7 reasons to go for a sunset cruise Dubai

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In the hectic life, are we forgetting to admire the miracles that happen right before our eyes every day? Sunrise and sunset are the mesmerizing wonders that occur each day. But, we seldom notice it or forget in the daily mess. It is indeed a resplendent sight to behold when the sun goes down the horizon casting its glow in the sky.

In fact, many of the tourist destinations are popular only for being the best sunset points. Have you thought why? Because, sunset is not always the same. Its beauty magnifies based on the destination. There is such a point which gives you a fascinating view of the sunset.

Yes, you would have guessed it. The great oceans boast of providing the most spectacular perspective of the evening. For this reason, the yacht cruises in Dubai take you to the sea for a ride when you enjoy the incredible sunset.  

1.  Breathtaking views: A luxury yacht and the sunset is undeniably the best combination. But, what if you are also at a unique destination. A sunset cruise will pass through Marina, the artificial canal city in Dubai. Marina itself is a splendid visual treat. So, visit Marina in full style. There is no better way to visit one of the most opulent places in Dubai.

While you may envy the posh lifestyle of the residents of the Jumeirah Beach Residences (JBR), people strolling through Marina Walk will admire you sailing on a big yacht. Ain Dubai stands tall on the Bluewater’s Island, which is going to be a new addition to the wonders in Dubai. You will also have a glimpse of the popular restaurant Burj Al Arab.

Even when you would have seen them all before, seeing from the water is altogether a different experience.

2.  The best time of the day: Cruising through the calm ocean in Dubai is a rejuvenating experience and doing it at twilight is like having the best of the two worlds. The sun will disappear beneath the waves by painting the sky with an orange tint.

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3.  Capture beautiful pictures: It is a golden chance to take some attractive pictures with the renowned structures in Dubai during sunset. The orange sky and the waves will add to the beauty of Marina.

4.  Luxurious cruise: The luxury of a yacht is matchless. It is the ideal option to taste the affluent lifestyle in Dubai. The crew is happy to serve you throughout the trip. A luxury yacht has comfy master bedrooms, state-of-the-art home theatre, lounges, sundeck, flybridge, and a kitchen.

5.  A romantic evening: If you are looking for a soulful way to spend some time with your beloved, look no more than a sunset cruise. The cool breeze, mesmerizing skyline in Dubai and the serenity will make the perfect setting for both of you. There will be utmost privacy as it will be just the two of you. Open your hearts and share the most beautiful tales as the sunset makes a lovely venue.

6.  Try fishing: It is a good idea to have some fun and get rewarded at the same time. Fishing will amuse you, and a good catch means you can have a delicious meal. As the food is not included on a yacht trip, fishing ensures that you can cook a tasty dish onboard.

7.  Watersports: Water will awaken the child in you! Don’t hesitate when the crystal-clear water seduces you to dive into its depths. Refresh yourself by swimming in the water as the sun goes down. You can also try snorkeling as the snorkeling gear will be provided onboard.

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See the perks in a sunset cruise Dubai:

Trip inclusions

  •         Free pickup and drop off in Dubai and Sharjah
  •         At least 2 hours cruise at sunset – exclusive or sharing basis
  •         Professional captain and crew
  •         Complimentary refreshments
  •         Home theatre and music system
  •         Complimentary fishing gear
  •         Catering available upon request
  •         Full insurance for yacht, crew, and guests

Sunset cruise is an enticing experience that you should have in your bucket list. The skyline of Dubai and the comfort of a luxury yacht will make it a memorable day altogether. The most interesting part is that you decide everything regarding the journey like the cruising location, duration, entertainment, and food.

A professional and experienced crew will be onboard to ensure that you have a relaxing and delightful cruise in Dubai.

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