Beat the heat- Best summer activities in Dubai

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When Dubai stands proudly with all its high rises, innovations, and matchless luxurious experiences, one factor is reducing its charm a bit. It is the sweltering heat that disappoints the ardent travelers to have fun in the city. But, the city never let anything affect its magical feel, and summer is no exception. It has numerous indoor activities to allure people from around the world. It is one of the few cities which offers quick shift from 50 degrees to 0 degrees.

See a list of the must-try activities in the city which you should add on your summer bucket list:

Ski Dubai

This is the perfect destination to bid adieu to the summer for a few hours. It will be an amazing transformation from the desert to a winter wonderland. Ski Dubai is an extensive indoor snow theme park inside Mall of the Emirates. The frosty world has everything from thrilling rides, meetup with penguins to snow sports.

Hop on the different rides and have endless fun. Children are going to be crazy at this place. Getting into a zorbing ball and rolling down the slope is sheer delight. People will also get an opportunity to interact with the lovely King and Gentoo penguins.

Dubai Aquarium

Though it is no snowfall or chilling cold inside the Dubai aquarium and underwater zoo, you can spend a couple of hours amid the giant aquarium. The 10 million liter tank homes around 33000 aquatic animals. With more than 140 species, the aquarium has the largest collection of sand tiger sharks in the world.

There are many activities that you can try inside. Dive into the deep blue water with the numerous sharks and schools of fish or take a glass-bottom boat ride. Once you get immersed in the mysterious marine world, you may feel that one day is not enough to explore it in whole.

Dubai Ice Rink

Some places in Dubai have winter all year round, and Ice Rink is one among them. Ice Rink is an Olympic-sized ice skating rink at the Dubai Mall. The professionals can harness their skills while the newbies can learn the exciting skill and start gliding over the snow.

Enjoy the snowfall, and the flurries will make your feet wet. Public skating sessions and disco sessions are popular activities here. It also hosts some special events like Emirates Hockey League games which offers free seating. 

Dhow Cruise Dubai

Dhow cruise is a floating restaurant where you will get great food, views, and entertainment. If you want to see the vibrant nightlife in Dubai from the comfort of a traditional air-conditioned boat, book a Dhow cruise. It provides five-star gourmet dinner buffet and entertainment programs, including Tanoura dance.

The dinner will have Arabic, Continental, and Asian cuisines with several options for vegetarians and non-vegetarians. You choose a destination from the two options- Marina and Creek. When the former shows the luxurious aspect of New Dubai, the latter shows the antique beauty of the city.

Chillout Ice Lounge

It is the first Ice Lounge in the Middle East which will transport you to a frozen world full of ice sculptures and ice seating. You will be astonished by the interior design that is done with ice, glass, and steel. The Chillout Lounge will have sub-zero temperatures while you can give some time to your body to adjust by spending a few minutes in the buffer zone area, which has a temperature of 5 degree Celsius.

Don’t worry, you will feel comfortable soon as you have some hot soups, sandwiches, juices, hot chocolate, and tea. It is one of the rare cold destinations that offer hot dishes.

Thermal clothing is also provided inside to ensure that you are feeling fine. The lights which change every minute will make spectacular patterns on the ice. The architectural brilliance of Ice Lounge is certainly worth a mention. It is an ideal space to forget about summer and relish a tea amid the snow.

IMG Worlds of Adventure

IMG is a popular adventure park in Dubai which is divided into five unique zones with distinct themes. The two zones represent global brands Cartoon Network and Marvel. IMG has developed its own themes for IMG Boulevard and the Lost Valley-Dinosaur Adventure zones. The fifth zone is Novo Cinema which marks a combination of IMG and Novo cinema.

Different cartoon characters come into life to excite the children. You can interact with the larger-than-life dinosaurs that will give you chills. You will be amused to the fullest with the live stage shows, rides, movies, and scary spots.

Reel cinemas 

What if you can feel cold and enjoy a movie at the same time? The experience of watching movies is never the same. Reel cinemas ensure the complete immersive experience whereby you will feel every emotion with greater intensity. Sit back and laugh, get chills and clamor or become speechless with anxiety. The high-quality screens, engrossing sound, and cozy seats give the perfect way to watch a movie. 

Reel cinema in Dubai Mall is a boutique branch that provides everything to ensure your comfort. They will give you a blanket and pillow to make you feel at home. Nestle into a blanket and watch your favorite movie. 

Dubai always tries to innovate unique ways to beat the summer. You will never have to stay at home due to the high temperatures. Several activities can give you respite from the sweltering heat. So, never let summer ruin your happy holiday.