Make Your Dubai Visit Memorable on a Yacht

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There are many ways to explore Dubai. But, the fun of sailing across the water and perceiving the city’s beauty is unsurpassed. This is the experience that you get on the yachts. A yacht trip ensures sightseeing, celebrations, and luscious food. This floating venue is a perfect place for parties.

Gift a romantic evening to your loved one, spend time with your friends enjoying the cool breeze and fresh air, or have a day out with your family. The cruise begins at the Marina Canal and moves through the beautiful spots in the city under the moonlight. Dhow cruise Marina is the best option for social get to gathers.

Activities on the Yacht Cruise

  • Fishing: The seas of Dubai are known for their rich marine life. It also has a long history of being the fishing capital in the region. These add to the fun and excitement of hooking a fish aboard a yacht. All the fishing equipment is available on the yacht.
  • Swimming: Lagoons in Dubai are so enticing. Don’t miss a chance to take a dip in these aquamarine waters.
  • Sunset cruising: On a sunset cruise, yachters go into the high seas and see the sun dropping below the horizon. After witnessing the golden hour and the changing hues of the sky from the deck, they cruise back, enjoying the shimmering city lights.
  • Yacht dinner: Yachts are the perfect spot to have dinner. Choose the food you want onboard and get the most fulfilling dining experience.

Yacht as a party venue

Yachts have become a popular venue for hosting exquisite parties. What makes a yacht even more suitable for parties is its versatility. It can host birthdays, weddings, get-togethers, office parties, corporate events, and much more. They are cost-effective, considering the amenities you get for the price and not to mention the experience.