Motiongate Dubai – A Guide to the Hollywood Themepark


There are theme parks in Dubai dedicated to superhero characters from Hollywood. But there is another that covers all of Hollywood. Built as a part of Dubai parks and resorts, the Motiongate offers an unmatched experience by combining together three of the major studios in Hollywood. Movie themes and characters from DreamWorks animation, Lionsgate, Columbia pictures, and Sony pictures studios materialises here.

This beautiful park is one among the most recent attractions in Dubai. Opened to the public only in 2016, the park has all the visible signs of the new aesthetics. Unlike most other theme parks in Dubai, the Motiongate is an open-air park. And for that reason, winters are the best time to visit here.

Why go to Motiongate Dubai

So, what makes Motiongate unique? It’s the fact that you cannot find a park dedicated to Hollywood studios anywhere else in the world that sets apart Motiongate from all the rest. Another thing that makes it even more attractive is its proximity to other theme parks like Bollywood parks and LEGOLAND.

There are four separate zones each for the most popular Hollywood studios. The four zones are Lions Gate, Columbia Pictures, DreamWorks animations, and Smurfs Village. Although Smurfs village is a zone based on the movies produced by Columbia Pictures, it has a dedicated zone in the park.

There is no doubt that the park is designed with kids in mind. But you can enjoy a visit to this park regardless of your age. The Lions Gate is probably more suitable for adults. There are a lot of cafes and restaurants here. You will find rides themed after movies like Zombieland in the Columbia pictures zone.

The Smurfs village is for the younger kids. They can visit the Smurf Houses and the larger than life figures of the Smurfs characters. There is also a rollercoaster in this zone called the Smurfs Village Express which gives the kids an aerial tour of the village.

Best rides in Motiongate Dubai

So, are you ready to be a part of your favourite Hollywood movies? In that case, here are the most interesting rides at Motiongate that you should never miss out.

Capitol bullet train

Nowhere else in the world can you experience a ride inspired by the hunger games movies. The capitol bullet train is basically a rollercoaster. And an absolute favourite of the adventure minded.  With two inversions and a zero-gravity roll, you know what you have signed up for. Brace yourself and be ready to let out a huge cry of excitement when you are on this ride.

You will also see the landmarks you will remember form the hunger games movies as all the way along the roller coaster ride. But if you are a hardcore hunger games fan, you won’t be impressed by just one ride. That’s okay because there is also another one called Panem Aerial tour, which is another ride themed after the same movie.

Madagascar mad pursuit

Most of you have seen the animation movie Madagascar. The fact that the movie focuses more towards younger kids need not stop you from taking a crazy ride on this rollercoaster.  Some have said that this is the fastest and craziest roller coaster in this genre. So, there are two reasons for you to embrace this ride. One, get on it if you are a Madagascar fan. Second, do the same if you want some adrenaline pumping action and to feel butterflies in your stomach.

You will go through several winding patterns. That too at an exhilarating speed of 80 kilometers per hour. Also find out how the Zoosters will end up when they are trying to flee the evil Captain DuBois. If you want to ride the fastest roller coaster in the park, then this one’s for you.

Swamp celebration

After all the extreme adventures, you also need a bit calmer one that the whole family can enjoy together. In Motiongate Dubai this is a trip through the swamps. But don’t fret. It is not smelly because it’s party time. Shrek and Fiona are hosting a party for their cute triplets as you move through the swamp themed area of the park. You will see bubbles of mud popping from the water as you move by.

Explore the fun bits of Shrek’s home. And don’t forget to take pictures as you go. There will be plenty of time to do that as the ride won’t be moving fast.

Dragon gliders

You might have already guessed the movie this time! Based on the animation movie ‘How to train your dragon’, this ride inside DreamWorks will transport you on to the Viking island. But this time you will get to know how it feels like to fly on the black of a dragon. Which one of them would you prefer the most? The Night fury?

Regardless, you can fly over the Viking village — the Berk — with your favorite hero Hiccup and his fun friends. There are a lot of landmarks along the way which the movie lovers will definitely identify.

Hotel Transylvania

Here is the ride that the whole family can enjoy together. Go on a horror filled ride through the hotel that is exclusively for monsters. You will meet Count Dracula and his cronies in this hotel. This castle is probably the largest structure in the park measuring a whopping 2800 meters.

The horror starts with the coffin-like carriage that will take you to the castle. It will take you a whole of seven minutes to go around the place in the carriage. Along the way there are quite a few surprises and jump scares awaiting you. Look out for the characters like Frankenstein and Wayne the werewolf as well.

Other attractions near Motiongate

Bollywood parks

Every year, more movies come out of Bollywood than all of the Hollywood movies combined. Considering the size of Indian population, one would expect that though. Regardless of that, the Bollywood parks in Dubai is a fantastic place to visit. It has taken a fresh approach to the whole concept of a theme park.

Instead of focusing on adding rides named after characters and movies, this park is a place of nostalgia. If you grew up watching Bollywood movies or if you are a lover of cinema as an art, this park is for you.

Here you will see the modern rendition of the famous Bollywood flicks like Sholay and Lagaan. And even if you haven’t been there to witness the golden age of Bollywood, this park will take you for a journey through the sixties, seventies, and eighties of the Indian Cinema industry.

This park is different from all other theme parks in Dubai. There are no adrenaline rushing rides. For that reason, adults will enjoy the park more than the younger ones.


Like the motiongate Dubai, this park is also a part of the largest leisure destination in Dubai, i.e., Dubai parks and resorts. But this park focuses more on the younger kids. Despite the claims that the park is for children from two to twelve years old, children between four and nine years old will enjoy it the most. Divided into six zones, this park has more zones than the Motiongate, though.

The zones in the park are; Imagination, which is a play area where kids can try their own creativity; Miniland, where there are scaled models of real buildings made out of Lego blocks; Adventure, Lego City, and Kingdom, which are dedicated for different kinds of rides; and Factory, which showcases how Legos are made.

Last Exit AUH Bound

Although this is a restaurant, it is not like any other restaurant that you have seen. Based on a post-apocalyptic theme similar to the movie Mad Max, this restaurant will take you to different space and time.


This is probably one of the most unique shopping and entertainment destinations in Dubai. With four zones, themed after different places and cultures. Much like the Global Village, though not to that scale.

There are four zones here: India Gate, The Peninsula, French Village, and Boardwalk. All of these four zones hug the shores of a one kilometre long winding river.

Each of these zones has something special to offer. There are shops and restaurants that reflect the theme of the place. Most notably, the architecture of the place shifts as you move from one zone to another. Probably the most confusing naming among the four is the Boardwalk and The Peninsula. It reflects urban America during the 50s while The Peninsula is about the early nineteenth century England.

A few tips on visiting Motiongate Dubai

Motiongate experiences a pretty heavy crowd on weekends. And if you approach the rides the usual way, from the front of the park to its end, you will be going through a lot of waiting for each ride. The best thing to do is to go to the backside of the park first. Then move your way up as you experience each ride quicker and fuller without the crowd.

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