Go fishing in the UAE


Fancy a nice big catch? Deep sea fishing is one of the most intriguing adventures the UAE waters have to offer. Boasting over 500 marine species, Gulf waters are rich with marine life, including blacktip sharks, groupers, sailfish, parrot-fish, and many more.

Dubai is considered to be one of the biggest sailfish destinations in the world, playing host to mariners and sea fishing enthusiasts in the Middle East. This is more so because, historically, fishing had been a part of the local culture.

Fishing is a unique art which requires mastering. Techniques for a great catch, often used by fishermen in the UAE, are angling (using a hook), netting and trapping. However, for the ultimate catch, you need to go deep sea fishing — a simple adventure that lures tourists from all corners of the globe to the Middle East.

Get on a boat and sail deeper into the sea! However, first things first, you need a fishing license to experience this incredible journey. The license is free in Dubai, and you can apply online on the Dubai Municipality portal.

In Abu Dhabi, it will cost you around Dh30 for a week. But the good news is if you go deep sea fishing with a tour company, the company will have a fishing license which will cover your entire trip. Moreover, they will also provide you with fishing equipment and, if you are a beginner, the crew will teach you how to fish.

Al Wasl has yachts and fishing boats to cater to the needs of corporate team building and private cruises. Whether you prefer offshore or deep sea fishing, if you are a fan of big game fishing or night fishing or if you want to get some sun, sea, and sand along with a sumptuous catch, definitely go fishing! You can even cook your catch on the yacht at the end of the day.

So, what are you waiting for?

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