All About Dubai Safari


You must have heard about Dubai Safari Park/zoo, the area settled for this project is based on the immensely wide area of Dubai Golden Desert. This has been the huge project and project of billions of dollars. This project was genuinely started in the late 60s, by the rich personality Sheik Rashid Bin Maktoum. In the year 1971, the Dubai municipality management has taken Dubai Park under their administration. In the few initial years, the park had been the resident of just animals like monkeys, hoofed animals big cats etc. Some colorful fishes and reptiles were also the important resident there. In the year of 1986 to 1989, the park was completely reformed and remodeled with some new and latest plans. Starting from the year 1989 onwards, this zoo was slated to be remodeled with modern technologies and latest plans. In the last few years, the move was criticized severely. In the area where animals were resting and living, this issue was taken too hard by the animal rights NGOs and tourists. History of Dubai Safari:

The municipality of Dubai decided to completely rebuild the zoo from the old one in the year 2003. This project was completed with heavy cost and the reconstruction got completed in the year 2008. In the year 2012, the Dubai municipality has apparently announced that according to the joint commission, the zoo was shifted and now come under the administration of new government. The new head of Dubai municipality has come up within two months with the proper plan, new location and required area decided under all with international standards to allocate enough space to all species in the zoo. From the past year of 2012 and 14 May, the exact area for the zoo was decided with 990 acres of the land area of Al-Warqaa, with the estimated cost of Dh150 Million. After new director general of municipality Dubai, Hussain Nisar declared reconstruction of the Dubai zoo from base to top and the project was expected to end by the year 2014. But, the reconstruction ended in the year 2015 and it is expected to start Dubai zoo in the middle of 2016, as people desperately wait for the opening of Dubai Park. Animals and other entertainment in Dubai Park/Zoo: This park is also known as a solar-powered park.

The park will feature and adorn 100 different kinds of plant, all are fixed and set up according to the area theme. 2500 trees are fixed in the area. This park has divided into several themed areas like Arabian, African village, and Asia too. Another best attraction is the premeditated site of 60 hectares including amateur golf courses. Botanical and butterfly garden are the best-designed areas which will attract more tourist towards it. This park will be the housing area of several types of 1000 animals and many of their species. Different types of birds with golden eagles and endangered animals are also living there. Safari in Dubai zoo/park will be the most attractive feature. This Park is not just for kids, it is for complete family entertainment, and ensure that you will never get bored.

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