A guide to choosing the best yacht charter Dubai

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The yacht is synonymous with luxury and is the best means of a leisure trip. Dubai boasts a fleet of luxury yachts that offer unrivaled facilities and cruising experiences to visitors and residents. A journey on the yacht will gift you the most memorable holiday.

What is a luxury yacht?

A luxury yacht is a boat that will be used for recreational purposes. It has state-of-the-art facilities, including a home theatre and music system. The size can be anywhere between 45 and 200 feet. It provides the extravagance promised by the most expensive restaurants and the ever-changing vistas.

Amenities onboard

When aboard a luxury yacht, everything will make you feel at home. The following are the main facilities available on a yacht:

·         Bedrooms

·         Lounges

·         Sundeck

·         Jacuzzis

·         Spacious lounges

·         Washrooms

·         Kitchen

·         Cinema hall

·         Salon

The joy of sightseeing

The most popular spots for yachts in Dubai are Marina and Palm Jumeirah. A trip to Marina will let you admire many renowned skyscrapers, Marina Mall, Marina boardwalk, and Jumeirah Beach Residences (JBR). Seeing Marina from a yacht is an excellent idea as the canal city is the favorite spot of the spendthrifts. You can find some expensive open-air dining areas, the most-sought residential areas in Dubai, and adventure destinations in Marina.

If you choose Palm Jumeirah as your destination, you can see the vast man-made Island in the shape of a date palm. It is also an excellent opportunity to glimpse the world-famous restaurant Atlantis, the Palm. You will also spot Burj Al Arab, the seven-star restaurant in Dubai. Don’t forget to take magnificent pictures with these celebrated structures in the background for your Instagram stories.

Have fun with watersports

Cruising across the Arabian Gulf is not the only fun on a yacht. There are many activities that you can try to make memorable. You can swim into the aquamarine water when you see an ideal spot. Inform the crew that you would love to try watersports so they can stop at the perfect spots. Those who know swimming can dive into the depths. Others who still want to get drenched can use floating tubes to enjoy.

Snorkeling is another activity that you can try. It is more exciting than swimming as you will gaze upon the marine life from the water’s surface.

Entertainment onboard

Well, yachts don’t organize any entertainment programs for the guests. However, you can plan anything to make the trip enjoyable. You can play your favorite songs, sing or dance to the music. Some yachts also have a cinema hall to ensure you are never bored.

The ideal choice for a party

The thrill of cruising, jaw-dropping sights, and spacious lounges make the yacht ideal for a party. There are yachts in varied sizes suitable for any gathering with a maximum of 200 guests. Additional services for parties include a hostess, DJ, and customized cake available upon request.

Decorate the white yacht with balloons and a red carpet to make it a splendid party venue. When people are used to parties in auditoriums and restaurants, you can invite them to have the most fun party.

Dining on yacht

Though many things yachts offer, food is not included in the trip. That is because usually, the cruising duration is 2-3 hours. So, people who would like to go for a long time or want food on their short trip have some options. They can either take food or make it in the kitchen and serve it hot. Yachts will have a kitchen with sufficient utensils. It is also an idea to order a gourmet meal you can savor during the journey.

Pick Suitable Yacht

When you have various yachts that suit your schedule, budget, and needs, picking one is not a big deal. The main factors you should consider while choosing the yacht are its size, capacity, facilities, and cost. 

Steps to charter a yacht

Chartering a yacht is simple. The only thing you have to consider is the availability of the yachts. As it is a popular activity in Dubai, the yacht you choose may not be available on the date you need. So, booking well before hiring for a special event is always better. You can contact the company, who will provide all the information about the yachts.

The following are the main steps involved in the booking procedure:

·         Choose the best yacht charter company

·         Visit the website and pick the suitable yacht

·         Contact the company and check the availability of the yacht

·         Discuss the purpose and your plans

·         Mostly half payment is made during booking

·         You will receive a confirmation by Email or WhatsApp

·         You will get a Location Map, contact details of the Coordinator and Captain of your yacht

·         Pay the remaining amount on the day of cruising

Is there a dress code on a yacht?

There is no dress code in a yacht. It is your trip, and you can decide what you should wear. However, wear simple clothes to be comfortable. You can also bring an extra pair of dresses and swimwear if you indulge in watersports.

Choosing the best yacht charter company in Dubai

When you have chosen the correct destination for a holiday, there is no chance that you will make a mistake in choosing the best yacht charter company. As everything is at your fingertips nowadays, the choice is just a click away. However, always pick the company with the amplest experience.

The journey will be beyond perfect with a company that gives the utmost value to your satisfaction. It also ensures that you will be safe throughout the trip and can have a great holiday on the water.

Keep these things in mind

·         No shoes: You should keep your shoes outside before entering the cabin. The lounges of the yachts will be adorned with carpets that your shoes may damage.

·         Less luggage: There is no need for much luggage when going on a short trip. It is better to have less luggage which means your most important things.

·         Meet the crew: Usually, the captain will introduce the crew to you before the trip. Meet and greet them, who are happy to serve you for the next few hours.

·         Follow the instructions: Some rules are always there for every journey. Follow the instructions provided by the crew to have a delightful journey.

Cost of luxury yachts

The cost of yachts varies greatly depending on the factors, including the size and cruising duration. The price range can be anywhere between 500 AED-1200 AED per hour. This may also change during different seasons in Dubai. You would be fortunate to get a trip discount if you are in the summer. Likewise, winter is the best time for cruising, and also you have to pay more.

Going on a yacht trip is not solely for the uber-rich; you can also taste the luxurious lifestyle by choosing the one which suits your budget. Hire a yacht in Dubai to have some treasured memories with your loved ones.