Things To Do In Dubai In 2023

It is not hyperbolic to say that Dubai is the best place for tourists worldwide. The ever-growing number of attractions and friendly atmosphere lure more and more people to this desert oasis every year.

The first thing that comes to everyone’s mind about Dubai is the luxury and record-breaking spree it has been on for the better half of a century. But, when you come here, you’ll know it’s much more.

Dubai is an eclectic mix of vast and unexplored deserts, lush green farmlands, soaring skyscrapers, and white sand beaches. There are more things to do in Dubai than you can ever imagine.

Most Popular Things to do in Dubai in 2023 – A complete list of fun and adventure about What to do in Dubai

Here’s a complete list of things you can do and places to visit in Dubai. Read on and discover fun ideas to enjoy your holiday in Dubai.

1. Burj Khalifa- Be on top of the world

Burj Khalifa is the world’s tallest artificial structure and an iconic landmark of the UAE. From the observation decks on top of the tower, one can witness the full splendor of downtown Dubai. Observation decks At the Top’ on the 124th floor and the newly opened ‘At the Top Sky’ on the 148th floor bring in a large crowd of visitors daily. A splurge of record-breaking followed the completion of Burj Khalifa in 2009.

The entry fee to the observation decks depends on the time of day you choose. Surprising numbers of visitors flock around early morning and sunset, though tickets cost more during these times. Whether you want to see the city in broad daylight or the twilight glimmer of the night sky, you will be blown away by the panorama from 555m above the ground. For people at the top of Burj Khalifa, sunset happens four minutes later than at ground level.

The building is 830m tall, almost three times higher than the Eiffel Tower. The tip can be seen as far as 95km away if the weather allows.

Anyone who comes to Dubai should witness this world wonder at least from the outside.

2. Desert Safari – An adventurous trip back in time

Most of the other things to do in Dubai are in the cities. That’s what makes a desert safari different from everything else out there. It is the only way to explore the Arabian dunes up close. The Dubai desert safari lets you discover the forgotten traditions of desert-dwelling Arabs.

Safari has something up its sleeve to satiate the intrepid souls too. The dune bashing ride in a 4×4 SUV can be best described as a roller coaster ride through the desert dunes. The tall red dunes of the Lehbab desert are the perfect place for a dune-bashing ride. But it’s also carried out in the Margham desert as well.

The thrilling ride lasts for half an hour with a few sunset-photo stops in between and a stopover near the tallest dunes to try out sandboarding. Sandboarding in the desert is the second version of ice skiing.

Before sunset, the desert activities are wound up, and the convoy moves to the Bedouin camp. The rest of the fun is hosted in this traditionally styled desert camp. It includes opportunities to get a henna tattoo, dress up in Emirati attire, take a picture with the Falcon, and Quad biking.

Then as the night falls, the camp is livened up by traditional folk dances and a delicious barbecue dinner buffet. The whole desert safari trip lasts 6-7 hours, immersing you in the desert aura the entire time.

This is a great getaway option in Dubai. Suitable for family trips as well as for bachelors.

3. Dhow Cruise Dinner in Dubai Marina

dhow-cruise-marina clear

A cruise dinner on a boat in the Marina is a romantic trip through the pristine waters of Marina Canals amidst the tall buildings and glam and glitter. The traditional Arabic wooden dhow has two decks: the lower air-conditioned one and the alfresco top deck.

The top deck will let you enjoy the air and look up at the people waving at you from the walkways across the canal and the gravity-defying skyscrapers that line Marina. The large windows in the lower deck ensure sightseeing fun for those who prefer an air-conditioned experience.

The Dhow cruise Marina trip offers mouthwatering food starting from the welcome drinks, and Gahwa is served as soon as the guests are seated on board. Then the floor will be open for the five-star buffet of intercontinental cuisine.

Along with everything else, a live performance of a Tanoura dancer will light up the evening. Tanoura dance originated in Egypt centuries ago and is always performed by a male dancer. His long and colorful skirt forms unique patterns as the dancer twirl from start to finish.

The Best way to experience Dubai at night with your loved ones, friends and family. Dhow Cruise is a great alternative to restaurant eat outs. A dhow cruise dinner can be way more romantic than a regular one.

4. Dubai Water Canal

Opened towards the end of 2016, this is an essential addition of recent years to Dubai’s list of waterfront attractions. 2.7 billion AED was spent constructing the 3.2 km canal, which passes through the middle of the busiest part of the city. The channel even cuts Sheikh Zayed Road before it meets Arabian Gulf.

The waterfront has a jogging track and a 12 km cycling path. This place is perfect for a romantic outing in the evening. However, you might not want to visit here when the sun rises above. Also, the whole promenade and bridges across the canal are drowned in lights after sunset. The sides of the Sheikh Zayed Road bridge have a mechanical waterfall, which again is drenched with purple lights. This waterfall uses sensors to make way for boats and ferries as they move beneath the bridge.

Dubai Water Canal has changed the face of Business Bay forever. Unlike all the other marinas, this one is in the busy downtown center. For Dubai, this presents an immense opportunity for huge developments.

The waterfront will witness astounding growth in the coming years, with 80,000 square meters of space planned for entertainment and housing.

The canal looks stunning at night. The streetlights along the canal are powered by solar panels, which charge up the batteries during daylight hours. All of these lamp posts have charging stations and wifi. There are a few bridges to walk across; one looks like the Golden Gate Bridge in San Fransisco.

The water canal has excellent accessibility due to its proximity to the metro. This place is best visited in the evening.

5. Dubai Mall – More than enough reasons to shop

Like almost all the other superlatives, the largest mall in the UAE is in Dubai. Located at the foot of Burj Khalifa and spanning over an area equal to fifty soccer fields, Dubai Mall nearly qualifies as a city in and of itself. The mall gathers more visitors yearly than Los Angeles or Newyork does.

All the crazy things inside the mall are like a real dinosaur skeleton. If you want to, you can spend a year and a half browsing around those hundreds of stores.

Dubai Mall is home to a little over 1200 shopping outlets. Many of which are dedicated to gold jewelry. And on the top floor is the Kidzania.

There weren’t as many reasons in one place to spend money as ever before. Even if you don’t hunger to eat out (pun intended) or hunt for couture, the gigantic aquarium or the ice skating rink will beckon any jovial soul.

It is also easy to get lost inside the mall. If you don’t watch out, you will spend a long time searching for the entrance you came in through.

Best place for shopping visits. Even you can spend hours window shopping and strolling inside the mall.

6. JBR and Dubai Marina – The east meets the west

Marina is an artificial canal city along the Arabian Gulf, like Venice. But the buildings here soar to the sky. Most of the buildings here are at least 300 meters tall. There are a great many architectural feats all over the water city. Cyan tower stands out with its twisted construction.

A 7-kilometer promenade lines the length of the canal. Though thousands of people come here daily, the wide walkways are not crowded. Marina Walk is made to be explored on foot.

Innumerable restaurants and branded outlets adorn the entire walk. Marina Walk is a premier marketplace with luxury clothing brands and international restaurants. If you are here on weekends, head towards the cobblestone avenue to catch a glimpse of street performances.

The Beach is another open-air mall in Marina. But this one is on the beachside near JBR. Though not as expansive as the marketplace on the promenade. The Beach has a cheerful vibe, being next to the sea. Bluewaters Island and the towering Ain Dubai, the tallest Ferris Wheel globally, can be seen from Marina Beach.

If you want to witness the poshest neighborhood in Dubai, then this is the place to go. And there are numerous opportunities for shopping and eating.

7. Dubai Frame – Picture perfect

A recent addition to Dubai’s list of architectural marvels is the Dubai Frame. The one that adds a golden tinge to the city’s skyline. The tower is located in Zabeel Park, between Old and New Dubai.

The photo frame-shaped landmark is two towers measuring 150 meters tall, connected by a 93 meters long bridge. The exterior of the frame is covered in gold-colored stainless steel cladding as a throwback to Dubai’s rise as a gold trading center.

The mezzanine floor of the frame showcases the past of Dubai as you enter it. With the use of mist, projectors, and screens, the gallery explains the humble beginnings of Dubai. You can see the expanding horizons as you move up through the glass windows of the elevator from the mezzanine floor to the Skydeck.

On the Skydeck, the two sides of the frame give us two completely distinctive perspectives of Dubai. Old Dubai includes Karama, Bur Dubai, and Deira on one side. Faraway, the quintessential Creek can be seen winding in the middle of low-rise buildings.

On the other side is the new Dubai, with the broad and busy Sheikh Zayed Road and iconic Burj Khalifa soaring into the sky in downtown Dubai. It would be best if you tried walking over the acrophobia-inducing glass bridge.

There is yet another museum on the mezzanine floor, but this time on your way back. This one is about the future of Dubai and is equipped with state-of-the-art Augmented Reality presentations.

Definitely worth visiting along with your family. Children will enjoy all the galleries and visual elements.

8. Palm Jumeirah – An incredible island

Who would have thought about building an island shaped like a palm tree? But Dubai did. They are just ingenious like that. Not only that, but they also made it the largest artificial Island ever built. So big that it can even be seen from space.

The Palm Island (or Palm Jumeirah) is a luxury private residence and hotel center. There are over 30 hotels on this Island alone. The most prominent among these hotels is the Atlantis.

You can board a monorail from the station near the Internet city at the base of the Palm’s trunk. The monorail will take you to the crescent at the end of Palm Island and offer a brief visual tour of the Island.

The lagoons on the Island are a great place for yachting. The white sand beaches in the Palm are a water sports destination for adventure seekers. An eleven-kilometer boardwalk stretches along the shore behind the Atlantis. This boardwalk is teeming with food trucks and souvenir stands. Sip a mug of coffee under the parasol feeling the sea breeze.

This is a man-made wonder you should see. You can get a good view of all of the Palm Jumeirah if you go on the Palm Monorail. But to really appreciate the design of the island you will need to get on a helicopter.

9. Dubai Fountain – The dancing water

Everyone knows that the tallest building in the world is in Dubai. But there is more to it. Right below Burj Khalifa, in the middle of the 30 acres, Burj Lake has the world’s tallest fountain — the Dubai fountain. It is also the world’s largest choreographed fountain.

The fountain can shoot 22,000 gallons or 83,000 liters of water over 140 meters high, almost as high as a 50-story building. It has five varying-sized circles and two arcs stretching 275 meters across the lake. The same creators of Bellagio fountains in Las Vegas were behind the design of the Dubai Fountain.

6,600 WET lights and 25 colored projectors give the fountain a spectacular nighttime image. One thing that draws people to it is the synchronized choreography with music. The light, the sound, and the undulating water thrill the onlookers for hours on end.

Because it is located between Dubai Mall and Souk AI Bahar, there are a lot of great vantage points. But if you want a closer look, you can get a pass and go to the boardwalk, which extends 272 meters into the lake. You will be standing just 9m from the high water, which means there is no escape from getting wet.

Take an Abra ride through the lake if you wish for an entirely new perspective. The ride goes through the fountain as it performs.

The fountain has three types of shooters to throw water at three height levels. The most powerful can create 500 ft tall jets, making the spray visible even far away.

One of the easiest to visit places in Dubai. Grab a coffee from a restaurant with a nice view of the fountain and enjoy the show.

10. Yacht Cruise is The best thing to do in Dubai

Set off on a magical journey across the rippling waters of the Arabian Gulf with the cool sea breeze blowing around you. Get close to Burj Al Arab, Atlantis, Palm, and World Islands.

Go deep-sea fishing or relish dinner on a yacht. You can also think of a catamaran party for a group of 30 or, even better, a corporate fishing trip.

Fishing Charter

The sudden flash of excitement when you feel a tug on your line and as you reel in your catch! Deep-sea fishing is a sought-after thing to do in Dubai. Sailfish, Barracuda, Grouper, Tuna, Queenfish, and Snapper are the most common fish.

A fishing cruise will take you to the best fishing locations on a boat with fishing equipment and fish-finding Sonars. Catch the fish, cook them, and have them on board!

Romancing a Sunset

As soft waves rock the yacht and the sun glides down the horizon, you will witness one of the most beautiful sunsets of your life—an ideal moment to share with someone special. As the setting sun paints the city orange and pink, the mesmerizing sight will be one of the most cherished moments of your cruise experience.

Leisure in Luxury

Organize a yacht cruise that no one will forget. Whether a small gathering of friends or family or a grand bash for a larger group, there is a luxury boat to cater to your needs. From the smallest boat for eight people to an elegant 85 ft luxury yacht that can host a party of 37, there is a yacht for any occasion. So don’t wait and try out the best yacht charter Dubai offers.

Yachting is a sought after pastime in Dubai. It is best for medium to large groups of people, like five and above, and families and weddings. There are yacht cruise packages suitable for many activities. So plan yours and pick the one that suits you.

11. Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

Discover a world of underwater species at the Dubai Aquarium — one of the major attractions inside Dubai Mall.

The giant water tank home to 33 000 animals once held the Guinness World Record for ‘The Single Largest Acrylic Panel.’ Go scuba diving in the water and take a swim with sharks. If shark dives are too terrifying, you can go cage snorkeling or ride a boat with a glass bottom.

You can observe the fish from the outside too. Walk past the mesmerizing wall of water with hundreds of fish gliding by. Completely immerse yourself into the wonders of marine life by walking through the underwater tunnel; take a stroll with the sharks and rays swimming centimeters from you just behind the glass.

There is also an underwater zoo. There are three sections: the Rainforest, the Rocky Shore, and the Living Ocean featuring three different environments, each homing otters, giant catfish, penguins, and even a crocodile. You can even get close to some animals and pet some of them.

Dubai aquarium is a fantastic place to take your children. Even grown-ups can enjoy it a lot, especially if you are interested in diving into the water.

12. Al Fahidi Historical District – Alleys of Heritage

Walk the narrow alleys of history at Al Fahidi Quarter in Bur Dubai, known as Bastakia. The place is soaked with Emirati heritage, with its traditional houses having wind towers, galleries, and museums.

Bastakia was established back in the 1890s by merchants, later becoming housing for immigrant workers. The city’s municipality wanted to demolish the heritage quarter at one point in history. However, legend has it that Prince Charles suggested preserving the area during his visit to the UAE 1989. The plans to demolish the neighborhood were canceled.

In 2005 the Dubai Municipality started a major restoration campaign making Al Fahidi Historic District what it is now — an iconic heritage site of old Dubai.

It is exciting to see numerous galleries and old houses with wind towers, the earliest forms of air conditioning. Only the wealthiest traders would have wind towers. The architecture and intricate designs on different elements of the houses will fascinate you.

There are more than 50 buildings, including art galleries, a guest house, a museum, a café, and Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding.

To explore the local culture, visit the cultural center, have some tea and snacks at the café, see the artworks of local and international artists, and explore on your own.

Look inside the Dubai Museum in the Al Fahidi Fort and buy souvenirs at the nearby souq.

Al Fahidi historical district will let you understand the forgotten heritage of Dubai. It’s suitable for educational visits and even a family outing in the evening. Children will enjoy the quaint houses and maze-like alleyways.

13. Dubai Garden Glow – Light it up

Dubai garden glow is where kids can have fun and learn simultaneously. That is what Dubai Garden Glow is. It is located next to Sheikh Zayed Road inside Zabeel Park and is divided into themes. Glow Park, Dinosaur Park, Ice Park, and Art Park. Each of them has a different atmosphere and a purpose to it.

Dubai Garden Glow is the biggest glow park in the world. The garden looks like any other garden during the daytime, with sculptures of dinosaurs and other characters, but after sunset, the place transforms.

Glow Park has models of wildlife and trees, which conveys the importance of protecting the environment. These artistic shapes glow after nightfall, emanating an otherworldly aura.

With more than 120 dinosaur sculptures, the Garden Glow has a Dinosaur park bigger than any other. The park is aimed at children, but this one is especially so. They will enjoy the interactive elements in the garden, like Dinosaur Lab, which showcases the life of these prehistoric creatures.

You will need to buy an additional pass to enter Ice Park. But the money is worth it if you are into arts and modeling.

This place is designed for children. The most interesting bit in the Garden Glow is the dinosaur park.

14. La Mer – The artful side of a beach

La Mer, which means ‘The sea’ in French, is the latest addition to Dubai’s list of beautiful beaches. This is not just like other beaches, though. Situated on Jumeirah beach and spanning a whopping 1.24 million square kilometers, La Mer is packed with shopping centers, eateries, cinemas, and amusement parks for a perfect day out. Laguna water park is also located in La Mer.

This place is divided into two zones; north and South. There isn’t much in these names. North and South differentiate this extensive beachfront into smaller zones for convenience.

You will surely get many Instagram-worthy pictures near the Banksy-style murals across the Beach.

Many major international brands — clothing, beauty care, and restaurants — have their stores in La Mer. Parker’s restaurant here does not require you to find a key.

There is something for everyone here. If you are into sunbathing or spending time in a beach house, book a cabana and enjoy it for a whole day. Rates of these cabanas (or day rooms) depend on the group size. The Beach has many water sports options, from paddleboarding to kayaking and boat cruises. You can get inside a buggy and see around the whole place because walking across La Mer will be too tiring due to its vastness.

La Mer is attractive to tourists because it’s not as expensive as other beachfront locations in Dubai.

A place to go if you like to shop, sunbathe, and swim. There are many restaurants and cafes for dining overlooking the sea. In the winter, it is nice to for lazy strolls and to snap pictures.

15. Quranic Park – Curating the history

The Quranic Park was opened in March 2019. This 64-hectare park, located in Al Khawaneej, near Mushrif Park, is free to enter for anyone. The park exhibits the events, histories, and plants mentioned in the Quran’s Islamic holy scripture. This park is the first-ever Quran-inspired park in the world. This fares well as a place for edutainment visits for kids and grown-ups.

The Glass House and Cave of Miracles can only be visited with a nominally priced ticket. The Glass House has the trees and plants mentioned in the Quran with their scientific names and medicinal properties. The Cave of Miracles illustrates some of the miracles narrated in the Quran, such as Prophet Moses splitting the sea and Prophet Muhammad splitting the moon in half.

The Quranic Park highlights the message of peace, love, and tolerance, which the Islamic faith emphasizes.

The park also showcases Islamic calligraphy and art. The trunk of the solar panels trees with WIFI and phone charging station doubles as shades for visitors and is engraved with breathtaking Arabic calligraphy. Park is an example of integrating technology into our lives without looking too out of place. The AC vents inside the Glass House are also made like tree trunks to blend in with the facility’s design.

There are shops in the park that sells herbs and plants in the Quran. Water fountains in the nearby lake also add to the scenic attraction.

This park has only been opened recently. Though it is a large park, some things need more development, and we hope it will be in the coming months. But considering the cheap ticket price, the place is worth a visit.

16. Burj Al Arab A Seven-star Luxury

The definition of luxury, Burj Al Arab, has been a landmark of Dubai for many years. No one leaves this city without capturing a picture of this hotel. It was voted the world’s most luxurious and the Middle East’s leading hotel several times.

Andre Agassi and Roger Federer played a tennis game 212m above the sea on the helipad at the Burj Al Arab. 

Each suite in the hotel has 24-hour private butler service, and there is a reception on each floor and even a Rolls-Royce fleet to take guests around the city.

The monumental wonder is built 300m from shore, and the only means of getting there is via a private bridge. Built over five years, this is the tallest all-suite hotel in the world, towering 321m high. It resembles a traditional Arabian dhow sail, portraying a solid connection of the nation to its sailing heritage.

While Burj Al Arab can be seen from land and sea, getting inside the hotel for sightseeing is impossible. Unless you stay at the hotel or want to go for dinner, there is no way to get past the security. If you are going, be sure to reserve beforehand.

Burj Al Arab is a major landmark in Dubai. It is one of a kind hotel with facilities and luxury way above the five-star standard. To visit there, you will either need a restaurant or hotel reservation, which can be quite pricey.

17. The House of Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum

The house of Saeed bin Maktoum bin Hasher Al Maktoum is one of the oldest buildings in Dubai and the home of the former ruler of the emirate — the grandfather of the current ruler of Dubai. Built in 1896, it was the seat of the government when Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum resided there. He passed away in 1958, leaving behind a great heritage, which was evidence of the evolution of Dubai as an emirate and the UAE as a country. The house is a legacy of Dubai’s roots, making it a great place to visit.

Today the historic residence is transformed into a museum housing iconic old photographs, coins, stamps, and documents that preserve the short but great history of the country. The photography exhibition narrates the art of pearl diving, historical moments, and the first school and hospital in the country.

Another exciting thing to explore about the household of his highness is the house’s architecture. The structure is made of coral stones and mud, like every building in the area in those days. The typical Arabian courtyard with small rooms and wind towers has a unique charm. The house is next to Creek and offers a great view from its top floors.

Being an old palace, this place is drenched in history. Though there is nothing to spend a lot of hours, it is something to see in Old Dubai. The ticket price is really low.

18. Aquaventure Water Park – Water adventure

Located near the famous Atlantis-The Palm Hotel is a beautiful waterpark world called Aquaventure. The lavish 42-acre water park boasts a 700-meter private beach, mind-blowing slides, fun rides, and numerous other attractions. How about quickly rushing through a shark lagoon or zipping down a giant planet slide? There are enough activities for both adrenaline seekers and lazy tanners.

Feel the rush as you slide down from the towers of Poseidon and Neptune or fly free as a bird on the longest zip line in the region at Atlantean Flyer Zi.

Record-breaking water slides, lazy rivers, particular areas for kids, and underwater tunnels of rays and sharks — will make up a unique and fun-filled experience under the sun.

The lush setting of the park is reminiscent of a tropical jungle with azure blue pools at every step. The private Beach is a separate area for some relaxation.

A great place to spend a summer day in the water having fun. Everyone from children to teenagers and adults can have fun here.

19. Gold Souk – City of Gold

Dubai’s famous Gold Souk (the Arabic term for market) earned Dubai the name ‘City of Gold,’ and rightly so. Gold Souk is in Deira, near Baniyas Square. The gold market has been a significant attraction for years, making people worldwide buy gold, diamonds, and jewelry cheaply.

You should visit the glittering souk even if you don’t plan on buying anything. Walk down the alleys with the glimmer of gold reflecting out of each shop window.

Prices of gold at Gold Souk are among the lowest in the world. One of the jewelers in the souk houses the giant ring in the world — Najmat Taiba (Star of Taiba) — which weighs a whopping 64kg. It’s displayed behind a glass window for tourists to take pictures with.

Besides gold, you will find silver, precious and semi-precious gemstones and breathtakingly beautiful jewelry.

This place may feel like a regular marketplace to you, but this was where Dubai begin its incredible growth a few decades ago. Best for shopping at cheap rates and to dive into 70s Dubai.

20. IMG World of Adventures

IMG World of Adventures is Dubai’s first-ever fully air-conditioned indoor theme park. It spans an area of 140 thousand square meters. That’s the size of 28 soccer fields. It is located near Global Village, a considerable distance from the city. Therefore, you must go there by car or take a taxi.

The park is divided into four zones: Cartoon Network, IMG Boulevard, Lost Valley Dinosaur Adventure, and Marvel Comics. These names might make it look like this place is for young children, and rightly so. However, everyone will find at least a few things to enjoy.

Rides like ‘The Velociraptor’ and ‘Predator’ will give you many stomach-churning, heart-stopping moments. And if you have kids with you, definitely visit the cartoon network zone. For example, they have fantastic rides, like Mojo Jojo’s Robot Rampage. But if you are prone to motion sickness or have a weak stomach, it will be better to stay away from them.

Kids will enjoy ‘The Adventure Fortress’, where they can climb rope ladders and hang around like monkeys in a safe environment. ‘Most visitors favor the Haunted Hotel’ inside IMG Boulevard. It would be best to go through a long queue to get inside it for the same reason.

This is a must-visit spot if you are a fan of Marvel characters. It is also suited for a family outing on a summer day when you don’t want to be out under the blazing sun.

When summer hits hard, indoor theme parks like these are your go-to places. Bring the kids here and let them have fun. And there are a few exciting rides for you too.

21. Motiongate

Motiongate, which opened in 2016, is a part of Dubai Parks and Resorts. It came later than the IMG world of Adventures but is different because, unlike IMG, Motiongate is an open-air park. Therefore, it is best explored during colder weather.

As you enter through the gates, you are greeted by Studio Central. This section is for shops, restaurants, and refreshments. You won’t find any rides here. Some of their famous movie characters are brought to life inside Columbia Pictures. Zombieland Blastoff here is not for the faint-hearted. The ride takes you 58 meters above the ground and drops you from there when you least expect it.

You must visit Smurfs village if you have kids younger than 14. There are Smurf houses and larger-than-life Smurf characters here. Smurfs Village Express is a roller coaster for kids. Take your kids to Woodland Play Park if they enjoy climbing over things and swinging around.

Dreamworks is an indoor section of the park with interiors modeled after movies like How to Train Your Dragon, Madagascar, and Shrek. Lions Gate is the last of them, which is no less exciting. The major attractions in Lions Gate are the Capitol Bullet Train and the 4D aerial tour of Panem.

This one is a recently opened theme park in Dubai which is a part of Dubai parks and resorts. Just like any other theme park, this one is also aimed at the younger ones. If you are young at heart, there are some amazing roller coasters which you can enjoy.

22. Legoland

This is another of the attractions in Dubai parks and resorts. But this one is mainly intended for children. Although the park claim to be for children aged 2-12, it will be better enjoyed by kids between 4 and 9.

Legoland has many parts, including Factory, Miniland, and four more themed portions; Imagination, Adventure, Lego City, and Kingdoms. The process of making Legos are shown in Factory. Take a quick stroll through this part and go to the Miniland. Replicas of skyscrapers and the metro in Dubai made entirely of Lego blocks are a sight to see. The models of metro trains move over their tracks. However, this might not be as interesting to your kids as to you.

‘Kingdoms’ is for the adventurous ones. The thrilling rides here are not meant for the younger kids as there is a height requirement to enter them. Some of the rides are interactive, like Merilyn Flying Machine, a carousel shaped like a plane, in which the rider can push a joystick and move the plane up and down as it rotates.

The rides inside ‘Adventure’ will be fun for the parents. Submarine Adventure is a unique ride that takes you to the bottom of a pool and lets you look at the fish and Lego models through the glass window.

Kids who love to build with legos will love ‘Imagination.’ They can create their things with Legos and find new things to make from Master Builders Academy. Finally comes Lego City, where they can play real-life roles at ‘Driving School’, ‘Boating School’, ‘Police Headquarters’, and ‘Rescue Academy’.

Legoland is a part of Dubai Parks and Resorts. This one is most suitable for younger children who are between 4–9 years of age or those who are still in love with legos.

23. Alserkal Avenue – For the sake of art

Alserkel Avenue is unique. It wouldn’t be hyperbolic to say there is nothing similar to it anywhere else in the UAE. In 2007, a cluster of warehouses in Al Quoz — an industrial district in Dubai — was repurposed to host art and pop culture. The complex was designed by the Dutch Pritzker Architecture Prize laureate Rem Koolhaas.

This is fast becoming the center of expressionism. Expressionism is the art movement that focuses on connecting with the human mind and emotions. Since its beginning, this art hub has attracted outstanding talents from all over the world. Among them is El Seed, the artist who rose to fame from his masterpiece work ‘Perception’ in which he painted 50 buildings in a Cairo neighborhood.

‘Third Line’, one of the many art galleries in Alserkal, showcases the creations of more than 30 Middle Eastern artists like Lamya Gargash and Fouad Elkoury. Chi-Ka is an art and fashion house inspired by traditional Japanese aesthetics and middle eastern culture. One of their works is a blend of Japanese Kimono and Arabic Abaya.

‘The Good Life’, Alserkel’s resident designer footwear makers, is frequented by sneakerheads. There is also a place for offbeat and artistic international movies called ‘Cinema Akeel’, launched in 2014 and has held more than 60 pop-up cinemas since then.

The area is filled with art enthusiasts who see Quoz arts fest during the winter. But it is not all about arts, though. You can find shops that sell exquisite coffee, burgers, and desserts on every other corner.

This place is for the art lovers to stimulate the creative part of their brain. This place can be a bit polarising. You will love it if you are into art and will find it boring if you are not.

24. Jumeirah Mosque

Jumeirah Mosque is one of the two mosques open for a visit for non-muslims in Dubai, the other being Al Farooq Omar Bin Al Khattab Mosque. It is located near Jumeirah Beach, an up-market neighborhood.

The mosque is iconic in Dubai and is also the most photographed one. Five hundred dirhams banknote of the UAE features this mosque. The mosque with white walls and traditional Fatimid architecture seems like a historic building even though it was completed in the 1970s.

Two slender minarets flank the large central dome. At dusk, the intricate carvings on the dome and minarets become more prominent, adding to its overall beauty.

The mosque offers a guided tour that lasts 75 minutes, starting from 10 AM every day except Fridays. No prior booking is required for the tour, but you must be there before 10 AM. It is an opportunity to learn about the culture and religion of the United Arab Emirates.

Modest dressing is mandatory to enter the mosque. Women should wear headscarves, and men should not wear trousers shorter than knee length. Appropriate clothes can always be borrowed at the entrance.

Visitors are encouraged to ask questions about anything. Ask about Islamic holidays, rituals, clothing, Ramadan, cuisines, and customs. The curator will explain the’ wudu purification ritual near the water fountain. Children have programs that are appropriate for their ages. The tour program also lets you taste the local dishes and sweets.

A must visit to everyone who comes to Dubai. A tour of this mosque will help you understand the Islamic heritage and traditions.

25. Souk Madinat Jumeirah

Souk Madinat Jumeirah is a shopping mall built like traditional Arabic souks with stands, barrows, and wind towers. But everything else about it is modern. International luxury brands, restaurants, cafes, and entertainment centers like Madinat Theatre.

The souk is part of Madinat Jumeirah resort on Jumeirah beach. From here, you will get a great view of Burj Al Arab. A 5-kilometer-long Venetian-style canal runs along the resort connecting various hotels. You can take a leisurely trip through this canal on an Abra — a traditional Arabic boat used to ferry people. The walls of the souk are earth-colored, and the wooden ceiling is adorned with antique chandeliers. You might have to walk more than expected because getting lost in the winding maze-like alley is easy.

The mall is open seven days a week, usually from 10 AM to 11 PM. You will find some interesting shops on either side of the alleyways selling homeware, fashion, jewelry, souvenirs, and refreshments. There are more than 20 restaurants offering cuisines from all over the globe.

Anyone can visit the souk for free. There are no metro stops nearby, but the nearest is the Mall of the Emirates though it will take a ten-minute drive to get to the souk.

This is an old-style souk built in the modern part of Dubai. One of the many interesting shopping malls in Dubai. Visit it for the experience and shopping opportunity.

26. Ski Dubai – Snow-time fun

From dunes to snow slopes, Dubai can take you from blazing heat to sub-zero temperatures in no time. Meticulous care keeps the inside temperature between -1 and 2 degrees Celsius. Try out skiing. It’s one of the ‘coolest’ things to do in Dubai. Play in the snow, slide down the tube, and roll in a Zorb ball.

Ski Dubai is the largest indoor ski resort in the Middle East. The slope boasts five runs depending on one’s skiing level. And it’s not even a problem if you don’t know how to ski. They offer skiing lessons as well.

Relax at the snow park and meet Ski Dubai’s permanent residents and the snow penguins, or go sightseeing on the chairlift. Chairlifts are used to carry people up the slope. Skiiers can choose to ski on any of the four slopes. Each pitch varies in length and slopes with different difficulty levels.

The longest of the Runs measures 400 meters with a 60-meter drop. The world’s first indoor black diamond run is also in Ski Dubai.

Given the intensity of the cold, protective clothes are mandated to ensure visitors’ safety. Therefore, all the necessary protective gear is included in the ticket price, which means you don’t have to lug any of them when you come.

The snow park is inside the Mall of the Emirates so that you can go shopping after skiing. However, you would likely want to get a cup of hot chocolate from the mountain-themed cafes.

A unique place to visit in Dubai. Suitable for both family fun and adventure.

27. Wild Wadi – Water Adventure

Spend an entire day splashing in the pools, riding crazy slides, and chilling on a float in the lazy river. Seated on Jumeirah Beach near Burj Al Arab, Wild Wadi is the first-ever water park in Dubai.

It is themed around the tale of Juha, the friend of Sindbad, the sailor. The park spans over 12 acres and has 30 brightly colored rides.

There are two lazy rivers in Wild Wadi; Juha’s Journey and Flood River. You can take in all the beachside vistas from the top of Juha’s Journey, a 360-meter leisure ride. On the other hand, the Flood River is one tad rougher but still calm flowing water.

Juha’s Dhow and Lagoon has Sindbad joyriding the magical carpet and a large bucket that dumps water over anyone that stands below it every two minutes.

Wild Wadi has the tallest freefall slide and the largest wave pool in Middles East. The slide, Jumeirah Sceirah, measures 120 meters from the ground and propels riders at a mindblowing speed of 80 km/hr. The wave pool is called Wipeout Flowrider, where you can try boarding.

White Water and Master Blaster carry you around the park. The strong waves in these rides can lift people on the slides.

You get complimentary entry to the water park if you stay in the Jumeirah Beach Hotel. Wild Wadi is a great place for family recreation on hot summer days. They keep opening new slides and renovating to stay up-to-date with the fun-demanding crowds.

One of the first waterpark in Dubai. Though old, the place is well maintained and constantly updated. A good place to take kids.

28. Dubai Miracle Garden

Delve into a world of a million flowers at the Miracle Garden in Dubai. A unique and stunningly beautiful destination with more than 50 million blossoms on display. It has over 120 varieties, including sunflowers, petunias, and marigolds.

Miracle Garden holds the Guinness World Record for the most prominent structure made of flowers. A life-size model of Boeing A380 is made up of 500,00 flowers. Every season, new flowers bloom, bursting with colors and breathing new life into the park.

There is a Burj Khalifa of flowers and a little house overflowing with florets. Other attractions are Disney Avenue, the Trampoline park, Amphitheatre, Floral Clock, which works, Heart Passage, and the dazzling Floral pyramids.

Dubai Butterfly Garden is a part of Miracle Garden, which homes 15000 butterflies from 26 different species. The indoor sanctuary made of 10 domes provides these tiny creatures with a climate-controlled environment to thrive.

The Miracle Garden is nearly circular. If you are not in a rush, seeing all the attractions will take about an hour.

Completing this garden was unparalleled, given that it is in a desert. The park takes advantage of drip irrigation using recycled wastewater. A team of botanists, florists, and environmental engineers ensures a gorgeous and eco-friendly garden.

An attraction that boasts many Guinness records. Visiting the Miracle Garden is one of the most romantic things to do in Dubai.

29. Skydiving – Conquer the Sky

Try out one of the most adventurous things to do in Dubai! Skydiving is done at drop zones or a diving center. From there, an aircraft will take you into the air to perform your jump and safely land in a designated area. The plane depends on the drop zone. Good weather conditions are vital for safe skydiving so drop zones can suspend normal operations during inclement weather.

For newbies, there are three options to make that exhilarating first jump: The tandem, static line training jump, and the accelerated free fall or AFF.

The tandem jump is the most common way of first-time diving. You have nothing to worry about as you are strapped to a professional — the Tandem Master — who will take care of everything. FreFreefallll will last 45 to 60 seconds and around a four-minute canopy ride while landing. Tandem skydiving doesn’t require much training since the master handles all the technical parts of the skydive.

In an accelerated free fallout, jump on your own with some help. After special ground training, you finally get to jump with your parachute. Two instructors will hold on to you in your jump to assist you in positioning your body correctly and setting your parachute at the right time! Another instructor on land will assist you in landing via the radio.

The least popular method of a beginner jump is the Static line jump. Here you dive on your own, except that a particular ‘rope’ attached to the aircraft automatically blows up your parachute for you.

You have to be at least 18 years old to skydive. Also, you should be in good health and physical condition to do it. You should not take medication that will cloud your mind, judgment, or performance.

This is for the adventurous souls. Remember that not everyone can do the skydiving. There are some guidelines and fitness levels you have to meet, which are not that tough.

30. Falconry Wings of tradition

Falconry is a powerful part of Emirati culture that has been kept alive today. Bedouin tribes living in the vast desert terrains used falcons for hunting. The art of taming the wild bird and training is passed on from generation to generation.

Falcon is the national bird of the UAE. This country can see it everywhere, from its passport to its coat of arms.

The UAE holds falconry tournaments called the Fazza Championship during winter, bringing thousands of falconers together to compete and show off their birds. The skill of the falconer is greatly appreciated as it requires tremendous effort, while the beauty and strength of the bird are very prized too.

Owning falcons requires a license from the government. Every year millions of dirhams are spent for the protection of these birds. Even a hospital is dedicated to caring for these birds in the capital city.

From an age-old tradition, falconry has evolved into a popular hobby and a sport practiced purely for competition. Laws protect the bird and exceptional hospitals from caring for them in the UAE. With the same popularity as horseracing and camel racing, falconry brings the thrill of competition and attracts more and more people to this exceptional sport.

If you’re lucky, you can attend one of the seven falconry championships during your visit to Dubai or at least take a photo with the magnificent bird.

Falconry is a heritage sport of the UAE. If you go for it hoping for a nail-biting fun, you will be disappointed. Go see it to appreciate the traditional aspect of the region.

31. Dubai Autodrome

5.39 kilometer Race & Drive Centre and F1 track are world-renowned motor sporting events. This is the first racing circuit built following the stricter design guidelines by FIA (Federation Internationale de l’Automobile), like asphalt run-off areas and a digital surveillance system.

Every year Dubai Autodrome becomes host to Emirates Motorsport Expo. Located in the heart of Motor City, Autodrome was built to promote racing as a sport in the UAE.

Kartdrome, located here, offers leisure rides to people above seven. Groups of tourists and companies often use the 620-meter indoor track for leisure sporting fun with their buddies and colleagues. You can enjoy two races, each lasting 15 minutes for a ticket, and then compare your race records with your friends. Children between twelve and eighteen can also have a first-drive experience. Helmets and other safety gear will be provided at the track.

For motorheads, this place presents a plethora of options to explore. From Audi TT to Audi R8 V10 and real single-seater race cars, you can feel the power of supercars on this track around its 17 corners and 1.2 km track. 

Great opportunity to drive a real sports car on a real race track. Young people don’t miss this.

32. Go jet skiing

Several places offer Jet Skiing in Dubai, like Marina, Mamzar, Jumeirah Beach, etc. One jet-skiing session is at least 30 minutes. However, there are rental packages for more than that.

Two people can ride on a jet ski simultaneously, which is unnecessary. If you like to ride alone, you can. Training sessions and briefings on Dubai maritime rules are mandated before the ride to reduce the chances of accidents.

There are not many requirements for one to be able to ski. People of any size, shape, and fitness level can go for it at least 13 or above. But riders under 16 must have an adult companion on the ski.

Yellow floats mark the areas in the sea where skis are allowed. Don’t go beyond those. It is also dangerous to speed along the coastline where there will be swimmers.

One should wear a life jacket even if they know how to swim. Jet skis have no breaks. So be very wary and be at a safe distance from anything and anyone. Slow down to the lowest speed and shut off the motor if you want to stop.

A cable connects you to an emergency switch, and if you are thrown off the vehicle, it will automatically shut off. Unlike everyday driving, you have to press gas on a jet ski as you make a turn. The ski won’t turn if the engine doesn’t give enough thrust.

A thrilling water sports which is common in Dubai beaches. The great thing about it is that, if you are old enough, you can go for a spin on a jet ski on your own.

33. Hot Air Balloon Ride – Up above the world so high

To view Dubai or the whole of the UAE from a new perspective, float your way over stunning views of the desert.

Depending on your preference and the weather, sunrise or sunset is the perfect time to be high in the sky. What would you like to cherish more; new dawn or fantastic dusk?

For the sunrise session, the trip starts early in the morning because you have to be up in the sky when the rising sun sets in.

The flat balloon must be inflated before it is ready to carry passengers. A balloon can take 4-8 people depending on size and type. Everyone on board must buck up and assume a squat before the lift-off. With a few more blasts of flame, the balloon uneventfully rises inch by inch at first and gradually gains momentum.

There is the resident rider on the Falcon balloon along with the passengers. When the balloon reaches the zenith, the Falcon is free to fly. The sight of the magnificent bird toing and froing from the basket will arouse the awe and curiosity of the riders. You can see the desert teeming with animals, birds, and vegetation from above. The ride lasts for one hour.

A nice and affordable option to get a bird’s eye view of Dubai.

34. Touring Dubai on a helicopter

Fly over the landmarks of Dubai! No matter how far and wide you have explored the city, nothing will beat the aerial view of Palm Jumeirah, Sheikh Zayed Road, and the World Islands.

The helicopter flight duration ranges from 10 minutes to over an hour, although the most popular are usually between 25 and 30 minutes. There are a variety of packages and routes to fly above the heritage sites along Creek, around Burj Khalifa and Atlantis, and across Palm Jumeirah. However, the flight route has to be approved by the air-traffic control, and therefore bad weather or any other factor might lead to a change in a pre-planned way.

Lastly, be mindful of arriving at least half an hour before the trip schedule to allow for formalities and carry your passport. A chopper will take 5 to 6 passengers at a time. So you can bring your family or friends along.

A helicopter tour brings you the complete picture of Dubai with all the tall buildings and sprawling urban cityscape.

A few companies in Dubai offer helicopter tours like Emirates Helicopter Tours, Helicopter Tour Dubai, HeliDubai, and more.

Good for seeing Dubai from the sky and also if you haven’t been on a helicopter before give it a try.

35. Horse ride

Did you secretly wish that you could saddle a horse like a professional jockey? You can try this out at any of Dubai’s numerous equestrian clubs.

Horses are indisputable in Emirati society, and have glorified these magnificent beasts in their paintings and poems. Unsurprisingly, Dubai hosts the most eminent and anticipated horse racing championship globally — the Dubai World Cup. Arabian horses are the rage for their beauty and powerful muscles among the horses.

Even if you are a novice in horse riding, you can go to any equestrian club or a private stable to learn dressage, saddle up the steed, rein the horse, and how to ride and tend them. There are some parklands in the desert natural reserves where you can canter your gelding under the twilight glow and spot desert foxes and gazelle.

There are public stables that offer riding lessons. You should choose a horse that goes well with you. Mares are easier to handle and suitable for beginners, while professionals usually use stallions due to their roughness and difficulty taming.

Also, horse riding is more than a hobby. It develops balance, muscle strength, and blood circulation, increasing agility and reflex.

Horses and especially Arabian Horses are marvelous creatures. This is your opportunity actually to ride them. Traveling on something that has a mind of its own is very different than being in a car. Definitely worth experiencing.

36. Quad Biking- Tearing up the desert sand

Desert sand is impossible to tread on. That’s why the Bedouin folks resorted to camels. Nowadays, we have large SUVs to conquer these terrains at mind-blowing speeds. If you want to make it more stylish, there is a Quad bike.

Quad bikes are a beast of off-road biking in the uneven desert landscape. This fully all-terrain adaptation of a motorcycle will give you the freedom and speed to explore the sand.

You can rent a quad bike in many places, especially if you take the many roads toward Hatta from Dubai. But many desert safari packages let you tool around with All-Terrain Vehicles (i.e., quad bikes) and other desert adventures. Rental shops will require you to pay a refundable deposit.

Renting is a good option for people familiar with the terrain and comfortable riding a quad bike.

Before your ride, you’ll receive a safety briefing. It is best to wear sneakers or trainers for a comfortable ride. One must be 15 years and above to drive an ATV.

Wear protective attire and equipment like goggles, crash pads, and helmets. It’s not pleasant to have sand blowing against your face. Most importantly, don’t compare your speed with the others in the group. Always keep at least 20 meters distance between you and the other riders. Sand is quite treacherous, and you can quickly lose control.

ATVs have an utterly incredible performance. They are sturdy and provide balance more efficiently. They also have a large diameter and surface area, guaranteeing better exercise safety.

Quadbiking is a sport. Quadbiking in Dubai takes that to a whole new level by letting you do it in the desert. But if adventure sport is not your forte, then don’t bother with it.

37. Hatta mountain safari

Take a fascinating off-road trip to Hatta — an enclave of Dubai tucked high in the Hajar Mountains. Hatta mountain safari is distinct from a typical safari, combining the thrill of sandy and mountainous terrains.

The trip takes you to a world of natural pools, rugged mountains, and beautiful valleys. The scenery switches hues from the color of barren rocks to green as you get closer to Hatta. The problematic mountain passes starkly to the pristine streets in Dubai.

You can take in the serenity of the oases choking with palm trees and explore the wadis in search of the buried past. Bluegreen waters inside canyons will entice you to take a dip. So bring your swimsuits.

The 16th-century village has many historic buildings. Besides those buildings, eccentric shopping opportunities exist at the local street markets and carpet shops.

You must take your original passport and ID because you must go through Oman to get to Hatta.

A desert safari that combines the sand dunes, rocky mountains, and green vegetation of Hatta. A different kind of experience worth going for.

38. Kidzania – It’s a Kiddie World

Dubai has a city built exclusively for kids. On the top floor of Dubai Mall is Kidzania – a safe and unique environment where kids can have loads of fun and develop real-life skills simultaneously. Kidzania is spread over 80,000 feet with buildings, airports, banks, hospitals, and everything a modern city has. The mini-city is scaled for children from 4 to 16 to live a real getting a job, earn money, and spend it.

Kids arrive at Kidzania through an ‘airport’ and pass through customs. Upon entering the city, they get a check to cash at the bank and start making a living. The play center offers around 80 jobs in several categories, from medicine to entertainment.

In a fun and engaging manner, kids understand real life as they are paid a salary for their work.

Kidzania has its currency called Kidzos, so kids can spend only as much as they earn. Or they can save their bank accounts and use the money during their next visit. And the companies that offer jobs are McDonald’s, Dubai Police, Emirates Airlines, and so on – it doesn’t get more accurate.

Glancing into the city, you will see little ones walking the streets, a mini fire truck rushing around, followed by an ambulance, and more amusing real-life role-play. Parents can safely leave their kids in Kidzania.

The ultimate role-playing destination for kids. It is also in the convenience of the Dubai Mall.

39. iFly – Defy gravity

Experience skydiving and freefalling safely without boarding an airplane or going up thousands of meters above the ground. iFly allows you to try flying indoors without fear and dread of safety issues.

Gear up with a flying suit, helmet, and goggles. Before you embark on this gravity-defying feat, take notes on the instructions. Master the flying techniques and learn the sign language of skydivers. After the training session, you get two one-minute-long flying sessions.

The machine uses huge and powerful fans to keep you in mid-air. Two gigantic fans with a combined force of 800 horsepower set you off the pressurized staging area with wind blowing as fast as 200kmph. Be blown away!

All these happen inside a see-through acrylic tube. There are cameras to capture your wild excitement.

The flying tube is located in the convenience of a mall, so you can take a break from your shopping tour to try out flying. Everyone from 5 to 65 can have fun at Mirdif City Centre’s Playmania. iFly is incredible for a first try. However, nothing will compare to the mesmerizing views you see skydiving in Dubai!

iFly lets you experience sky diving without actually going for it. Unlike the real sky diving, it so much more affordable and even kids can do it.

40. The Lost Chambers Aquarium of Atlantis

Walking through the mesmerizing hallways with huge window-like aquariums, you will feel like you are in an underwater city. Seeing the gigantic aquarium filled with 65,000 different sea creatures is fantastic. Thousands of exotic marine species glide past behind the glass. You might be lucky to witness a feeding session if you come early.

See sharks attacking raw meat that the intrepid divers feed them. The sharks are not the only exciting monsters here; there are huge catfish and all types of lobsters! You can even touch some residents at the Touch Pools, like baby stingrays, small crabs, and starfish.

It is both a fun and educational experience to walk the mystic passageways of the chambers. A guide will reveal the myth of the long-lost ancient civilization while the interior décor and unique props combined with the water aquariums create an uncanny atmosphere.

This aquarium is smaller than the aquarium in Dubai Mall, but offers a distinctive theme and atmosphere.

41. Dubai Ice Rink- Ice skating in Dubai

Living in the desert doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy winter sports, especially in Dubai.

The best place to shop is the best place to ice-skate, too — Dubai Mall. The iconic Dubai Mall, the world’s biggest shopping mall, has a complete ice skating stage.

The largest in Dubai, the Olympic-sized ice rink, is open to all. The ice thickness is maintained at 1.5 inches to support the pressure of hundreds of people on it at any given time. The rink can theoretically hold the weight of 2000 men. Advanced technology monitors the thickness and cooling process to ensure zero compromises regarding safety.

Artificial snowfall adds to the overall skating experience. There is a skating school for those who want to pursue the sport; the school provides trainers for hourly classes. There are options for group classes and one-on-one with a trainer. You can bring your skates or get a pair with your ticket regarding gear.

The venue also hosts shows and weekly events like hockey matches, musical performances on ice, Disco Night, Figure Skating Lessons, and Beginner classes. There are seats around the rink for people to sit, relax, and have coffee.

Yet another place to feel the snowfall in the desert other than Ski Dubai. Best place for ice skating in Dubai. Visit it even if you are not interested in ice skating for the choreographed shows.

42. Dubai Dolphinarium – Swim with the dolphins

Watch bottlenose dolphins and seals perform astonishing stunts at Dubai Dolphinarium! It is perfect for a family day out and especially for kids. Thousands visit DolDolphinariumery day to watch the friendly creatures dance, sing, and juggle in Creekside Park.

The place is more fit for children. However, adults can also enjoy the show. The dolDolphinariumphasizes the need to protect dolphins and other endangered aquatic species from extinction.

If watching the dolphins and seals is not enough, get into the water. Play, hug, kiss, and swim with dolphins. Dubai Dolphinarium offers swimming sessions with dolphins.

Dubai Dolphinarium is also home to over 20 species of birds and parrots. Blue and Gold Macaws, Green Winged Macaws, Eclectus Parrots, Sulphur Crested Cockatoos, Sun Conures, African Grey, and the Red-Billed Hornbill. At the Creek Park Bird Show, exotic birds fly and play cool tricks.

There are two tiers of seating to watch the show; Regular and VIP. Seating right in the center, VIP seating provides the best vantage point.

Housing Seals in its precinct, the Dolphinarium is the first-ever fully air-conditioned marine mammal facility in the Middle East.

There is also a mirror maze where one finds their way out of dimly lit alleyways with walls covered in mirrors. Without any visual cues, one has to use the sense of touch and sound to figure out the exit.

Kids will enjoy it a lot. High up on the list of things to do in Dubai with family.

43. Dubai Textile Souk

Embark on a colorful fabric journey at the Textile Souk called the Old Souq. Materials come in the most expansive shades, textures, and prints, including silk, chiffon, cashmere, and organza. The arched wooden roof and wind towers make it look quaint and older than it is. The structure itself is, in fact, relatively modern.

Ready-made costumes are also available, so get your festival clothes here. The excessive variety of material overwhelms everyone with outfit ideas. You will find yards of fabric for any dress or piece of clothing. Shop at the souk and design your exclusive look because Dubai Textile Souk is inspirational.

The souk is in Bur Dubai, next to Creek, where many heritage markets of Dubai are located. If you are traveling from the Deira side, it’s better to take an Abra ride, which will cost you only a dirham.

There are also shops selling socks, trinkets, and traditional Indian shoes called Mojaris. Most of these shops were set up by Indian traders who arrived in Dubai in the 1960s.

Textile souq is located in Bur Dubai side of the creek near other heritage sites. Although it is not so much visit on its own, you shouldn’t miss it when you come to visit the heritage locations near the creek.

44. The Sheikh Mohammed Center for Cultural Understanding

To better understand Emirati culture, visit The Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding (SMCCU). With the slogan “Open Doors. Open Minds”, the idea is to understand better the local culture for expatriates and tourists who visit Dubai.

In a friendly and calm atmosphere, learn the culture, traditions, and rich heritage of the United Arab Emirates. Break bread the traditional way with the cultural workers who explain the details of Emirati cuisine. Jumeirah Mosque visits with a center guide help understand Emirati tradition’s religious aspects. They also offer heritage tours around the historic district of Bur Dubai.

Established by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, back in 1998, the center has award-winning programs for educating people on Emirati customs, uncovering and demystifying local traditions.

You can easily ask the center’s employees any question, so if you ever want to know anything related to the UAE culture, SMCCU is the right place, like why the Kandora (men’s national dress) is white or how life was before the oil. It is an opportunity to have open conversations with an Emirati without worrying about being rude or insensitive.

An educational experience. Worth visiting to know about the history and heritage of Dubai. This is a part of Al Fahidi heritage neighborhood, so you can see all of those heritage sites in a day.