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One of the big things about Dubai is it is still possible to find or accomplish something else in this region! We will look at a mysterious museum in this essay that doesn’t look like anything. The Illusions Museum Dubai in Al Seef is one of the newest indoor and familial attractions in the region. It belongs to a global network of museums, while the first Croatian version began in 2015. And the latest Al Seef Dubai edition, with over 80 exhibitions in-store, is the biggest to date! However, it’s not a common museum. With twisting tunnels, endless rooms, and magical visions this Museum of Illusion will trick your eyes and fool your senses.


The Dubai Illusions Museum opened its doors in September 2018, but the franchise was a fascinating visit around the world when it opened in Zagreb, Croatia, in 2015. Mohammed Al Wahaibi’s museum in Dubai is the first yet 9-way brand museum and is situated in the Middle East, Muscat, Oman. Guests will enjoy over 80 visions and guests can discover how impressive can be in mathematics, psychology, physics, and biology. You will see a lot of economic and social developments through trips to the museum over the years.

It is guaranteed to surprise children and stimulate their creativity as adults take children’s games seriously and find photographic knowledge in the Master Illusions, the Grand Illusions, and the Visual Illusions. Contrary to most traditional museums, visitors to Dubai Illusions Museum are allowed to engage and take as many photos as possible in their visual, auditory, and educational encounters.

About Museum of Illusions

The City, which mainly contributes to its exhaustive catalog of wonders, is invited to the museum of illusions in Dubai. With over 80 more immersive exhibits, Dubai is currently the newest edition, expanding the multinational museum chain which opened in Zagreb, Croatia, for the first time in 2015. It means deceiving your mind, exploring your senses, feeding your imagination, and educating and terrifying you, as nothing seems. From the museum’s entrance, you can easily save yourself and escape the long queues. When you enter the Illusions Museum, brace yourself to explore the incredible phenomenon of optical illusion.

There are several optical illusions and holographs in the museum, but none is as clear at first glance. Thanks to the many high-level mirrors in the room you’ll have hundreds of images of yourself in the Infinity Suite. You sound like you are in the middle of an eternal void, truth to her expression. You can see in the Ames area how an individual can develop or decrease by walking back and forth.

Why Visit there?

In three sections the Dubai Illusion Museum shows Master Illusions, Fantastic Illusions, and Optical Illusions. Made for all, the museum provides visitors the chance to play and click tones. The 450 m2 site comprises the Vortex Tunnel, Illusion Chair, the sloping space, the Infinity Room, and Ames Room. This room contains an area of around 350 km2. They also have information about the ramifications of research. The Dubai Illusion Museum is not something shown in Dubai or anywhere else, but it is an incredible attendee for people and visitors.

Entrance to the Museum Illusions Dubai

All need to know how high the Museum of illusions Dubai entrance fee is after reading all the exhibits at Dubai Museum. After joining the museum, you will join a splendid world of magic and tricks. You can also see the physiological phenomena of visual illusions with these tickets. AED 63 for adults and AED 47 for girls were awarded the Dubai Ticket Prize. With this reservation, you will witness a fascinating visual and educational experience. For online bookings, you may opt to make an activity on our website, by pressing the ‘book now’ tab. You will be sent a prompt confirmation within 20-45 minutes after you have ordered the order.


A museum of illusions is especially a lovely place for children. The Illusions Museum is situated in Al Seef city, near Dubai Creek. It is accessible from Deira, Old Dubai, and Bur Dubai. Bur Dubai Underground is 1 km away, and the Al-Fahidi Metro station is just 5 minutes away from the museum. The museum, which is located approximately 17 kilometers from the Jumeirah beach 30 minutes from Dubai International Airport, can be reached in about 8 kilometers by taxi. However, you can take the subway to Baniyas Square on the Deira side 6 kilometers north, 15 minutes to the Illusion Museum. You can either take a cab or hire a water taxi that can quickly cross the river for a nominal AED 20 fee.

Timings of the museum of Illusions Dubai

The museum of illusions Timings will be open Sunday through Wednesday from 10:00 to 10:00 p.m. It remains available from 10:00 to 12:00 on Thursday to Saturday. There is also valet parking available at 50 AED per hour, but there is free parking. At the museum entrance, there is a visual illusion or immersive play, which can also challenge adults. The Museum is a whole indoor experience, making it one of the best Dubai experiences for members of the family. After visiting the Illusions Museum, development from the Al Seef brings the focus of the restaurants and entertainment.

Tips before Visiting there

The museum is open for sessions every hour. The best way to call or check and comprehend the various sessions is to sit outside to let them in. You should wait a while. There is a small shopping area in the museum of games and models of his optical illusions. If you want to go shopping, take a tour of the museum and want to bring something home. Items of more than 90 sales can be bought for the Delusions Museum including teacher items, a T-Shirt, or even a diary. Since the Illusion Museum is indoors, it is a great choice for a hotter day visiting Dubai.

In the UAE, many museums are housed that stress the nation’s history, culture, and art and in the way that any visitor to an installation will take part and participate. But the Illusion Museum is different. You can stand, shrink, or become a giant. This is an attraction for the whole family and friends to enjoy. The staff said it would take at least 45 minutes if we passed across any sector.

Exhibits at Museum of Illusions Dubai

Everyone is curious about What is inside illusions Museum Dubai? In comparison to other museums, the Museum of Illusions encourages interaction with artifacts. You’ll be able to take advantage of every exhibit from room to room for around an hour.

Optical Illusions

There are a variety of fantastic images on the walls of the museum, which use color, light, and shapes to fool the mind. See them for 30 seconds only, and you can see things changing, diminishing, disappearing, not changing. The Museum of Illusions newly opened in Dubai, with its mental illusions and sorcery tricks, is a source of mystery to visitors. On the other side of the planet, spectators wonder whether the world behind them can reverse their confidence in a picture that pulsates on the wall.

Ames Room

The quaint but natural space is deformed to create an awe-inspiring optical illusion. Depending on the corner of the room, you are a giant or a dwarf. When you turn back and forth, you raise or lower your respective height. The Ames Room has a lovely environment where everything seems to rise or dwindle in the room, making it one of the most pointless areas in Dubai.

Vortex Tunnel

The Vortex Tunnel is a spinning, perceptive tunnel that challenges the sense of balance by tricking the brain to suppose that the field moves smoothly and slowly. Other, full-scale illusory displays enable audiences to see more clones and the Infinity Room, which allow people to travel in circles through endless corridors in an infinite vacuum. On these walls can be seen various visual illusions, such as the view of the “Black Dot.” The dreams behind these shows are testified to dine at a clone table or head on a plate. You are either sitting with five clones or with your head on the tray at the same table.

Hologram and Stereogram

3D illusory images are holograms. The Dubai Version has proudly hosted the largest set of holograms, ranging from holographic pictures, horror grams, and images, visualizable and disappeared before your eyes and images of different forms. The 3D-picture puzzle has a secret 3D object in every bizarre 2D picture. You will only locate the 3D image if you look right. You should begin to understand what these images hide.

Rotating Rooms

Rooms are constructed the way you walk on spinning walls of space to stop gravity or vision. Experience all of this by taking as many stunning pictures of any place. Find a boy on the illusion of a throne, so it helps you to test the laws of perception by playing your viewpoint. Don’t lose out on a great optical illusion. We won’t tell you whether you’re on the surfaces that are level or sloping.

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