Paddle Your Heart Out On A Kayak

Kayaking In Fujairah3

Kayaking is the best way to fall in love with water. Move along the waves and see some beautiful views. It is indeed a great idea to make your day. You can have a solo ride or enjoy the journey in the company of your loved one.

How about paddling your way and exploring new places and hidden coves? Dubai is not just about the deserts and skyline. Get into your kayaks and splash through beautiful lagoons, narrow channels, and even under the full canopy of the mangroves! Yes, kayaking, which is almost similar to canoeing, is a popular marine sport.

In the UAE, it will be a chance to learn about local flora and fauna while diving, fishing, and exploring its coasts closely. Kayaking also gives you access to narrow lagoons that are often inaccessible, which gives you a fresh perspective on exploring.

So get ready with your life jacket, safety tools, and a trained guide to explore the immense beauty of nature. Typically, the kayaking vessel is designed for a single paddler; however there are also tandems made for two or even three paddlers.

The most stunning mangroves and archipelagos are in Abu Dhabi and Umm Al Quwain. Watch out for turtles and flamingos!

Al Jazirah Port in Al Hamra, Ras Al Khaimah is another location for a scenic view of fishing fleets and lofty rocks in the middle of the sea. The East Coast is a bit far but ideal for kayaking and exploring islands and coves. And if you don’t feel like exploring too far and wide, head to the Kite beach for an hour of paddling on a rented kayak.

If you wish to witness the luxurious life in Dubai through the waters, sail through the Palm Jumeirah. See the wonderful Palm Island, the popular hotel Atlantis and many other opulent buildings.

Kayaking is a refreshing and delightful experience. There are no age limits for this recreational sport so get going!

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