Sandboarding and skiing on Dubai deserts

Sand boarding down the slopes2

Adventures will keep you young. They add new vigor to life. Break the monotony of your daily life by doing something thrilling and enlivening. Once you have reached Dubai, you have a plethora of adventurous activities and you may find hard to choose.

However, sandboarding and skiing are the most popular sports in Dubai. Well, you have guessed the reason for that. The vast deserts are the best place for sandboarding.

Want to try sandboarding? In fact, the UAE deserts offer a tranquil panorama for unleashing your stress as you slide down the golden dunes. Don’t fret if you have never stood on a board or ski. Desert is the best place to try them out — for if you fall, your landing is always cushioned by the soft golden sands.

Sandboarding is a year-round recreational activity suited for any age and any level of experience. This sport tests your balance and coordination as you strap both feet to a board (or ski) and go down a dune acquiring more speed. Beginners should try surfing short distances and see if they can stop.

You can also stand on the board without a strap and surf. The toughest part is when you have to climb up the dune each time, unless of course if you’re lucky to have a dune buggy! Once you are confident, try different tricks including backflips.

Sandboarding can be done at dawn or dusk. If you like to surf along the dunes in the morning, get up before sunrise. It is a wonderful experience to move amid the heaps of sand as the dawn breaks. Or else, you can slide down the slopes as the sun descends.

Remember to wear light and comfortable clothes for the hike. Wear casual outfits and always keep in mind that they will be filled with sand. You can plan a picnic and carry a food basket

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