Dubai is famous for various tourist attractions which are mainly created by locals. But the Hatta dam is a natural one. It is a mountain-lake location in the desert city of Dubai which is astounding about this destination. It is not shocking that a Dubai Tour Pro guest author points out that Dubai is a city of comparison. In this article, you will also learn Where is Hatta Dam? Hatta Dam Dubai, Hatta Water Dam, Hatta Pools, Hatta Dam Kayak,  reviews about the types and costs of kayaks/boats in the Hatta lake, and how to do so.


Hatta’s dispersed mountain cliffs, scattered springs, and green valleys are located almost 130km South-East of central Dubai, in direct contrast with the city’s glassy facades. Fertile Ground, a good climate, and the reconstructed falaj or system of irrigation once enabled agriculture and agriculture to flourish. The hatta lake Dubai’s beauty is so stunning that visitors traverse the city of Dubai and visit it tremendously. Villagers are dependent on the culture of palm trees, dates, and byproducts.

I bet you could enjoy a day in the greenish-blue pool, considering the beauties of the lake. These low-cost desert trees were adequate to support everyday life; dates would be picked, or dried and sold for domestic food needs. The palm leaves had been woven into tents, fans, and tapestries, and tree trunks used for constructing tents and buildings. Farming is still a major occupation in Hatta and today there are more than 550 farms in the area of almost 140square kilometers, which constitute around 10% of the land. Visitors can see the traces from this history in the village’s small fields and hopes for the future in the form of a new field for the survival of birds and animals.

Hatta vision and its beauty

This remote destination provides a great getaway from the vibrant city of Dubai and is part of the Hatta Mountain Conservation Reserve. Hatta’s vision and its world are magical, so the images taken here aren’t only breathtaking, but melt into the center. You should look at the turquoise pool and the mountains around. It’s a place of nature that is legendary. The destination can be easily connected with uncluttered, exquisite, picturesque, peaceful, magnificent, mystical, and incredible adjectives.

Visit the mountain town of Hatta, from many centuries back into time, into an age of citadels, forts, and walls. This remote retreat is situated in the rocky mountains of the Hajar Mountains and is known for its ancient fortress of Hatta and the ruins from an old town that remains under historic scrutiny. The region was once called Al Hajerin or Al Hajeran, concerning the two mountains that protect their northern and southern boundaries.

History of Hatta Dam

In the past, people had to rely on groundwater ponds and springs because of the lack of rainwater. But water is now accessible all year long in the wadis (veals) cradled by the mountains after the building of several dams. In winter, these are flooded with rainwater and usually introduce new life into the valleys with the magnificent appearance of flora and fauna. The main Hatta Dam, installed in the late 1990s, took 2 years to fill up the reservoir, providing the people of Hatta with much-needed relief, who now have access to a reliable water source.

About Hatta Dam

Hatta Dam Dubai is now one of the big attractions in the region and provides a marvelous picture opportunity with its light, turquoise water set against the earthy rock. You can travel around the dam and stop at photography points or walk across it and down the hilly hills. Hatta experiences a more cool atmosphere in the mountains than its coastal counterparts. The Hadjar peaks exceed 800m-1600m, and in ancient times first emerged under the sea bed. Its remarkable appearance includes lovely rock formations and holes, sculpted by geological years of activity.

Traveling to Hatta Dam

Hatta Water Dam offers tranquil relief from Dubai’s busy city a fast drive from Hatta Fort Hotel and a renowned outdoor activities center. It is a good contrast to desert sands, which you drive by on the way to Hatta, surrounded by mountains and packed with beautiful turquoise water. Drive your car along the dam in picture stops and admire the natural scenery of the mountain region for some time. Guests can also see the water area and use Hatta Kayak to burn some calories, provide kayak rental facilities, canoes, boat rides, and more. The site is the location for a large mural commemorating the founding fathers of the UAE.

Stay at Hatta Dam

There are numerous hotels at hatta pools but a strong suggestion is the JA Hatta Fort Hotel. It is located in Hatta, JA Hatta Fort Hotel offers you a perfect spot to get away from the heat of the Dubai bush, as the weather is milder and nature is calmer. Enjoy the unfocused, unhealthy nature and peacocks in the environment. Hatta Fort won the 2019 World’s Leading Adventure Hotel. In other words, Dubai has a strong variety of adventure sports. It is a worthy place of residence in itself. You will experience the Great Outdoors of Hatta Dubai at the hotel Ja hatta. Welcome your brave spirit to the majestic Hajar Mountains in the heart of the Hatta dam kayak. Explore the daunting bike routes, ascend a mountain top, enjoy the excitement of a high-sky sky-sky zipline, and bind nature to sparkling lakes. Enjoy the panoramic mountain views and the amazing sunny nights by getting to a nightclub or stepping onto your private balcony.

Hatta Heritage Village

Hatta Heritage Village is at the center of the district. It was maintained and renovated by the Government to view rural life from centuries ago. The village has a history of Dubai, with redeveloped traditional huts and buildings that sell traditional articles, which was opened in 2001. There are also prototypes, papers, and paintings in the village. The Bait Al Wali, one of the largest buildings, in which will live the king, is situated within the Heritage Village. It includes multiple rooms, a patio, and a shaded dining space.

At that place, you can see the cultural garment, jewelry, arms, pottery, and utensils crafted by people who mined in the mountains using clay, leather, and copper. Also, tourists will be briefed on social traditions and popular songs, such as marriage and folklore. It’s great for a family visiting in the afternoon.

Hatta Kayak

Kayaking is one of the most popular water sports activities in Dubai. Hatta Kayak is one of the most popular sports destinations for anyone wishing to try kayaking in Dubai. Visitors can kayak over the enormous Hatta Dam lake and the Hatta kayak mountains. Last year the popularity of both visitors and locals who want a natural and fun place for kayaking in Dubai was strong. Make your way to Hatta by kayaking for a long trip! The shortest way to Hatta Kayak is by car, with some top-class music that is entertaining for your ride. It takes about an hour and a half from Dubai to Sharjah-Kalba Route.

Hatta Kayak Location

The Hatta Kayak is based on Hatta Dam and is conveniently found by entering “Hatta Kayak” into Google Maps. Car travel is the best way to reach the spot, as the path to the kayaking point is paved, sedan cars can easily reach it. Kayaking at the Hatta Dam is one of Hatta’s most famous events. But regardless of whether he rides the kayak or a yacht trip through the mountain enclaves on the slippery blue bay, the view is stunning. It is worth visiting and is a perfect experience for friends or families.

Experience at Hatta Kayak

When you have all your supplies and are ready to go, the trainers will tell you momentarily before you get into how to ride the kayak and what to do if you are faced with any problems. You will launch your journey until you have all of the items you order. For an infinite period, you can cruise around the lake to enjoy the lake and the magnificent scenery in line with our wishes. And if you’re afraid you could lose yourself, which is incredibly rare, still have the point of departure in your mind. It’s a calm feeling and it’s a little exercise because you are rowing. Kayaking involves any previous experience, but that is not valid. It is a common misunderstanding. Everybody will be part of this case, and you would not feel rough waves or tides because it is in Lake Hatta Dam.

The only thing that should be noted for the experience is that you will find all the restaurants or washrooms of Hatta Kayak in the 12-minute drive from the JA Hatta Fort Hotel. There are some small cafes and grocery stores close to Park Hatta Hill, but if you’re looking for anything on a budget. A public toilet can also be found in this park.


You can contact Hatta Kayak at +971-56-616-2111 if you have any other concerns. So our Hatta dam conversation comes to a close. You might even consider hiking in Hatta while you are staying at the JA Hatta Fort Hotel.

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