It has been for many years that with its architectural wonders and innovative projects the city of Dubai has surprised the rest of the world time and time again. Dubai is already renowned around the world for its array of excellent architecture, leisure, and shopping malls, and this stunning town never fails to mesmerize the world. Yeah, something new, creative, and never-lasting continues to pop up year upon year. This time it is the purely awesome Love Lake consisting of two lakes that take the heart of the giant. Certainly, no one in Dubai can compare to this incredible Dubai lake, also visible from space, for those who are Romantic at heart.

The Emirates are continually developing and create something unchanging and pioneering annually. Every Dubai government still seeks to bring out major surprises that keep the whole world on its toes. Never stopping but broadening the number of new inventions. As a part of it, the interest of wanderers has already been drawn to a long chain of skyscrapers and architectures. The city is nothing short of amazing concerns about human-made feats from palm-insulas and whole islands resembling a map of the world to the spectacular Expo 2020 pool.

The UAE has the best destinations possible for explorers and adventurers in the center of this desert, on the sandy shores of long beaches, or in the lofty mountains. Burj Khalifa, the world’s largest indoor ski resort, and Palm Island the world’s largest human-made island, the Dubai Wonder Garden, the biggest flower garden in the Near East, the most comprehensive in the shape of a palm-tree are some of the world’s novels and inventions Dubai can boast. Love Lake Dubai is the newest addition to this list.

The Love Lake Dubai is one of the most recent attractions in Dubai. Situated in the center of the desert, it is in the shape of two communicating hearts. We’ll talk about the spectacular Love Lake in this post. The display is a mixture of two lakes, shaped by two large, intertwined cores. This attraction would be great for the loving, hearted visitors than all the other attractions in this emirate. This is the location of visionary nature lovers and fans! This latest appeal is an eye-and-soul therapy. In the center of the desert, this gem is situated next to the lake of Al Qudra.

About Love Lakes Dubai

It is true that after an Instagram post by Dubai Crown Prince Sheik Hamdan bin Mohammed, Love Lake Dubai gained attention. So, what’s so special about this man-made lake called the Love Lake? Love Lake is the latest addition to Al Qudra, located in Dubai’s Al Qudra oasis. Opened in 2018, it has two major reservoirs. A jogging track operates the perimeter. There are also several shaded areas, banks and sculptures. From the top of the lake, trees plant the word “Love.” There are lots of lovely areas to visit in Dubai. Every year it produces more and more miracles that delight us all.

It’s not just a barbecue and a paradise of heaven, but this huge reflection of love spans around 550,000 square meters. This carefully crafted lake represents the love for migrants and tourists in the region. It deserves the title of the country’s most romantic location. It’s great for a discreet and good time with your friends, loved ones, and passion.

History Love Lake Dubai

Sheik Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Crown Prince from Dubai, has been popular since the time he shared a love lake Dubai photo with a beautiful caption. With anything, but only love, it is for anyone that wants to fall in love again and again. This hidden gem is tucked away in the middle of the desert and situated next door to Al Qudra Lake in Dubai. Love Lake is more than just a barbeque or hangout spot, opened in November 2018 and spans 550,000 square meters. The lake was created with care by people and we regard it as a Dubai attraction that reflects the love and broad-mindedness of the country towards ex-pats and visitors throughout the year.

Why Visit Love Lake Dubai?

It is certainly the most romantic destination of the country, making it perfect for anyone who wants to spend a quiet and quality time with friends, with loved ones, and, of course, with their beloved ones. As you come closer to the lake, you will be welcomed by a wooden panel that has ‘Love Lake’ on it. The facility can be entered via one of the two doors. The surrounds are a favorite for all outdoor enthusiasts, especially jogger, motorcyclist, pet-walkers with three rubber tracks which stretch for more than seven kilometers.

If you have come to see Love Lake’s exact heart shape (perfectly emphasized with the trees arranged to read ‘Love’), then it is good to know that it is only seen from the top. That said, during the whole time you spend here, you won’t be a little deceived. With wooden cardiac frames and signs bearing the lake symbol, this lush island also includes cool rests and elegant sitting areas – all finished with environmentally friendly materials. Each one is equipped with a cool seating area. Moreover, you can even find unique Bamboo water sinks that are attached to trees in traditional style.

Love Lake Dubai Layout

This love lake would appeal to anyone with a loving spirit. The first collection of hearts to welcome you to the park is a big wood carving at the entrance. Life is everywhere – air, trees, stones and malls, even the sea. Similarly, Love is everywhere with full emotions and feelings. The variety of plants and flowers is impressive to improve it much. There are more than 16,000 plants in the park around Love Lake. The branches, the begonias, and all shrubs are in the shape of the heart.

Love Lake is a testimony to Dubai’s green vision for the future. The Love Lake has an environmental sustainability per centimeter. The tissue boxes contain biologically degradable materials. Bamboo and forest basins can also be seen. In the park, there are picnic facilities like a water supply, barbecue stalls, a toilet, and benches for the fenced-in area called Hadirah. Three paths cover a total of 7 kilometers in the park. In the dark, the park paths are vibrant and the park is ideal for sunset. Even the stones that mark the distance from the road are cardiovascular.

Love Lake Dubai Location

This lake in the form of the heart in Dubai is similar to the lakes of Al Quadra. On your ride to Love Lake, you will look at the camping Al Qudra desert area and AlQadra bike path. As the Love Lagoon is in the desert, it might be difficult for you to reach the spot. But that’s not the truth. The lake is on Google Maps in the first click. Signs can also be followed to access the platform.

How to Reach there?

When traveling from Sharja to Jebel Ali, you must take Emirates Road (E611). You must go straight up to Exit 35 and do a U-turn. You need to drive up to Al Qudra Exit 35, about 200 meters ahead. You will hit a ring with a horse statue in the center while driving 20 kilometers from exit 35. From here you must take a left. From here, you’d hit a separate roundabout and take a right. You will find the Love Lake Board as you step on.

Love Lake Dubai Entrance Fee

The fact that the Love lake Dubai entry fee is completely free is one of the best stuff. In Dubai, you seldom encounter a sight that you have no money to spend. This is one of Dubai’s free events. You just need to waste your car on petrol and picnic basket snacks. The cardiovascular lake will give you a relaxing time with your companion or alone.

Facilities of Love Lake Dubai

Near the entrance, there is a map of the lake and park, graved on a wooden frame. In the center, you can’t find a badminton court. It’s just to take pictures. The enormous red heart is the garden gathering of red roses. All this makes love lake one of the most photogenic areas in Dubai. There are no shops or restaurants in the area of Love Lake. So be careful when you come to get food and drink. With many timber park benches, you can rest and enjoy the view. And large tree branches are waving if you like some fun. So they aren’t good for young people.

Facts About Love Lake Dubai

Heart of Dubai

Love Lake is so large that it is visible from the outside; this is confirmed by its Google Maps visibility. The fact that it’s right in the heart of the desert is another curious thing about this pool. Yeah, sand is circling the heart-shaped pool. The other curious thing is that the trees on one side of the lake are so arranged that when you read from above you spell the word “love.” To see the lake properly, you will have to have an aerial view.

Best Photographic Opportunity

The Love Lake of Dubai offers excellent shooting experiences, aside from picnicking and camping. A picturesque view is offered by the lovely lake and the surrounding desert. Furthermore, you can bring a drone to get the photos for you if you want to catch the breathtaking view of the lake along with the words “love’ of the flower. However, when using a drone in Dubai, certain laws must be followed. Before using one, make sure to know them and receive the permits you need.

Love Couple Site

This place has become the best romantic spot for couples who want to chill and relax. But no big installations are in the vicinity. Nevertheless, you should take a picnic basket and have a beautiful picnic on the water. This is still a perfect spot for people who like to camp with friends and relatives. At the Love Pool, you can even have a grill. Grilling in some designated areas is therefore permitted only. In comparison, you should use just an electric, rather than a charcoal grill.

Wildlife Fauna and Flora

Although the lake is situated in the desert, over 170 species of tropical birds, flowers and plants thrive in this luxurious oasis. Some of the plants were also planted in a special pattern that resembles interwoven hearts, much like the lake itself. There are several different varieties of trees in the entire lake, including hundreds of olive trees and a significant number of the Ghaf trees.

A wide number of birds is also at the Love Pool. There is no doubt that you will meet the white and black swans that take up the sun and swim in calm lake waters. Some birds, eagles, and falcons, you can spot here. A tiny portion of the lake is devoted to aquatic life. Visitors will see merrily swimming around golden fish and other fish species.

Walk along Waterways

A must for lovers and all ages including children is a walk through the cool, shallow portion of the lake, as this will allow you to experience the unbeatable serenity and attraction of the region most excitingly. Love Lake is surrounded by sands. But, thanks to its impressing collection of flora, plants and trees, this is a veritable oasis right in the middle of the desert. In addition to hundreds of thousand shrub varieties and more than 16000 trees including the side, olives, and mainly a basic dessert Ghaf, there are colors of fascinating color, including red begonias arranged in heart form.

Sunset Place

Love Lake Dubai has everything to provide the much-needed boost for your Instagram feed. And let’s not mention their sunset views, which will give you some incredible snaps in the full background of love. In the lake, there is a dedicated section covering a wide range of colorful fish. See goldfish and other incredible fish species as they swim around exuberantly.

BBQ Place

It is the main question that is BBQ allowed in Love lake? Both walking and hiking are common activities in the area, but growing waste has caused pollution and the Municipality has recently entered the area to tackle waste. Originally it was believed that both campsite and barbecue were prohibited, but the municipality has made barbecues legislation explicit. You are entitled to follow the rules and can do barbecue as long as you follow them.

The director of the Waste Management Department, Abdul Majeed Abdul Aziz Al Saifaie, told Gulf News, that fires or barbecues are not forbidden. But fires should be made using barbecue pots not just directly in the environmentally harmful for sand. He then clarified the easiest way to purchase a barbecue stand from a store or a gas station, which can be discarded after completion. Sand fires can land you with a fine AED 500. Anyone in the field could face an AED500 fine as well.

Camping Site

Artificial lakes, with dunes and an impressive BBQ setting, stellar views, and a campground overlooking the night are the best spots here. Normally the place is crowded on weekends, but there is still a peaceful place to set up your bed at the Love lake Dubai camping site. Lake camping provides free recreational adventures in Dubai. Carry your provisions to your campers – tents, packs, torches, etc. You will find all the equipment you need in a camping gear shop in Dubai. The campsite is perfect alone, with family and friends. You just need to pick things up and get a fine appetite for camping and barbecue. Since this is one of the best bbq locations in Dubai, you can’t miss the barbecue experience.


Dubai’s Love Lake has an inferior area which is an ideal place for a sightseeing stroll. Wanderers can enjoy the fascinating beauty of the desert and the lake during walking along the waterways. A barbeque with friends and family is a popular activity at Love Lake Dubai. The dedicated BBQ sections on the lake are perfect for a fun and exciting day. Since the lake itself has no supplies and drinks, you can get a bite from Meraas at the Last exit of Al Quadra – which offers a wide variety of foodstuffs.

Things to do at Love Lake Dubai

The rubber trail across the lakes will lead you around, nearly 7 kilometers long, to the gorgeous features. You should take the opportunity to cycle around the low lakes and tap feet. In addition to this, there are also several fishes and ducks. When you see birds, you can get the laughs out or just sit on your bill banks while humming. You can see the native and even migratory birds. You should enjoy a BBQ or just spread your picnic on your mountain bike and light up one of the flames. This spot is after all the perfect place to see your favorite sunset.

Without high-rise buildings, you can get a continuous glimpse of the amazing orange sky to obscure the view from the sun rising over the dunes. You will also see twinkling stars and constellations gazing at the heavens at night while you sit there until after sunset.

Tips about Love Lake Dubai

This is an amazing spot to see the sunset, but carry the torchlight because the place does not have lighting. Sandals or flip-flops are easier to wear because the sand is everywhere. You’re more relaxed in that way. It’s much harder to walk if you were closed shoes. In a very short period Love Lake was one of the most popular tourist attractions so if you go to Dubai, make sure you visit it. You’re going to be shocked by its elegance and definitely won’t miss it. This special opportunity you and your wife will both enjoy.

Things to know before going Love Lake Dubai

The park is free of charge since the entry fee is not available. Make sure officials have appropriate permits if you want to fly drones in the park. Don’t feed the birds and fish of the park. Love Lake isn’t a lovely place. Wilderness in the winter is much cooler than in cities. Then dress properly and wear a jumper as you arrive. Do not barbecue in areas other than the ones intended for barbecue. Burnt remnants, particularly if they are in the water, are harmful to the wildlife. However, wearing high heels for the girls or women could be difficult to walk in the park.

A four-wheel drive is cooler when you go to Love Lake. It means that there is no harm to driving a normal vehicle. A few toiletries are available only in a parking area. Make sure you keep garbage bags for waste disposal so no litter is tolerated that can cause contamination. If you plan to last through the evening, it is advisable to get warm clothing, because it can get really cold.

Information for Tourists

It is so natural for tourists to use a drone because with an aerial view you can see the exact shape of this pool. All who wish to use it must provide prior authorization before they access the lake and must have the correct supporting documentation. After entering the facility, tourists shall not feed birds or fish species because it is strictly prohibited. The lake is an attraction for wintertime and is entirely open. Visitors should therefore dress up in layers or carry a jacket so that they stay warm while here.

Barbeque and camping spots have been allocated by authorities. There are no drinks, restaurants, and toilets. The way to this lake is desert and therefore uneven but a normal vehicle can be driven to this place.


It has been concluded that the amazing Love Lake resembles two interlocking hearts that make it one of the city’s most romantic places to visit and is surely a hideous gem.

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