Aquaventure Waterpark – Largest theme park in Dubai


If you ever wondered which is the largest waterpark in the middle east, here is the answer. Located on the tip of the wondrous Palm Jumeirah — the largest artificial island in the world, and probably also in human history — the Aquaventure water park takes the title for the largest water-themed park in Dubai and the whole of the middle east.

Being right next to the crown jewel of the Palm Island, Aquaventure has a ton of attractions and records under its belt. Some also call this park the Atlantis Waterpark. Although a misnomer, it is not too far fetched as the water park has direct access way from the five-star luxury resort Atlantis, The Palm.

One park to rule them all

Hundreds of people visit the Aquaventure water park every day to wind down after hectic weekdays and some others simply to have fun witnessing the incredible backdrop of the sea. This park spreads over a whopping area of 17 hectares. That’s more than the size of 23 football fields (soccer in American).

There are a few things that make Aquaventure different from a lot of other theme parks in Dubai. This park is situated on the outer crescent of the Palm Island. What that means is that you get an unmatched view of the sea and all the yachts that cruise around the Palm.

Another obvious thing is that it is the largest and probably the best water theme park in Dubai. The park uses 18 million liters of water every in all the rides combined. That’s just crazy huge. Also, if you are somebody who is staying in the Atlantis, the Palm, you get free entry into the park.

Best rides in Aquaventure water park

1. The leap of faith

This ride is the centerpiece of the park. Thanks to its height, the tower that houses the ride is visible from almost anywhere in the park. Leap of faith is a tall, near-vertical water slide. When you drop from the top, you go through a clear acrylic tunnel that takes you through a pool filled with scary sharks and rays. But we do not recommend you take this ride if you have a weak stomach. But there is nothing to worry about this ride. It’s completely safe.

2. Shark attack

This is a variation of the previous ride. Instead of height and speed, the Shark Attack is longer and not as fast. The rides take you through the tank full of sharks and rays. The tube that you will go through is a clear acrylic tube that gives a 360-degree view of everything that’s going around you. So, take a good look at the sharks and other attractions inside the tank as you go.

3.Poseidon’s Revenge

Find out how it will feel if you get inside one of the scariest rides in the whole waterpark. The Poseidon’s revenge is a variation of the leap of faith. But this one comes with trap doors. So instead of slowly sliding into the tunnel, you fall 31 meters below when you least expect it. Along the length of the waterslide, there are several loops, twists, and turns, which at times might even carry you upside down.

4.Atlantean Flyer

This is the only zipline in the park. The line stretches between the Ziggurat tower, where the other rides like the leap of death and shark attack are, and the zipline tower. The zipline runs 65 feet above the ground and takes the riders at a top speed of 15 km/hr. This will give you a good view of the park and also an adrenaline-pumping ride in the air. 

5.The Rapids

Experience the ride in a really lengthy waterslide. Go through the 1.6-kilometer river that takes you twisting and turning through angry torrents of water. But do you know what makes the rapids special? Why did we rank it among the list of the best rides in the park? This water slide has multiple levels, and along the way, you will find many sun decks and pools. So whenever you feel like stopping and have a pause, just pull out of the current to any of the sundecks and enjoy the view. And also, this ride alone uses 15 million liters of water.


What will you do if you are a group of half a dozen people and want to enjoy a water slide together? Just head towards Aquaconda. The raft in this ride can take up to six people at a time. This ride is, therefore, the favorite of the families that visit the park. That’s why even though this is not a particularly thrilling ride, this is one of the most popular rides in the park. But this ride still offers its share of nice twists and turns along the serpentine path.

How much does it cost to visit Aquaventure Waterpark?

One of the advantages of this water park is that there is a slew of ticket options and packages to choose from. There are one day passes that let you enjoy the water park from the opening time to the closing hours. One day passes can cost between 260 dirhams and 320 dirhams, depending on the package you choose. There are two kinds of day passes- Mega pass and a super pass. The mega pass costs more than the super pass and comes with some added benefits.

If you want to add a bit more fun to the whole experience, there are other ‘Add On’s you can purchase. There are water cabanas that have options for a small group of 6 and all the way up to a large group of 20.

The ticket does not include the price of the towel rental and lockers. Towels rentals cost 45 dirhams per person. Lockers will also cost you money. But if you want them both, going for the combo pack will help you save a bit.

Attractions near Aquaventure Waterpark

The Pointe

On the palm island, and not far away from the Aquaventure water park, there opened a new waterfront attraction last year. The Pointe, it is called, overlooks one of the many lagoons on the island. Atlantis the Palm is visible from the Pointe in all its glory. Although it has opened, The Pointe is still undergoing expansion and will keep adding more and more stores, restaurants, and entertainment destinations in the coming months.

The Pointe is an open-air shopping and entertainment destination. Much like others of its kind like the Madinat Jumeirah and Al Seef. What makes it unique is the specialty of the destination. Right now, you won’t see much of a crowd there. That’s because people are only getting to know of its existence, and also the place is still undergoing expansion.

Skydive Dubai

Along with all the wonderful things on the Island, the Palm Jumeirah is also the most auspicious spot to experience skydiving in Dubai. Thousands of people from different parts of the world Skydive Dubai every year. To jump off a plane a few kilometers above the largest man-made island in the world.

This possibly the best way to catch a glimpse of the island and its interesting shape in its entirety. They also offer different types of skydives, depending on your budget and level of expertise. Also, the best time to go for the dive in Dubai is the winter months — from October to March.

Palm Jumeirah Monorail

Now you might be wondering how can a monorail be an attraction? Although the palm monorail is not an attraction in and of itself, it is a cheap way to get a bird’s eye view of the island. The palm monorail begins from the starting point of the Island, i.e., from the base of the Palm. After going in a straight line through the trunk of the Palm, it terminates on the outer crescent of the island near the Atlantis and Aquaventure waterpark.

The cost of a one-way trip is 15 dirhams, and for a two-way ticket, it is 25. Right from the beginning of your journey, you will see the rail extending towards Atlantis. It looks like the rail actually goes through a huge void in the hotel from afar. But in reality, the rail slightly drifts towards the side of Aquaventure park near the terminal.

The Lost Chambers Aquarium

This aquarium is housed inside Atlantis. In the matter of size, the lost chambers aquarium is second only to the Dubai Aquarium in the United Arab Emirates. If you research a little bit, the name of the aquarium and the name of the hotel that it is located in goes really well.

A visit to the aquarium gives you the sight of thousands of rare marine species. You can also see the brave divers going near the sharks and feeding them. And for those who want to take a step further and touch the fish themselves, there are separate touch pools. The lost chambers aquarium is one of the best places to make your kids for an educational visit.

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