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Dubai Museum2

Apart from the sumptuous image of Dubai, the city has a rich cultural identity. It cherishes the traditions and heritage of Islam since time immemorial. These age-old traditions are reflected in some of its historical spots. It is a good idea to start a journey to explore these places if you are interested in delving deep into the significant history of Dubai.

The historical places of importance in Dubai are covered on a city tour. It ensures that you don’t miss any place. There are many historical buildings to see in this city. Have you heard of Creek? Your city tour starts with a great view of the Dubai Creek. The Old Dubai will make you feel that you have traveled back in time.

Have glimpses of Creek by getting into a traditional Arabic boat called Abra. Sail through the beautiful lake to see how the city is different from the opulence of New Dubai.

Next, you won’t want to miss out the unique spices that you can purchase at the marketplace. Fill your senses with the aroma of the spices and herbs. Other items of interest include gold and gems. There is an extensive collection of priceless gold jewelry at the gold souk.

You may also be fortunate to get some decent discounts if you bargain. This is also the best time to get souvenirs for your loved ones.

One of the most important attractions of your city tour will be a visit to the Dubai Museum. Here you will learn about the significant history of Dubai and how the Arabs lived here for hundreds of years. Finally, you will see the Jumeirah Mosque, which is the only mosque in Dubai open to non-Muslims.

The experience of the city tour will be far better than it would be if you ventured out on your own.

Don’t forget to partake in some of the local cuisine. Arabic coffee is going to be a flavor that you never forget and will wish you can have again. 

After perceiving the elegance of the historical places of Dubai, you will move through its luxurious and dazzling skyscrapers. Just see the miraculous transformation that the city has undergone.

Whenever you visit Dubai, you must see its old and new face to appreciate the sedulous efforts of the masterminds behind the sea change. The city tour is a journey starting from the roots of Dubai and ending at the innovative and futuristic dimension. 

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