The Complete Guide to Shopping in Dubai

Dubai Mall2

The name Dubai has become a synonym for shopping. All who come to this remarkable city fancy buying great stuff for themselves and their loved ones. What can make you so happy than going home with many shopping bags?

Shopping in Dubai is something that both tourists and residents equally love. The traditional souks, shopping malls, shopping festivals, and entire cities dedicated to shopping are just a few of the surprises that await.

Let’s look at the best places to go shopping in Dubai.

Dubai shopping malls

There are numerous shopping malls in Dubai, and many more get added to the city now and then. Dubai has everything from the usual shopping malls to out-of-the-box outdoor shopping experiences.

Dubai Mall

Joy doubles if you shop at one of the largest shopping malls in Dubai. Prepare to get confused as you have many options at this massive place. There is no better place to find all your favorite international brands under one roof.

You can find the coveted luxury brands at Fashion Avenue, which redefines the shopping experience with an extravaganza at its best. Once you are done shopping, spend some time marveling at the decorations and elegant lighting done at the fashion district.

The Souk at Dubai Mall will take you back in time and open the doors to some fantastic jewelry, traditional Arabic dresses, and handicrafts. While Fashion Avenue is all about the ultramodern trend, Souk gives the nostalgic vibe of Emirati culture. Kids will never be a problem for you as they have many places to spend time. Dubai Aquarium, Ice Rink, and Kidzania are specially designed attractions to lure tiny tots.

Mall of the Emirates

There are more than enough reasons to visit the world’s first shopping resort. The Mall of the Emirates is undoubtedly heaven for shopaholics. Find everything from fashion, jewelry, and cosmetics to electronics at the Mall of the Emirates. There are more than 630 brands, so you will never run out of choice. After shopping, chill with your loved ones at the indoor ski resort called Ski Dubai or have fun at Magic Planet, which offers several rides, games, and other activities.

City Walk Dubai

Do you know why Dubai remains a favorite tourist attraction through time? It’s because of the innovative plans that give something new to visitors every year. If walking through the shopping malls has become too usual for you, what about rambling through a city dedicated to shopping? This is the main idea behind the innovative concept called City Walk Dubai.

City Walk resembles the London streets and is renowned for its aesthetic infrastructure. The twinkling lights, wall art, and infinity pools will welcome you to the chic street designed by Meraas. The indoor and outdoor shops, cafes, and entertainment spots ensure an eventful weekend here.

Top-notch international fashion and accessories, gifts, homeware, and fresh blooms are just some of the stuff that City Walk offers. When hungry, have a bite at the cafe or go for a gourmet meal at any restaurant.

Outlet Village

While glitters and modern architecture attract your glances at shopping malls, things are slightly different at the Outlet Village. The beige-colored buildings give a different feel, and their design is inspired by the medieval hill town San Gimignano, Tuscany, in Italy.

The primary specialty of Outlet Village is its unbeatable offers, and you can save a lot if you’re a good bargainer. If you think shopping malls in Dubai are expensive, head to Outlet Village. Their tagline is ‘The more you shop, the more you save.’


Being made of shipping containers, the design of Boxpark is unique in every sense. It is a colorful and yet another attractive concept of outdoor shopping. Fashion freaks can find all the latest styles of various brands here. It is also the ideal place to buy unique gifts for your beloved. The brightly colored shops have trendy boutiques, stores dedicated to homeware, and concept dining spots.

The traditional souks

Souks are nothing but the predecessors of shopping malls. In old Dubai, souks were the main places for shopping. They were maintained as such for all good reasons. The tourists and residents admire them for their vast collection and affordable prices. The two souks famous in Dubai are Gold Souk and Spice Souk. Perfume Souk is also an excellent place for those crazy about fragrances.

Gold Souk

Gold Souk is the best place to buy gold at a reasonable price. The extensive silver, gold, and diamond jewelry collection make it women’s favorite choice. Buying gold from Gold Souk is tricky as your bargaining skill determines the price. People also go window-shopping to admire the different jewelry pieces in traditional and modern designs. It is located in Deira, a part of Old Dubai city.

Spice Souk

Different hues and intense aromas will welcome you at Spice Souk. The sellers can give you intriguing ideas to spice up your food as you walk through the shops. You will wonder why you knew only a few spices, and there is much more to experiment with within the kitchen.

The happy news for tea lovers is that numerous fragrant teas worldwide are available in this market. You can also buy saffron, oils, and nuts here. Traditional Arabic spices can also be found. Haggle with the vendors if you buy large quantities, and you can save a lot.

Perfume Souk

The perfume souk in Deira is for people who love pleasing aromas. Perfumes are an essential part of Arab culture, and you will naturally become a perfume lover if you visit here. There are hundreds of stalls with unique Arab scents to tantalize your nostrils.

Try the different fragrances and find the one that suits you. Perfume souk has everything, from mild scents to the potent aroma. The perfume sellers can even make a personalized scent for your skin type if you like it that way. Stand out in the crowd with your fragrance.

Dubai shopping festival

Dubai Shopping Festival, fondly called ‘DSF,’ is the most-loved event for those who go on a shopping spree. DSF is the ultimate shopping experience in Dubai that wows tourists worldwide every year. It is held annually in the cooler months, and the sale will occur at different venues across the city. Being a blend of entertainment, fireworks, and prizes, DSF is the world’s largest shopping festival.

Grab the best deals, shop till you drop and enjoy with your loved ones. Fashion, accessories, electronics, and everything you fancy will have amazing deals. Some exclusive offers for a brand would be set at a specific shopping mall and announced just 24 hours as a surprise. The Dubai Shopping Festival is from December 26 to February 1, 2020.

Shopping in Dubai gets more fascinating and thrilling as the year passes. More novel shopping experiences are being introduced in the city to seduce all shopaholics. When you plan a visit to Dubai, keep these places on your list as you go shopping.