Mall of the Emirates – The second biggest shopping mall in Dubai

Mall of the emirates birds eye view1

Before Dubai Mall opened and took away the title of the biggest mall in the UAE, that honor was held by Mall of the Emirates. Mall of the Emirates was opened in 2005. Since then, it has been synonymous with upscale outing and as a hub for luxury brands.

Even now, the mall houses many one of a kind spots in Dubai. It has a gigantic glass dome built in classic European architecture.

First apple store in the UAE was in Mall of the Emirates, which was then followed by Dubai mall and Yas mall in Abu Dhabi. Many fashion brands and restaurant chains have their signature stores here.

Ski Dubai – snow in the desert

Most famous of all the things in the mall is Ski Dubai, the largest indoor ski resort in the Middle East and the only location open to the public in Dubai with sub-zero temperature. The ski resort was fully functional even at the time the mall was unveiled. This 85-meter tall snow slope has five runs with varying levels of intensity. The longest of them is a 400-meter slope with a 60-meter drop.

Ski Dubai a view from the bottom

You don’t have to be an expert skier to visit Ski Dubai because there are many activities other than skiing. Simply spending some time in the snowy slopes can be an experience worth paying for if you don’t live in a cold climate where snow is common.

You enter the park through a cavern where a larger than life ice sculpture of a winged dragon is displayed. You won’t regret grabbing a hot drink from the snow-themed restaurant as it will help you fight the cold a bit better. If you are not into skiing, pet the penguins or get on board the rides. 

For snowboarding and skiing, they take you to the top of the slope in chairlifts. The descend to the bottom takes a few minutes, depending on the starting point. Chairlifts are also an opportunity for sightseeing around the park.

You should meet the permanent residents of Ski Dubai — the snow penguins. Go near them and pet those one heck of a cute creatures. Ski Dubai also features Olaf- the snowman from Frozen.

View of Ski Dubai from food court

What to wear when you visit Ski Dubai

Protective clothes are required to enter the park. You don’t have to bring any of them, though. Jackets, pants, fleece gloves, snow boots, helmets, and socks can be borrowed at the counter. All of these are important to be safe and to avoid frostbites and are included in the ticket price.

They also provide locker facility to safe-keep your belongings as you spend time in the park. Don’t worry about using cameras and smartphones inside the snowpark because usually, they can handle that level of cold without suffering any damage.

Magic planet — Fun of gaming

Magic planet in MOE

Magic planet is the ultimate gaming destination in Mall of the Emirates. This place is a good choice to spend a weekend with the family.

From classic arcade games to the latest, the place offers a plethora of those evergreen consoles. All the newest video games and even the AAA titles can be found here.

Gravity trampoline park

Gravity is a state of the art trampoline park inside Magic planet. As the kids enjoy thrashing the consoles, grownups can chill at Yalla bowling, a ten pin bowling alley.

VOX Cinemas

VOX is on the second floor of the Mall of the Emirates. This 24 screen multiplex is one of the only two places you can watch movies in IMAX format in the UAE. There are also VOX kids, VOX 4DX, and also the dine-in cinema — the Theatre by Rhodes. 


VOX 4DX is a unique movie-watching experience which adds more dimensions to the usual cinema using motion simulators, scents, water, and lighting.

VOX Kids has bright walls and colorful seats and screens kids-friendly movies. It also has a party room for them to play in.

Theatre by Rhodes, on the other hand, takes it to a whole new level. It is a luxury cinema hall with private lounges, and food by the renowned culinary artist Gary Rhodes.

Restaurants in Mall of the Emirates

Besides all the options for fun, entertainment, and shopping, the dining opportunity at Mall of the Emirates tops it off with over 100 cafes and restaurants. Eight of them are upscale restaurants inside the Fashion Dome.

Glass dome in Mall of the emirates

Two food courts are located at both ends of the mall. The first one is on the first floor near Ski Dubai. Sitting here, one can look inside Ski Dubai through the enormous glass window. Those who don’t want to go inside the snowpark can still get a taste of it from here. The other is on the ground floor towards the eastern end of the mall.

The Cheesecake Factory — the famous American restaurant, YO! Sushi! — the Japanese sushi cafe where food is served on a conveyor belt, are a few among the popular ones in the mall.

Shopping at Mall of the Emirates

The mall underwent a large scale expansion in 2015. A number of lifestyle brands found their way in after the renovation. It currently has over 630 world-class stores. The Harvey Nichols store itself is spread over three floors.

Fashion Dome, which was opened in 2010, is a space dedicated to uber-luxury fashion and accessory outlets. One of the largest Carrefour hypermarkets in the emirate is in MOE, which is open from 9 am to midnight all days of the week.

Located near the 4th interchange on Sheikh Zayed Road, the mall has excellent accessibility as well. There is a metro link to the mall from Mall of the Emirate metro stop.

Five hotels surround the mall — Kempinski, Ibis, Sheraton, Novotel, and Hilton Garden Inn. Two of them, Kempinski and Sheraton, are connected to the mall directly.

Opening times

The mall is open seven days a week from 10 am to 10 pm, except on Thursday, Friday and Saturday on which it works until midnight. Customers of Ski Dubai and VOX enjoy 4 hours of free parking inside the mall. It’s usually very busy around here and especially so on weekends.

Best way to visit attractions in Dubai is to go on a city tour. It will help you cover the main sites in a few hours, and the experienced tour guides will be quite helpful to enjoy the sightseeing.