Saruq Al Hadid


The museums in Dubai provide a unique view of the fascinating history of this small desert town which has become one of the world’s most cosmopolitan metropolises. One of those emblems in the city in the historical Shindagha District is the Saruq Al-Hadid Archeology Museum. It is located in a historic building in Dubai’s Shindagha Heritage District. The museum recounts the history of one of the Emirate’s most spell-based and enigmatic archaeological sites. To discover a place in the remote desert, the museum uses the most advanced equipment for exploring Saruq Al-Hadid – ‘Way of Iron.’ This is a fascinating insight into the abilities and achievements of those who worked in this Iron Age factory.’ It is the first time the artifacts by Saruq Al-Hadid have been public in a museum.


Regarding the history behind the story, the museum’s discovery is as fascinating as the museum’s. In 2002, His Highness Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum flew over the Rub Al-Khali, or the Empty Quarter Desert. As he flew over the vast desert dunes, his different colors caught his attention in a particular place. After investigation, it was discovered that this was a slag formed during the Iron Age by smelting iron.

The Saruq al-Hadid isn’t a conventional museum, it’s a museum ‘roll up and get interested.’ Adults and children should wear their archaeological hats and dig! There are artifacts hidden in the sand in the simulated spot. Take a brush and get to know it. Soon you will discover what the archaeologist feels like. The slag was rising over time and settling at the desert level. The artifacts shown in the museum were the key excavations site. The slag produced by smelting iron during the Iron Age will prove this. The slag had come up to the surface, as it turned out. Get the opportunity to see it in the museum and experience it. At the Saruq Al-Hadid Museum in Dubai, tourists and residents now see in all its glory the splendid development of the iron age in the city.

About Saruq Al Hadid

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It is the first cultural evolution in a sequence to change the historical district of Dubai. The artifacts uncovered from Saruq Al-recently Hadid’s found archaeological place give life to the fascinating history of the Iron Age in the Middle East, rich in immersive and interactive displays. It is a building that is an integral part of the past of Dubai and is situated in the SaruqAl-Hadid Archaeology Museum. It was constructed in 1928 and once belonged to Sheik Juma bin Maktoum.

However, The Saruq al-Hadid museum house is arranged on two levels around a spacious courtyard with the museum on the ground floor. It is one of the finest remaining examples of Dubai’s traditional architecture. It is made of local materials such as coral, gypsum, and Chandal wood. The house is located in the District of Shindagha Heritage, a traditional building network that was one of Dubai’s oldest districts. The new museum blends an early building in the Emirates with the newest technologies and symbolizes this historic district’s regeneration.

Historical Significance

The museum building is culturally and historically significant in Dubai. In reality, Sheik Juma bin Maktoum Al Maktoum once lived in 1928 and opened on 3 July 2016 in the building itself. Nestled in the Shindagha Heritage District of Dubai, this historic building is devoted to discovering a place of exploration from the Iron Age. The integrity was maintained carefully, and the new additions’ distinct variations against the original infrastructure were easily observed as this building was converted into a museum. Wheelchairs and scooters are also available.

The Saruq al Hadid archaeology museum was once a factory of metallurgy. Artifacts such as guns, equipment, and tools are kept in the galleries. It has a special gallery for children to learn more about Iron Age’s history and inventions. The excavations, mainly exhibited in this modern museum, have yielded Swabians and head axes, daggers, and other weapons. Further insights include videos showing the site’s discovery and interviews with archaeologists about its recent discoveries and hypotheses.

Audio-Visual Experience and Treat

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The Saruq al Hadid Dubai has a 3D movie hall that takes you to the desert edge and makes you feel like you’re at a fantastic location for excavation. You can find dynamic and interactive videos projected on the walls during the exploration journey. In a digital puzzle, try to bring together a dinosaur skeleton. Given that this experience is based on safety and cutting-edge technology, it is interesting to know that the museum was completed in a record time of 4 months.

Some of the unearthed objects in the Saruq Al-Hadid Museum in the Rub Al-Khail Desert detail the UAE’s ancient civilization. For example, following careful examination of some beads found on the web, Arab traders have perhaps traded them to India and other countries. Also, the fossilized fish bones provide insight into the Iron Age trade and trade. The Mediterranean olive wood tools show that people have traveled far and wide for commerce.

Book History in Saquq Al Hadid                                     

In the history books, Saruq Al-Hadid has added. Every artifact discovered on the excavation site on the edge of the desert Rub al-Khali, tells you something about this culture. Analysis of the valuable beads shows that there were not any of them naturally in the region. It means that the Arab tribes have traded as far as India with others. This, and even the fossilized bones of fish, tell us they went far and across the oceans even though they lived in the desert. Keep an eye on the wood of olives from the Mediterranean.

The attraction of Saruq al-Hadid is that we do not know how it finishes, as opposed to any other museum where all the details are documented. There are several things to be found to this day and beyond. Every 3 months, the final exhibition in the museum is updated to display the most interesting, recent findings from the live excavation site. Who knows what other mysteries still have to be found?

How to Get There?

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Public transport in Dubai makes it readily available. You should take the metro to Dubai and get off at the metro station Al Ghubaiba. Likewise, the museum can be reached by bus at Al Ghubaiba Bus Station by departure. Souq al Hadid museum is another affordable choice by an abra. To get to Bur Dubai Abra station, take a stop from the Souq region of Deira. Please telephone +971-4-359-5612, EXT 202, for any museum questions or information.

Exhibitions At Saruq Al Hadid

Everyone who wants to know about what is inside Saruq Al Hadid? All the answers to the question are below:

Metal and Weapons Exhibits

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The museum has a wide range of firearms, including swords and daggers. These swords and daggers demonstrate the skill and dedication of the workers in creating these masterpieces. The shield consists of bronze, iron, and other metals. Include ships, tools, toys, and utensils in some of the metal works of the museum’s time.

Precious Stones and Jewelry Exhibits

The precious gems and stones exhibited are decorated with ancient artifacts, stones, and jewelry. The Saruq Al-Hadid Gold Ring Museum, inspired by the Dubai Expo 2020 Logo, can also be seen closer. One of the most famous visitors is the laboratory section of the Saruq Al-Hadid Museum. Visitors can use interactive workstations to try and replicate some of the displayed products. Step-by-step instructions on how to complete a job are given.

Archeologists Exhibits

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The Saruq Al-Hadid provides a unique experience instead of a conventional museum, where guests explore the dioramas and exhibits. Dig is one of the immersive museum experiences in which both adults and children can make their own time at Indiana Jones and dig old artifacts. Objects buried in the sand at the specially built simulated site. Take a brush, wear gloves and dig some secret gems like a photographer.

A sheet is also given to visitors to mark their discovery and document it. Visitors could fill out some of the information, including the device’s color, and mention whether your device was one piece or more. It also includes sketching the artifact in the space given on the sheet.

Attractions at Saruq Al Hadid Museum

Children can learn about history through interactive games and a treasure hunt at Dubay’s Saruq Al-Hadid Museum. The treasure hunt is one of the most popular games for children in the museum. You can finish your historical tour of the museum by shopping for souvenirs in the museum’s gift shops. A variety of jewelry, decorations, cards, and toys are available in the store.


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The Saruq Al Hadid museum is one of the most important finds in the United African States. Detailed perspectives on the Iron Age in the area can be found in the site excavations and exhibits. It is one of Dubai’s top museums, where tourists will witness the region’s rich history and culture.