Romancing the twilight sun on a yacht charter

luxury yacht in sea4

A dinner on a lovely yacht, romancing the sunset on the Gulf waters, is everyone’s dream date. So here you go. Welcome a stunning sunset in the midst of the sea as you sail on a luxury boat worth millions! As you contemplate on the meaning of life and sip your drinks during twilight hours, witness the wonderful city of Dubai!

A two-hour breathtaking sunset cruise on a yacht and a swim in the pristine blue waters offer you a completely different view of the iconic Burj Al Arab, Atlantis, Palm Island, and World Islands. You will be amazed to see an architectural paradise and the astounding beauty of the sunset — an experience that’s certainly worth sharing.

The best way to watch a sunset on a cruise is to rent a yacht. The cost of a cruise depends upon the services offered and the size of the yacht. Most yachts range between 35 feet and 85 feet in length. A professional captain and crew ensure that you can have a relaxed journey. Enjoy two hours of luxury, watching the beautiful setting sun on the horizon as it paints the skies in dramatic hues of orange and gold.

Another thing that makes the trip worthwhile is swimming in the waters of Marina. Jump down the inflatable slide to the water! The time you can spend swimming depends on your overall schedule and your charted duration.

After a swim, it’s the perfect time for a barbecue. There are electric grills on the yacht to prepare a barbecue. You can also have your favorite dishes onboard if you order for them. And serve yourself refreshments and soft drinks as much as you want.

Plan an office party or take your loved one on an unforgettable dinner date and cruise along the waters of the Arabian Gulf to witness the sunset.

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