Safari The Top Tourist Attraction In Dubai


As there are a lot of developments going on in Dubai with a tourism point of view, there are several tourists interested to visit Dubai for holidays. Dubai already has a lot of places to see like museums, world’s tallest tower, Ferrari world, largest indoor theme park, seven-star hotels, man-made hotels and much more. Dubai is rich in cultural heritage and hence tourists find it very interesting. The tourists can also experience numerous adventurous activities that are offered in Dubai. But the most interesting and popular one remains the desert safari in Dubai. The tourists also find the local people very warm and welcoming and thus they come back again.  The tourists from all over the world find the desert interesting as it is a unique experience for them. The desert looks mesmerizing during the sunset and tourists get the chance to see the sunset in the desert with their loved ones. The desert safari Dubai offers various other activities to the tourists. They can choose to ride a camel in the desert, which is a unique experience as camels can only be found in the desert. They can also do a camel ride in the night time to avoid the bright sun in the morning.

The desert safari tours are arranged by several travel companies for the tourists. The tourists can select the activities of their choice according to their needs and convenience. There is a Jeep safari that is done in the SUV in the desert. It gives a thrilling experience to the tourists and can also be done in the night time. The desert offers a beautiful experience to the visitors. The tourists can enjoy the barbeque with their friends and family while the sun sets in. They can also experience traditional drinks offered to the guests along with the Shisha for fun. The organizers also offer numerous types of cuisines to the tourists for dinner. They can enjoy the Arabian cuisine for dinner inside the tent on premium Arabian carpets with cushions for comfort.  The Dubai desert safari also offers various entertainment options for tourists in the desert. They can enjoy the live performances by the dance artists, who perform traditional Dubai dance.

There are also many other performers for the entertainment of the guests in the desert. There is also a live performance of musical instruments and the tourists can enjoy it while having dinner and traditional drinks. The desert gives a great experience to the tourists and makes their trip memorable.  Dubai offers lots of unique things to the tourists. Dhow cruise Dubai is the best way to see the numerous man-made islands and star hotels of Dubai. The tourists can either choose to sail on Dubai Marina or Dubai Creek as both give the unique experience to the visitors. Dhow cruise in Dubai Marina is very advanced and thus expensive. But it also offers several lifestyle amenities to the tourists. Dhow cruise offers a delicious dinner with the variety of cuisines to the tourists. They can choose to have a romantic dinner with their loved one with music playing in the background. The tourists also have the option to have dinner on the upper deck with the cruise sailing smoothly in Dubai Marina. Dhow cruise also offers various entertainment options to the tourists choose to sail on Dhow cruise. They can find traditional dancers along with several artists performing Live for the tourists. Dhow cruise is the best way to spend some quality time with friends and family. These top attractions make the trip to Dubai a very special one for the tourists.

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