment for indigenous birds and other feathered species. Tourists will see foxes, mongooses, hedgehogs, poultry, and sand cats in the night-time animals segment.

Love Lake Dubai

The Love Lake is one of Dubai’s latest attractions. It is located in the heart of the desert, the house is formed by two hearts. In this article, we’re going to discuss the spectacular Love Lake. It is a two-lake mix that consists of two large, interlinked cores. This attraction is better for the caring tourists of the Emirate than all the attractions. The spot for nature lovers and fans of view! The new appeal is a cure for the eyes and souls. This gem is located in the middle of the desert, next to Al Qudra lake.

After sharing the picture of a love lake from Dubai with a gorgeous title, Sheik Hamdan Bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince from Dubai, is well established. It’s about everyone who needs to be loved again and again, with everything but just affection. Situated in the center of the wilderness near al-Qudra Lake in Dubai, this secret treasure is nestled. Love Lake, which opened in November 2018, spread over 550,000 square meters, is more than just a barbecue or restaurant. The lake was built by people carefully, and we consider it an attraction in Dubai that reflected the country’s affection and breadth of mind towards ex-pats and visitors year-round.

Why Attractive by Visitors?

Undoubtedly, it is the country’s most romantic destination, making it ideal for anyone who wishes to spend a peaceful time with friends, family ones and of course their loved ones. As you approach the pool, a wooden panel with ‘Love Lake’ on it will greet you. Either of the two doors allows entering the facility. For all outdoor enthusiasts, particularly joggers, motorcyclists, pet-walkers with three routes stretching for over seven kilometers, the surroundings are a favorite.

A large carving wood at the entrance is the first set of hearts to welcome you to the park. Life is all-around—air, leaves, mall, stones, even the sea. Likewise, passion is full of thoughts and thoughts everywhere. It is amazing to enhance it with a large number of plants and flowers. In the park surrounding Love Lake, there are over 16,000 trees. The branches are in the heart, the beginning, and all shrubs. Love Lake bears witness to the green vision of Dubai and the sustainability of the ecosystem per centimeter.

How to Reach There?

You need to take the Emirates Path from Sharja to Jebel Ali. For this, you would go up to Exit 35 immediately and make a U-turn. It is around 200 meters before you drive to Al Qudra Exit 35. Driving 20 km from exit 35, you can reach a ring with a horse statue in the center. You have to take a left from here. You will reach a different roundabout from here and take a turn. The Love Lake Board will find you when you go on. In Dubai, you rarely see that you can spend no income. This is a free event in Dubai. On gas and picnic treats you simply have to squander your engine. You can chill with your partner, or alone, at the cardiovascular pool.

Sharjah Aquarium Dubai

Dubai’s Sharjah Aquarium was opened on 16 June 2008 and is one of Dubai’s newest attractions. With its fantastic wildlife, you will recognize the secret, wonderful deep-sea world. You will also sample the local fish species and learn about Sharjah’s ancient shorelines and ports. Explore the hidden world with unbelievable deep-sea life. These aquariums illuminate the lively, colorful, and mysterious world of the deep sea. In terms of the role of the Sharjah Aquarium in Al Khan, it is a breathtaking place that takes you to a different world. One of the major educational centers in the UAE is an aquarium run by the Sharjah Museums Authority.

Marine Ecosystem at Aquarium Dubai

Sharjah Aquarium has more than 150 marine species in the Arab Gulf Seas. The amazing sea beams, regular dull coral sharks, enigmatic moray eels, brittle seahorses, and the beautiful clownfish can be seen. Besides the water, the coral reefs, the mangrove, Al Khan Lagoon, and the adjacent rocky beaches are all about the surroundings. The atmosphere is enlightening for people of all ages when coming here. You will be warned of oil contamination, restore land, and overfishing calamities by visiting this Sharjah aquarium. Wisdom in human being destroys the entire aquatic world will help us increase the consideration and responsibility of the ocean world.

The creators would like to depict the numerous maritime species in the sea. It is a wild planet of over 100 crazy creatures including clowns, delicious seahorses, whispered ants, sea birds, and sharks. It is also a beautiful world from which you can see the splendor of the sea in the cliffs and coral reefs and all sizes of lagoons and mangroves. The company has a rescue service for tortoises in which the husbandry team catches and receives all the marine tortoises which have been injured and placed in seawater following rehabilitation.

Facilities at Sharjah Aquarium

Keeping in consideration to ensure that visitors can enjoy a relaxing time away from all the hustles and bushes around, the aquarium Sharjah offers a few other amenities in its location. Fitted with Wi-Fi service, separate mothers’ rooms, an infant changing place, wheelchairs for all vulnerable individuals and senior citizens who came there. Following this, the prayer room at the cafeteria has delicious and delicious dishes and snacks. Shops for shopping are also available there. There are also facilitated restaurants and parking spaces.

If you intend to visit the Sharjah aquarium overnight, you can enjoy a relaxing sunset on the beautiful Al Khan Beach. However, the views from the Sharjah Corniche are beautiful yet distinctive. You can then take a brief aquarium tour before closing late in the evening. You may discover more about the sea in Sharjah than any other museum by your ticket to the near-by Sharjah Maritime Museum.

Creek Park Dubai

Opened in 1994, Creek Park Dubai encompasses the 96-hectare area of a science-educational park costing over AED 106 million. Dubai Creek Park is second in the area after Mushrif Park. Its equipment is nevertheless regarded as a more advanced and strategic location near the city center of Dubai. The park has many fun and recreational facilities, including children’s playgrounds, open fields, picnic areas, barbecue areas, and important facilities, such as the Dubai Dolphinarium and Children’s City.

Creek Park is geographically located in the center of Dubai and overlooking Bur Dubai. The park runs from Al Maktoum Bridge on the other side of Al Garhoud Bridge, which stretches 2,5 kilometers. Opposite the Deira line is the Dubai Golf Club. The old and new Dubai Creek Park, a business artery, is split. This link allows you to find all general recommendations for Creek Park. The entrance fees in the Dubai Dolphinarium or Children’s City park do not require admission fees.

Why Visitors Go there?

The Creek Park is a beautiful place spanning a vast field full of lush, grassy areas, lively floral landscapes and themes. You can rent a bicycle to enter the park. If you’re in a community, you can choose a small bike for two or a large bicycle for four people and ride around the main park. At the bbq section, you can even take the barbeque train, while children can have a nice time in a beautifully designed park for children. The kids can enjoy playing in the barbecue area. Kids’ City is a park for children of all ages where 15 to 20 Dirhams can enjoy their time.

Upon getting entrance there, the admission fee for Creek Park Dubai is around 5 Dirhams per person and can be charged on each admission. Gate 1 can be accessed by entering the park from Garhoud Bridge, which is next to the cable car. Dubai Creek Park is opening hours from 8:00 a. m. to 11:00 p. m. in the winter. Creek Park hours change from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. through the season.

Dolphinarium Dubai

In Creek Family Park, the Dolphinarium in Dubai is visible. They have seals who hop and juggle in the trap in some shows as well. Scuba diving with dolphins is also often possible. Dolphins can also be heard in Creek Park Dubai Dolphinarium. It has a five-dimensional and seven-dimensional theatre, a spiegel maze, a lobby, and 20 different species of birds. This is normal for girls, school groups, and birthday parties for the visitors.

Restaurants and Shopping Malls at Creek Park

In Dubai Creek Parks, there is a range of free-market events. Don’t wait to stop and buy on the lucky day when you are there. If you enjoy seafood, then Dubai Creek Park’s restaurants are where you can linger. There can be found kitchens from all around the country. Kick back and enjoy your treats and get the finest sunsets. However, some of the finest fish can be eaten by the visitors in the Bay area.

Jumeriah Mosque Dubai

Jumeirah Mosque is one of the city’s best-known mosques in Dubai. It is also one of Dubai’s most important cultural and historical sites. Jumeirah Mosque Dubai is one of the few mosques in the UAE that enables visitors to non-Muslims and is popular with locals and tourists wishing to explore the city’s culture. This tranquil position is made up of the white stone façade, graceful minarets and the stunning scenery of the Mosque Jumeirah on the picturesque beach route of Jumeirah.

The district of Jumeirah is famous for its peculiar cafes and abundance of beauty and cosmetic clinics. Indeed, Jumeirah’s Mosque is one of the earliest sights in the region. It was constructed by the late Sheik Bin Saeed Al Maktoum, then the governor of Dubai. The Jumeirah Mosque story can be learned from its building started in 1976 and ended in 1979.

How to Go there?

The mosque is situated on the Jumeirah Beach Road in the sublime district of Jumeirah 1. You can take Exit 50 on E11 towards Al Safa Street/D71 if you are coming from the direction of Abu Dhabi. Keep right then take Al Wasl Road/D92 to the right. After that, take 5B street on left, 12A street on the left. Turn right at last on 17B Lane, and at the end of the road is Jumeirah Mosque. You can also take Exit 53 at E11 to Al Dhiyafah Street/D73 when you’re coming from the direction of Sharjah. After that, take right to 5B Street from there and follow the instructions above to the mosque. RTA bus lines 8, 9, and X28 stop by the mosque are also available, if you’re looking to use public transit.

Why Attractive by Visitors?

Jumeirah Mosque has a wide range of purposes and is considered one of Dubai’s most pictured mosques. This stone is made entirely from pure white in the typical Fatimid style from Egypt and Syria and contains complex geometrical patterns, Arabic calligraphy, and dome motifs. The “two minaret mosque” is also noted for two minarets that surround a central dome. The Mosque of Jumeirah will host 1,300 pilgrims, while Friday prayers are held in the outskirts of the mosque.

It’s not just magnificent architecture that makes it one of the only mosques in the UAE that tourists from other countries can visit. This tour is guided under a program of ‘Open Doors, Open Minds’ at the Sheik Mohammed Center for Cultural Understanding. The Jumeirah Mosque Tour is nice to start if you have ever been curious about the Muslim religion and local culture.


Jumeirah Mosque is composed of the mosque, lush landscapes, and shady paths which lead to an open space and an indoor majlis. Enter the main hall of worship with a collection of exquisite arches, columns, picturesque green carpet, and stained glass windows, all of which would be delighted. The mihrab, a niche on the wall indicating the qibla or the way of prayer, is opposite the entrance. The peach and the blue roof are written with Sacred Qur’an verses. Besides this, Wonderful calligraphy, geometrical motifs, complex designs, and lampstands are available.

Heritage Village Dubai

You will observe the traditional way of life in the Dubai Heritage Village and has been established in 1997. Its aura holds the Dubai feeling through the reconstruction in the traditional setting of the Village, of stone pillars and tents for a lifetime. Different festivals and events take you in different ways to the cultural heritage of the city. You will learn old agricultural practices and handicraft techniques, including pans, gems, and whistling used by local people. Take some nice on-site pottery souvenirs, sweets, and other traditional products. There have not yet been several other museums completed, but three of them have already been impressively printed.

Heritage is a fully renovated, reconstructed mountain village that offers visitors an overview of what was like in ancient Emirates. The village of Hatta, in a completely reworked position in the middle of the Hajar Mountains, is almost 3000 years old. The main sites of the rural environment are a cluster of fields, stretched around a freshwater canal, picturesque restaurants, and an archaeological cemetery.


It is a house in the Hatta historic village built with things like sandstone, ripples, palms, pier, and circles, which are seen in many Emirati villages’ buildings and structures. Following the mountain village’s originality. Hatta Heritage Village is situated in the historic fortress with a lobby known locally as Majlis, a traditional structure with a courtyard and various palm leaves. Antiques and objects of local music, weapons, palm trees, tissues, crafts, and antiques are seen in historic houses, castles, and fortifications.

The officials, interestingly, assured that the material used for restoration was the same as that used to build such houses in the centuries previously when the Heritage Village was reconstructed in 2001. The spirit of the place was being maintained. You can see an old falaj network that set up an underground irrigation system for local people to keep growing even though the precipitation was scarce. It gives a rare picture of the plants and trees that are so vital to their sustainability in the country. There is also a gift shop here to buy something to remember this moment.

Activities at Heritage Village

You can also practice camping in Hatta on the side of the village. You can do it. This is an outstanding and new experience. The Hatta Pools are also very popular. If you like water sports, kayaking in Hatta is also a choice. This concludes our evaluation of Hatta village. Anyone thinking about visiting Dubai must make a trip to Hatta Heritage Village. Only to give you an insight into the Emirates culture. The new era of Dubai is truly fascinating. However, old historic sites are quaint in Dubai heritage village. The historic district of Al Fahidi also warrants a ride if you want to see these sites. It’s a good match for your stroll in old and new Dubai.

Saeed Al Maktoum House

Dubai has a well-known landmark, Sheik Saeed Al Maktoum Building, as the list of its best locations. The former Royal House has become a renowned museum of furniture, paintings, photographs, or other historical objects, once a resident of the ruling Dubai dynasties, which offers a wonderful insight into the charming historical past of the Emirates. For tourists planning a visit to the city, a visit to Saeed Al Maktoum house in Dubai should be allowed. The historic home is located in the Shindagha district near Dubai Creek. Read this ancient monument in Dubai. A large site, an example of architectural architecture in the early 20th century, is Sheik Mohammed House.

Exhibits at the House

In galleries in Sheik Saeed Al Maktoum House in Dubai, there is a wide selection of pieces from the glorious days of the metropolis. Paintings, photographs, coins, gems, and stamps show the times of Dubai, living under the domain of Sheik Saeed Al Maktoum Bin Hasher Al Maktoum and his followers. Portraits and photographs of the museum provide an insight into the life of the ruling family of Dubai. The pictures have been taken of other officers and dignitaries who enter the house. There is also an exhibition of old stamps used extensively before the oil boom in the UAE.

Unique Architectural Place

The interior of the Al- Maktoum house is not so spacious on the outside, it is incredibly large and open and an excellent design feature that is aimed at concentrating on the simplicity of life. The first room to the right of the building are some of the other religious sources in this house and are the most favorable site of the Islamic faith. The kitchen has been built in the southern part of the building to ensure air conditioning will not spread steam and cigarettes in the rest of the property. A visit to this house will show you the modesty of the king, which reflects Al Maktoum’s philosophy and vision.

Dubai Garden Glow

In Dubai, the Glowing Garden n the Zabeel Park is a magnificent place to visit. As we know its name, this garden will glow brilliantly in the evening, so many families will have to visit Dubai on their break. What you see here is a miracle of biodegradable products, the best thing about the place. With such a wonderful Guided Development, attractions indoors, and unimaginable replicas as the environmentally friendly Burj Khalifa, your visit to this area would be unbelievable. Dubai’s best-known family-friendly and world’s biggest Theme Park has returned with an array of new thrilling attractions and concepts never discussed in Dubai.


In reality, it is a fusion of two themed parks, complete with several themes such as the Museo Dino, Light Symphony, stage shows and parades, the children’s playground, the Aquatic World, the Kingdom of Animals, and Mushroom Forest. Many restaurants and cafés are also accessible in a different food lane that offers plenty of world cuisine. The Burj Khalifa is an eco-friendly replica made exclusively from medicinal bottles. In contrast, All structures at Dubai Garden Glow were designed by artists from all over the world. Nevertheless, 150 artists working on the park have been building the garden for almost 200,000 hours.

Why Attractive for Visitors?

The glowing park is overloaded with 10 million LED lights, which are almost bright. Different tulips, birds, swans, and more aggressive ones with unbelievably sculpted ice, replicas of the dinosaurs and optical illusions are its main attractions. In view of its large-scale, Garden Glow is very easy to manoeuvre and offers enough room for children and visitors’ accessibility demands. Families will definitely like this location, but they will invest some time because of the spell of the park and the quality displays.

The glowing park in Dubai is not just for fun, but it is also for teaching purposes. In the light-colored garden, global warming and carbon footprints are encouraged. The living floor has massive gill fishes in the sky, which reflects on the lake and takes the lifelong features of the dinosaur park into Jurassic Park. The park has several attractions, each with its theme and a lot to brighten up the youngest and oldest people. Market foods, including theme park staples such as hockey dogs, pizzas, and ice creams can be served at cars and stands in the park.

Entry Fee of the Park

However, regarding its entry, it is free for children under the age of 3 and disabled tourists. The entrance fee in the Dubai Glow Garden is 65 AED per user, with a VAT of 5%. At this entry cost, you will enjoy two displays in the garden. Prices are still very affordable for a common man living in Dubai. In Zabeel Park, the entry fee shall be charged even to the Dinosaur Park. So, at fair prices, there is a thrilling Glow Theme Park and an adventurous dinosaur park. Finally, you should also be aware that minors, that is, between the ages of 1 and 3, will not cost you any money. For guests, Garden Glow Park is allowed for free.

Deira Gold Souk Dubai

Deira Gold Souk, the world’s biggest Gold Market with more than 300 shops, is also one of the famous Dubai visiting places. It also draws hundreds of visitors staying in Dubai in stark comparison to the glitz and glamour of modern-day Dubai. Without visiting the Deira Gold Souk, no tour to Dubai can be completed. It’s worth a visit even if you’re not going to buy gold, but you may just change your mind among a multitude of breathtaking pieces of jewelry. If you just want to see the gold souk or intend to buy, MyBayut’s full guide for your visit to Gold Souk Deira has been complied with. Therefore, tourists will find gold and precious gemstones among the largest collection here.

Shopping at Deira Gold Souk

The Deira Gold Souk has an impressive collection of gems and jewelry. Hundreds of dealers sell jewels from all over the world and hundreds of people also visit these dealers. Malabar Gold and Diamonds, Bafleh Jewelers and Joyalukkas, and several other smaller shops are some of Deira Gold Souk’s famous jewelry stores. Deira Gold Souk offers something for every palate and budget from exquisite rings, delicate bracelets, large necklaces, and nice earrings. The Government of the UAE regulates any commodity sold in the shops in the Gold Souk in Deira, ensuring the authenticity and purity of gold.

How to Reach there?

Ideally, if you want to go there, you need to use public transportation like the metro Dubai, RTA bus, or taxi. It can also be difficult to navigate at the Deira Gold Souk parking lot. Al Ras Station, which is 10 minutes away from the Gold Souk in Deira, can be reached by metro from Deira Gold Souk. Baniyas Square is another subway station next to the souk. You can ask passers-by for Gold Souk Deira directions when you are at either station. Most people know this because it’s commonplace. Busses C07, C09, and C28 stop in the area are also available if you want to get to the site by RTA bus.

Dubai Waterfall

The waterfall Dubai is one of Dubai’s best free spots to visit and a natural selection to do free stuff and things. However, it has a 6.4km constructed artificial canal that offers a 3 km running track and a 12-kilometer cycle trail, making it the ideal location to practice in the Emirate for fitness enthusiasts. However, if you don’t have a cup of tea, you will be able to chill in plenty of open spas and sessions on the banks of the Canal. There is also a mechanical waterfall that changes colors and functions like a curtain when boats pass by.

How to Reach there?

You can either drive or take the subway to the Dubai Canal. You can also park on the “Dubai Water Canal Walkway Park” and walk to the canal while traveling by vehicle. Public transit providers can find the Business Bay Sea Side Metro at the nearest Metro Station to the Waterfall Dubai Canal, a 5-minute walk from which the Dubai Waterfall can be reached.

DFC Mall Dubai

The IMAGINE performance is another related event if you have liked the dancing fountains in The Dubai Mall. When the sun comes down, the IMAGINE attraction at the City Mall Dubai Festival comes alive and makes the center one of the best places to visit Dubai at night free of charge. The water and laser show is a draw to tourists at one of the most famous attractions in Dubai Festival City Mall. It also has one of the world’s biggest water displays with pyrotechnics, lasers, illumination, and astonishing effects.

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