A Guide to visiting Green Mubazzarah


Green Mubazzarah is a lush green plain in Al Ain surrounded by tall hills of dry and hard rocks. The park is at the foot of the biggest mountain in Abu Dhabi — the Jebel Hafeet. Also the second biggest in the UAE. It is the spring that originates from this mountain that has greenified this whole are. Unlike regular oasis, the specialty of Green Mubazzarah is the vast grasslands. Grasslands like these are rare in deserts. Even the greenest oasis rarely will have such expanses of grass lawns. These make the mountain slopes a sight to look at.

The park is backdropped with the huge rocks and boulders of Jebel Hafeet. In the whole canvas painted in burnt orange, Green Mubazzarah stands out like a bright green patch. This is, without a doubt, among the most visited tourist attraction after the Jebel Hafeet itself.

It is an easy destination for a weekend trip. Green Mubazzarah, which is in Al Ain district in the emirate of Abu Dhabi, is a one and a half hour drive from both cities of Abu Dhabi and Dubai. It is also 10 minutes away from the Al Ain zoo.

Green Mubazzarah Park

The park and the hot springs were completed and opened to the public in 2004. Since then, the area has seen an unending stream of visitors coming to witness the greenery. It was developed under the patronage of Sheikh Zayed, the late ruler of Abu Dhabi. He was a lover of nature and wildlife and has ordered the development of several other natural reserves and natural parks across Abu Dhabi. 

There is an artificial lake in the middle of the park. Apart from this lake, there are a few other men made lakes around the area. Another one of such lakes is in the Green Mubazzarah Chalets resort.

Green Mubazzarah hot springs

Generally, water that flows down as a spring from mountains will be freezing cold. But the one that flows from Jebel Hafeet, and through Green Mubazzarah, is hot. It is not boiling hot, but quite warm. The spring flows through the middle of the Green Mubazzarah park and along the road.

There is a luxury resort called Green Mubazzarah Chalets, which was built along the hot spring. You can book a room there if you want to stay a few days and enjoy the spring and all the greenery. But if all you want is to walk along with the spring and dip your feet in it and take some pictures, there are quite a lot of spots to do that for free.

Dipping the feet in the spring is a great feeling. Some even go as far as to say that the water in the spring has healing properties. But that seems so unlikely. Nonetheless, the water is refreshing and energizing. 

The spring carries warm water even during the winter months. During those times of the year, people come here to feel the warmth of the water against the coolness of the outside air. 

Green Mubazzarah Sightseeing Trains

Mini trains run ten trips a day, covering the Green Mubazzarah. These trains, run by leisure train tourism, take the tourists through ten spots that are worth seeing here. The price of the ticket is 25 AED for adults and 15 aed for children who are above three years of age.

The train service is barely one year old. It was started in early 2019. Although they are called trains, they aren’t like the regular trains that run on tracks. They are much like regular buses with wheels but resembles trains shape-wise. 

It can carry up to 22 visitors at a time. The train trip also helps the visitors to obtain an understanding of the history and significance of these sights along with an entertaining journey.

Green Mubazzarah Camping

Camping is the most enjoyed outdoor activity in the UAE. The locals, the residents, and tourists are fond of the different camping spots. The safety the country offers makes it a fun activity to do with family and kids.

There is a designated area inside the Green Mubazzarah park for tourist camping sprinkled with barbecue spots. They also allow overnight camping but not always. So if you are planning for overnight camping in the Green Mubazzarah park, confirm that it is allowed at the time.

Tips for enjoying your trip to Green Mubazzarah

  • The place looks great during the golden hours. So arrive at least an hour before that.
  • If you plan to camp or stay the night over there, you will need jackets and winter caps. The temperature in Green Mubazzarah is lower than in the cities like Abu Dhabi and dubai during the winter months.
  • Sometimes it can be foggy during early in the morning, and after sunset and driving through the Jebel Hafeet roads become difficult. Check the weather forecast before scheduling the trip.
  • There are no park benches along with the hot spring. Bring your own cushions if you want to sit on the rocky boundary of the spring.
  • Don’t forget to bring a towel to dry your feet after enjoying the hot spring.
  • During summer, the water in the spring is too hot to dip your feet. So be careful.

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